#JAKARTA British Council Vacancy: Newton Senior Programme Manager

Posting Job


September 18, 2014

Expired Job


June 26, 2019



Senior Programme Manager

Jakarta, Indonesia

Purpose of job:
To lead the planning, stakeholder engagement, and initial
implementation and monitoring of the British Council Newton Fund programmes in

Accountabilities, responsibilities and main duties

Scoping / Planning

  • Consult with Country Newton Team (SIN/FCO based) and BC Indonesia
    IHE team to confirm national priorities identified under the Fund, and agree
    approach to potential match funders.
  • Consult with country stakeholders around British Council
    programmes and work closely with BC Indonesia IHE team to identify potential
    match funders
  • Manage negotiation of partner commitments to the match-funding
    obligations on a programme level.
  • Discuss programme requirements with partner funders, and negotiate
    details of the programmes within the framework set out by the central BC Newton
    Programme manager (e.g. agree national priorities for calls, any country
    specific eligibility requirements for calls; agree in-country selection process
    etc) and in consultation with BC Indonesia IHE team
  • Work with BC Newton Programme Team to produce a country plan for
    BC Newton activity
  • Work with SIN/FCO to ensure British Council relationships and
    activity is complementary to other activity within the Newton Fund
  • Support other Newton Fund delivery partners to build relationships
    with key in-country stakeholders
Programme Implementation

  • Work with BC Indonesia Comms team, SIN and national partners to
    publicise the opportunities available under the Fund in country (including
    those offered by other delivery partners).
  • Participate in relevant fora / events in Indonesia, eg donors’
    meetings, sectoral conferences, to promote awareness of the Fund and to ensure
    its coherence with other initiatives in consultation with BC Indonesia IHE
  • Continue to explore / maximise opportunities for the leveraging of
    national co-funding for the programme, eg with corporates. For example,
    corporate sponsorship of individual workshops
  • Support UK and national stakeholders to engage with BC programmes
  • Agree necessary MOUs / operational alliance agreements with
    partner funders
  • Attend regular progress meetings with the BC Newton Programme Team
    (by teleconference, with an initial face to face kick off meeting in September
  • Manage country specific elements of the BC Newton programme (with
    support from BC Newton Programme Team). This could include: drafting terms of
    reference for consultancy/training opportunities; establishing country selection
    panels; drafting country specific calls for activity under the professional
    development, STEM Education and Technical Training strands etc.
  • Negotiate and issue contracts (based on the global template) to
    beneficiaries in Indonesia
  • Oversee organisation of events and meetings under the programme
    (e.g. workshops, roundtable discussions, delegation visits to the UK etc.)
  • Maintain financial oversight and responsibility for the country
    Newton budget and ensure that plans on SAP are robust and up to date.
Programme Monitoring

  • Monitor the progress of the country programme for Indonesia,
    including the progress of individual activities, and raise any issues of
    concern with the BC Newton Programme Team
  • Monitor and gather assurance for the fulfilment of match-funding
    obligations, in line with commitments agreed for each activity, and for the
    programme in Indonesia overall.
  • Ensure that any matched funding (on-books, off books partnership,
    or off books in-kind contribution) is recorded appropriately on SAP ahead of
    corporate deadlines
  • Contribute to programme reports and reviews as required by the BC
    Newton Programme Team.
  • Contribute to the effective marketing and communications of the
    Fund’s achievements, in collaboration with the BC Newton Programme Team and
    SIN/the British Embassy in Indonesia.
  • Organise relevant review meetings with national stakeholders in
To apply, please visit this Link : HERE

28 September 2014 (23:59 UK Time)
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