GIZ Vacancy : Supporting Staff Mobile Classroom Operator for APCC Project (Code: SOM-APCC)

Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH is the German International Cooperation implementing sustainable development on behalf of the German Government.

GIZ has a record in Indonesia of more than 20 years development cooperation on decentralization and governance issue. Since 2007 GIZ works closely with the Indonesian Anti-Corruption Commission KPK in order to enhance KPKs mandate on corruption prevention. The project consists of four main components: 

Improvement of the KPK's internal integrity management system: To prevent the KPK from losing its own credibility, the project is helping it to ensure it maintains the highest possible level of integrity, Establishment of the Anti-Corruption Learning Center (ACLC): The project is developing a blueprint for the ACLC and providing organizational advice in support of the KPK's efforts to establish this national resource and learning Centre, Development of a coherent strategy for corruption prevention: Support is given to the KPK, not only for the development of a coherent strategy, but also for a number of specific prevention matters, Provision of data and information through the further extension of the ACCH Portal http://acch.kpk.go.id/  : The project is assisting all the departments of the KPK with the regular use and distribution of data and information. GIZ APCC seeks qualified Indonesian candidates for one position for 2 (two)

Supporting Staff for Operator for Mobile Classroom
A.   Responsibilities
The incumbent is responsible for
  • Safe and responsible driving of ACLC bus;
  • Support in maintaining ACLC Bus and all its equipment;
  • Ensure promptness of ACLC bus readiness based on ACLC bus working agenda;
  • Support in handling and ensuring availability of learning tools/equipment of ACLC bus;
  • Support ACLC KPK Trainers to perform education on Anti-Corruption, as well as fulfill other related tasks that are transferred to him;
  • Support Operator ACLC Bus in securing all education materials and equipment available and/or stored in ACLC bus;
  • Routine maintenance and care of office vehicles;
  • Cleaning up interior and exterior ACLC bus;
  • Taking carefully note of all available information concerning street conditions, effective routes and locations;
  • Running of official errands and assisting with other office services;
Within this context, s/he fulfills the following tasks:
B.   Tasks
Driving and Chauffeuring
  • Drive safely ACLC bus according to its’ working agenda to official destinations during his contract period
  • Ensure the vehicle is ready to be operationalized
Support ACLC Trainers
  • Support in setting up inside mobile class room; audio-visual system, computers, laptop, and other equipment
  • Support in setting up outdoor class; setting stage, projector, screen projector, audio-visual, etc.
  • Support in ensuring all education materials and equipment be used properly
  • Support ACLC trainers during activities
Maintenance of ACLC Bus
  • Support in daily check-list completeness of all inventory (equipment’s) of ACLC Bus
  • Support in regular cleaning the inside and outside of the office vehicle inside, such as; laptops, printer, audio equipment, tables, chairs, Air Conditioners, glasses, vacuum cleaning the floor, LED TV 42 inch, shelves, power outlet, generator, etc
  • Check oil, water, brake and clutch fluids on a daily basis; tire pressures, battery water, power supply and overall vehicle condition on a monthly basis or after 5000 km whichever comes earlier; tests lights, brakes, bodywork for dents, etc.
  • Responsible for project vehicle documents and its care, keeps vehicle logbook on a daily basis and registers each monthly check
  • Report the need for maintenance and undertakes minor repairs
  • Immediately report any involvement of the vehicle in any, even minor accidents, or any damage or theft of equipment from the vehicle
  • Fill in the logbook of the car regarding kilometers (morning and evening), purchase of gas, oil servicing etc.
  • Ensure that the Surat Tanda Nomor Kendaraan (STNK) is always valid
Road Information
Uses all available information (incl. actual radio news on traffic situations) to update knowledge of street conditions, effective routes and locations daily.
   General Services
  • Wears proper uniform
  • Serves all passengers in a friendly manner
  • Runs errands the ACLC bus according to planning of operations ACLC Bus
  • Accomplishes the “Trip Record Book” correctly and accurately
C.   Other Duties/Additional Task
  • If there is no outside driving activity, he shall stands around the ACLC bus and support ACLC trainers
  • Regularly report of their expenditures and stick the vouchers of fuel, parking and toll fee receipts into GIZ expenditure cover sheet
  • Report any incident whilst off duty that may affect his/her driving license entitlement, as well as any newly known health problems that may affect his/her ability to drive
  • Responsible for data monitoring fuel used by project vehicle monthly (in the excel sheet)
  • Assist in and/or carries out other activities and any tasks as assigned

D.   Special Condition

Does not use the vehicle and all properties inside the vehicle for his own or other parties’ private purposes at any time. Such misuse of the vehicle is considered a serious misconduct, and will immediately lead to a warning and may result in dismissal.

E.   Required Entry Qualifications and Competencies

Formal Education

  • Secondary school
Other Qualifications

  • Possession of a valid and relevant driver’s license
  • Language skills
  • Knows basic about electricity, computers, speaker, television, other electronic equipment
  • Discipline and punctuality
  • Stress tolerance and patience
  • Known with Java route and its surrounding
Professional Experience

  • Preferably 1 - 3 years of working experience as a bus driver, with references
  • No history of major accidents within the past 3 years

Duration Contract : 05 September 2014 - 31 December 2014
Please submit your comprehensive CV and references to pauline.arifin@giz.de and eriska.rosmarti@giz.de, please put SOM-APCC as email subject by 30 August 2014.