#PAPUA #JAKARTA Knowldege Management and Communication Officer – Papua Low Carbon Development Programme

Posting Job


September 15, 2014

Expired Job


June 26, 2019



PROTARIH’s Support

PROTARIH supports the Papuan Government, five kabupaten governments
and other Papuan stakeholders in the implementation of Papuan RTRW
2013-20133. This will be done through technical assistance to ensure:
community support to the implementation of the RTRW and sustainable
development policies and practices, implementation of and alignment of
kabupaten’s RTRW with the Papuan RTRW, establishment of regulatory and
institutional framework for the implementation, monitoring and legal
enforcement of the Papuan RTRW and effective functioning of Papuan
Spatial Information System (SIMTARU) as a decision support system in
implementing the Papuan RTRW 2013-2033.

PROTARIH also supports the Papuan Government to develop a Sustainable
Development Program Strategy, which is mainly implemented through the
development of a green investment portfolio involving local government,
local NGOs, local companies and the Papuan indigenous communities.
PROTARIH will assist community enterprises and cooperatives as well as
local entrepreneurs in developing their business plans, complying with
green investment principles and regulations. PROTARIH will also provide
trainings, facilitate access to credits, as well as providing seed funds
to start up new and alternative businesses. 

The program aims to develop
strong community-based businesses in a range of fields such as
sustainable community logging, non-timber forest products, renewable
energy and ecotourism.

Knowledge Management and Communications

PROTARIH gives very important emphasis to knowledge sharing and
communications. It is imperative that knowledge and lessons generated
through the experiments facilitated by the program is properly
collected, analyzed and disseminated. This will need a concerted
strategy that should involve all the stakeholders through proper
consultations, exploring ways for most effective knowledge generation,
management and dissemination strategy, and consistent communications to
all stakeholders on the achievement, challenges and opportunities for
the program. In addition to that effective engagement strategy with
government and non-government partners, at national and Papuan level,
will need to be established. Finally, the knowledge management strategy
will also be built on the results of the monitoring and evaluation
framework applied by the program. Therefore coordination, coherence and
consistency between the Monitoring & Evaluation framework and the
knowledge management strategy is imperative.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

  • Contribute to the design and implementation of the Knowledge Management and Communications Strategy of PROTARIH
  • Assist Senior Governance Advisor in managing Knowledge Management
    and Communications activities of PROTARIH, ensuring high quality
    implementation, forecasting of problems and risks and dissemination of
    lessons learnt
  • Work closely with Senior Governance Advisor and other Workstream
    Leaders to explore most effective ways to collect, analyze and
    disseminate lessons generated from the activities in the Workstreams.
  • Work closely with Senior Governance Advisor to explore ways to bring
    PROTARIH’s knowledge and lessons learnt into policy making arena and
    public sphere, both at national and Papuan level
  • Assist Senior Governance Advisor and Workstream Leaders in managing
    government relations, both at national and Papuan level, including in
    preparation of Steering Committee and Program Management Committee
    meetings of PROTARIH
  • Work closely with Senior Governance Advisor in developing TORs for
    specific knowledge management and communication activities and products
    such as policy briefs, reports, case studies, website, seminars,
    conferences, exchanges, and study trips. Procure high quality
    sub-contractors/consultants to implement the activities, and supervise
    the implementation of the activities
  • Responsible with Senior Governance Advisor for ensuring that
    deliverables in Knowledge Management and Communications section of
    PROTARIH are of high quality and submitted according to deadlines
  • Maintain close coordination with Monitoring and Evaluation Officer
    to ensure coherence and consistency between implementation of knowledge
    management strategy and M&E framework
  • Prepare workplans, reports and presentations of Knowledge Management and Communications activities
  • Represent PROTARIH at relevant national and provincial meetings, workshops and conferences

How to apply:

Required Qualifications
  1. A postgraduate degree in a suitable area that could include
    economics, law, science, social science, arts, or other relevant
  2. A minimum of 5 years’ experience working in development areas in
    Indonesia, with significant portion of it spent on knowledge management
    and communications projects/activities
  3. Experience in policy and field research in Indonesia, from government, university, think tank or NGOs, is an advantage
  4. Demonstrated strong research, analytical and communications skills.
  5. Fully proficient in writing and speaking in both English and Bahasa Indonesia.
  6. Fully capable to work individually with minimum supervision, as well as a member of a program team.
  7. Strong network in knowledge management and communications area is an advantage.
The Knowledge Management and Communication Officer will be employed
as an individual contractor from date of hire to the termination of the
programme at end of July 2015. 

He/she will report directly to the Senior
Governance Advisor. Please submit your latest CV at the latest 19
September 2014 to genny.intan@id.pwc.com

A start date within Q3 2014 is required.
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