UNOPS Job Vacancy: Risk Management Adviser - Dhaka, Bangladesh

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UNOPS Operational Hub in Sri Lanka provides technical, operational and administrative support to 6 countries in the South Asia region: Sri Lanka, Maldives, Nepal, Bhutan, India, and Bangladesh. UNOPS’ work in this region focuses on the construction and operation of high quality sustainable infrastructure and sustainable procurement, project management, timely provision of services, and the use of most relevant technologies. Such projects provide social and economic benefits to vulnerable populations across the country, and contribute to poverty eradication. This includes construction of schools, hospitals, water networks, urban sewerage and drainage facilities, harbours and anchorages, waste management facilities, climate change mitigation, as well as a range of “soft” support in Capacity Building, operations and maintenance of public assets, local governance, etc.

UNOPS is currently developing and strengthening its portfolio of projects in Bangladesh, with a strong focus on strengthening core operational capacities in a number of government and non-government partners. Under the “Project for Organizational Capacity Development for USAID Local Implementing Partners in Bangladesh”, USAID in Bangladesh is requesting UNOPS to provide capacity development support to three local implementing partners so that, with increased capacity, they are compliant with international and USAID standards.

The project will develop capacity in five areas:
  • Financial Management
  • Procurement Management
  • Human Resources Management
  • Project Management
  • USAID grants management
The local, non-US implementing partners are an engineering department of the Government of Bangladesh as well as two non-governmental organizations. The three-year project will have an initial three-month “planning phase” when UNOPS will assess capacity gaps, design an approach for delivering the support, develop capacity development work plans for each beneficiary organization and implement activities to commence the project.

Functional Responsibilities
The incumbent will report to the Team Leader of the USAID OCD Project based in Dhaka, Bangladesh and will be responsible for supporting a USAID Implementing Partner to design, implement and manage a risk management framework that meets the needs of the organisation’s projects based upon standards and best practices where applicable to their context. The adoption of a risk management framework will allow for senior management and managers to deal effectively with uncertainty, looking for an appropriate balance between performance and associated risks. Also, this role will be responsible for designing and / or updating risk identification and treatment strategies and policies, working closely with colleagues in other disciplines across the organisation

The Risk Management Adviser will be responsible for: 

Risk Management Framework Design
  • Supporting the design of a risk management framework, management processes and tools necessary to identify, evaluate, mitigate, and monitor the organization's operational and strategic risks.
  • In cooperation with colleagues in finance, legal, audit, other teams, specifically Project Directors and their teams, provide advice and support on the development Risk Management tools, practices, and policies to analyse and report risks, and to manage risks according to a risk management framework.
  • Advising and supporting business units’ managers within the organization in identifying, assessing, responding to, and monitoring risks and reporting on these risks.
  • The outcomes of the role impact on the overall performance of the implementing partner, as well as the quality of services provided to its partners. Particularly, the implementation of RM is expected to bring the following benefits to the organization:
  • Preserving and enhancing the value of the organization, by reducing the probability and / or impact of loss events
  • Promoting greater transparency, by informing partners and relevant stakeholders of the risks to which the organization is subject, the policies adopted to mitigate them, and the effectiveness of same
  • Improving the governance standards through the explanation of the risk profile adopted in line with the position of stakeholders and the culture of the organization and introducing a conceptual consistency at all levels of the organization.
  • Designing clear processes to identify, prioritize, monitor and mitigate the risks involved in the organization’s projects
  • Identifying skills required to anticipate risks and, if necessary, mitigate them;
Risk Management Framework Implementation:
  • Assist implementing partner to implement the risk management framework through facilitation and training
  • Develop a work plan for the rollout of the framework
Update the Team Leader on any deviations, outside of established timelines for the implementation of the framework, and the impact of changes or issues that arise during implementation accompanied by a range of solutions where possible
  • Conduct an assurance exercise of implementing partner’s (IP) adoption and implementation of the risk management framework on a periodic basis
  • Assist the Team Leader in setting goals, targets and performance standards for the implementing partner, and recommend tools for monitoring and evaluation performance
Stakeholder Management:
  • Establish solid working relationship with key individuals across within the implementing partner supported by USAID
  • Manage implementing partner communications and ensure stakeholders are aware of the OCD project activities and progress
  • Ensure smooth workflow and communication with the Team Leader on UNOPS matters.
How to apply: For more information and to apply, please visit: HERE

Deadline: 04 Jan 2016
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