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GRM International Vacancy: Lead Analyst for EOPO 2 Evaluation Study - Indonesian

GRM International Vacancy: Lead Analyst for EOPO 2 Evaluation Study - Indonesian
Lead Analyst for EOPO 2 Evaluation Study

With a value of AUD 520 million over 5 years (2011 – 2016), the Education Partnership (EP) is Australia’s largest bilateral aid program to date. GRM International Pty Ltd has been appointed as the Performance Oversight and Monitoring (POM) contractor for the EP. As part of its mandate, POM implements a range of evaluation studies across the four EP components to assess the progress towards achievement of the End-of-Partnership Outcomes (EOPO).

The objective of the EOPO 2 evaluation is to determine to what extent and how have EP funded professional development initiatives improved the management of schools and Madrasah? The EOPO 2 evaluation study will focus on the leadership of principals and its impact on school management. It will identify key factors and contexts that influence the role of principal competencies in enhancing the quality of school management, and the channels and mechanisms by which impacts are occurring. The evaluation is based on a mixed-method approach that includes two elements:
  1. A large-scale quantitative survey, covering a representative sample of principals, supervisors, teachers and school committee members from targeted schools and a group schools. Data will be collected twice, at baseline (2014) and endline (2016).
  2. A series of qualitative school case studies covering a purposive sample of 20 schools, to investigate the perception of stakeholders on school management quality and principal performance, in order to explain the impact of ProDEP on EOPO 2.
Under the guidance of the POM Senior M&E Specialist, the Lead Analyst will be instrumental in the oversight of the evaluation process in line with the needs outlined in the evaluation concept note. Specifically, he/she will be responsible for the analysis of the data collected, for developing findings, conclusions and recommendation on the basis of the analysis, and for writing the Evaluation Baseline Report.

The main output for this assignment is a Draft Evaluation Baseline Report that includes:
  • Introduction outlining the context, objective and methodology used 
  • Key findings from the analysis
  • Main conclusions about extent and determinants driving the key outcome indicators 
  • Operational recommendations
  • Annexes that include details about the data collected and their analysis
Essential Criteria
  1. Master’s degree or PhD in education, anthropology, sociology or related social science fields
  2. Minimum of 7 years’ experience in fielding education quantitative and qualitative studies in Southeast Asia, preferably Indonesia
  3. Demonstrated experience with large-scale quantitative and qualitative research studies, including in the analysis of large amount of data and in the use of specialised software
  4. Thorough understanding of education, poverty, and community empowerment processes in Indonesia
  5. Good  understanding of Australia’s aid program and the education thematic strategy
  6. Experience of working in Indonesia and a working knowledge of Bahasa Indonesia
  7. Excellent English oral and writing skills
  8. Ability to work effectively within a multi-cultural and multi-disciplinary team
Determination of ARF Level
The professional discipline that most closely correlates to the Activity Description and Candidate Profile is Strategic Evaluation which is sits in Discipline Group C. The Description and Indicative Requirements fall into Job Level 3. Consequently the task is determined as level C3.
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Applications close 11th July 2014

Please apply by submitting resume and cover letter to with “Lead Analyst for EOPO 2 Evaluation Studyin the subject line.