Syria Relief Job Vacancy: Project Finance Officer - Antakya, Turkey

Qualifications and Education Requirements: Bachelor's Degree or Diploma in Accounting/Finance General Work Experience: 2-3 years... thumbnail 1 summary
Qualifications and Education Requirements:
Bachelor's Degree or Diploma in Accounting/Finance

General Work Experience:
2-3 years’ experience in an accounting/finance role, sharing in the process of planning, prioritizing, assigning, and reviewing cash flow, accounting for grants projects.

Skills :
  • Languages :Good in English (writing –reading –speaking), other language will be desired especially (Arabic, Turkish)
  • Computing: Proficient In Microsoft Office Including, Excel, Word, Outlook Etc.
  • Cash flow management
  • Building relationships/Networking
  • Financial Reporting
  • Document management
  • Credit Management
  • To help in keeping clear contract files and budget notes 
  • To create, maintain and audit budgets
  • To work in busy environment of projects management
  • To work extra time as needed
  • To communicate efficiently/effectively with multiple team members of different backgrounds
  • To communicate efficiently/effectively with donors and NGOs
  • To show commitment to social justice and the mission of Syria Relief as an organization 
  • To demonstrated commitment to high professional ethical standards and a diverse workplace
  • Reconcile bank account and distribute money within departments 
  • Conduct invoice activities and pay vendors for delivered materials.
  • Assisting the finance manager with the reparation of the charity's strategic plan.
  • Assisting and Advice the financial manager on major financial issues which arise.
  • Oversee the Preparation of the financial documents and templates for the charity in coordination with the Finance Manager, and ensure the use of appropriate documentation in all financial matters.
  • Maintain continually the financial documents and templates
  • Assist with budget preparations
  • Pay bills and maintain ledgers
  • Receive, approve, and/or decline client invoices
  • Assist accountants with tax return preparation.
  • Follow-up payables for accounts payable clerks to input.
  • Make bank deposits and receipts of money.
  • And maintain regular liaison with the Finance manager 
  • Be responsible and safeguard all cash that may be received by the organization,
How to apply:
Please send your CV with cover letter to the attention of the HR Department in SyriaRelief to this E-Mail with the job code SR.TR.AK.FO in the subject line

Please Note that any CV sent with no Job Code in the subject line will not be submitted in the HR Serve.

Deadline: 31 Jan 2016
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