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Alter Modus International (AMI) Vacancy: International Auditor - Uganda

Alter Modus International (AMI) Vacancy: International Auditor - Uganda
International Auditor Needed for six-month assignment starting o/a August 1st 2014

The Auditor will supervise the contracting and compliance procedures of the CDC Program. He/she will provide program-specific audits to be conducted on Uganda Ministry of Health grantees with PEPFAR-funded cooperative agreements in the CDC/Uganda portfolio. These grantees have previously been audited.

The grantees were awarded cooperative agreements which are to be reviewed as part of this acquisition for work in the Republic of Uganda under PEPFAR.

Additionally, an assessment is needed to determine whether CDC-Uganda cooperative agreement staff members are in compliance with the substantial involvement requirement inherent in all CDC cooperative agreements. Each of the aforementioned Cooperative Agreements require substantial involvement as referenced in the AAGAM Chapter 2.02.102.

The purpose of this short term six-month contract is to obtain program-specific audits for Uganda health providers and their respective CDC Cooperative Agreements for the last three budget periods (2010-present).

The specific audit for each grantee should:
  • Conform to Generally Accepted Government Auditing Standards (GAGAS).
  • Supply information to provide assurances that PEPFAR funding is being used exclusively to support the purposes of the grant and is not being misapplied, misused, or unaccounted for. 
  • Report on the grantee’s: Accounting system, including accounting for all supplies, personnel, contracting and other costs associated directly with the award, as prescribed in 45 CFR 74.21, standards for financial management systems.
All expenditures accounted for must be broken out by activity, category, rates, and person, as applicable.

Commodities distribution system to end users and whether it conforms to the terms and conditions of the cooperative agreement.

Financial reporting as required by 45 CFR 74.52.

Compliance with the terms and conditions of these cooperative agreements.
Internal controls.

Other aspects of financial control and application of grant funding as contained in 45 CFR 74 and prescribed by GAGAS.

Responsibilities of the Position:
  • Ensure overall compliance with IESC policies, USAID regulations/policies, and USAID/Uganda Mission Orders; 
  • Establish standards and implement procedures to ensure that compliance mechanisms are effective and efficient in identifying, preventing, detecting, and correcting noncompliance with applicable rules and regulations (e.g. the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, Anti-Corruption Initiative, etc.); 
  • Ensure compliance, and where necessary, help develop CDC organizational policies, procedures, and internal controls; 
  • Ensure due diligence that USG funds are not being diverted from their development purpose outlined in the contract or agreement and are not vulnerable to corruption, extortion or otherwise benefiting malign groups; 
  • Ensures all contracts/sub-awards and other procurements comply with applicable regulations, corporate policy, and good commercial practice; 
  • Participate in review committee to contractually evaluate the contract/sub-award proposals and to ensure CDC and FAR competition requirements are met. This includes a close coordination with program technical team members; 
  • Conduct regular internal audits of financial transactions, make written recommendations and implement follow-up actions; 
  • Take appropriate actions to protect against fraud, and request audit/investigations against any person involved in fraud; and 
  • Provide effective training where necessary
  • At least 10 years of experience overseas, preferably in Africa working in contracts, compliance, audit, procurement, finance, management and/or law.
  • Demonstrated knowledge of GAAP/USG regulations, policies, and compliance requirements as related to international assistance programs. 
  • Experience working in Uganda or Africa. 
  • Relevant certification from internationally recognized compliance or auditing organization preferred, such as the Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA), International Standards Organization (ISO), American Society for Quality (ASQ), International Register of Certificated Auditors (IRCA), CPA etc. is preferred.
Please send resumes along with a minimum of three references to No phone calls please.

Apply by: 17 Jul 2014