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Honko Mangrove Conservation & Education Vacancy: Volunteer - Ambondrolava, Madagascar

Honko Mangrove Conservation & Education Vacancy: Volunteer - Ambondrolava, Madagascar
Agency: Honko Mangrove Conservation & Education
Location: Ambondrolava, Madagascar
Job Category: Volunteer Openings
Salary: Volunteer
Start Date: 05/16/2014
Last Date to Apply: 08/15/2014

DescriptionHonko Mangrove Conservation & Education, an NGO working with communities in SW Madagascar to promote community-based mangrove management, is looking for a volunteer to assist with our Mangrove Ecosystem Monitoring Program in Ambondrolava, SW Madagascar. This is an exciting opportunity to gain valuable field research experience while interacting with the communities of rural Madagascar.

Volunteers are trained in mangrove ecology and conduct basic field ecology techniques throughout healthy, degraded, and reforested areas of the mangroves, collecting information on forest structure, dead organic material, and abiotic factors. This data informs Honko and the local mangrove management association on the changes occurring in the forest, which will be used in the development of new management plans. This is a great opportunity for anyone looking for field experience, an adventure, or looking to enter the field of conservation and sustainable development. 

You can view our program brochure HERE

About Ambondrolava and its mangroves:The mangrove forest at Ambondrolava covers 120 hectares, with an additional 13 hectares reforested by the local community with Honko. We are located just north of the city of Tulear (12km), and south of the Bay of Ranobe with its 32km long reef. Honko's site in Ambondrolava has 7 species of mangrove trees and 37 wetland birds (the highest recorded wetland bird diversity in this region), among other mangrove wildlife. The local communities in this area strongly depend on the mangrove for its wood and animal resources, but with rapid population growth in this region, there has been over-usage of the mangrove's resources and evident degradation. Within and around the mangrove there are many different habitat types ranging from protected forest, degraded forest, reforested land, reed beds, and abandoned salt pans.

Volunteer Activities:Volunteer day-to-day activities will follow our ecosystem monitoring protocol, comprised of a range of basic forest survey techniques. Volunteers are trained on site in these techniques and the basics of mangrove ecology. You will spend most of your day in depths of the mangrove collecting data for this long-term research program, but when not in the forest, there will be many opportunities to assist with Honko's other projects and Honko strongly encourages volunteers to develop a secondary community project during their time here, in collaboration with the other on-site volunteers. We also ask that volunteers contribute to our blog during their stay here.

Duration: may 16 – August 15 (3 months)

Cost: The monthly cost for the volunteer program is 300 euro/month ($400), which covers all food and accommodations at the site and a small contribution to help cover the costs of running Honko's site in Ambondrolava. The volunteer fee covers:
  • Airport pick-up and drop-off 
  • All meals on-site 
  • Basic accommodations (includes mosquito net and bedding) 
  • Training in mangrove field techniques 
  • Limited solar power 
  • Filtered water 
  • Opportunities to meet with our partner NGOs in this region (e.g. Blue Ventures, Reef Doctor, Ho Avy) 
  • An enriching experience in a fascinating environment
*Note that the fee does not include flights, visas, or insurance (we ask that all volunteers be covered by extensive medical and travel ensure during their stay).

To apply, email with your CV and a letter of interest. We will consider applicants on a rolling basis and accept the first qualified.

More information: You can learn more about us through our website, our Facebook page, and our blog where we post regular photos and updates on all of Honko's community and conservation initiatives. You can also contact us with any questions at

Desired Attributes:
  • At least 1 year of undergraduate studies 
  • Experience or strong interest in conservation and/or ecology 
  • Adaptability 
  • Physical fitness and perseverance - ability and willingness to spend hours in the field, walking through channels and mangrove sediment 
  • French language will help you, but is not necessary
Contact Person: Nina Hamilton
Contact Phone: +261331228287
Contact eMail: