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Red Nose Foundation

Red Nose Foundation’s mission is to support the educational and personal development living in underprivileged circumstances and to promote the empowerment of youth through arts while assisting them to become positive contributors to society.

Red Nose Foundation strives to be pioneering force behind creative education advocacy ad rehabilitation. Red Nose Foundation offers a safe place for children to explore, experiment and be educated.

Red Nose Foundation currently works with 300 children offering over 75 hours of education and arts classes each week. Since 2008, Red Nose Foundation programming has affected over 75,000 children across Indonesia.

We are looking for a FIELD COORDINATOR to be part of our Operations Department team.

Position Available: Field Coordinator
Contract Date: min. 2 years contract
Reporting Supervisor: Operation Manager
Application Deadline:  February 20 ,2016

  • Bachelor's degree in Social studies, Research ad Management with min. GPA  of 3.0 
  • At least 2 years experience on research, field facilitator, working directly with communities 
  • OR SMA/SMK diploma with 8 years of experience in the field 
  • Having a good knowledge and skill on communication with communities in slum area 
  • Have experience of researching, interviewing, monitoring on communities programs in slum areas 
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills especially with children and parents 
  • Computer skills including the ability to operate Microsoft office and emails 
  • Have a fun personality and love working with children 
  • Have SIM A & C and willing to drive a car / motorbike to/ in the field 
  • Willing to work 50 hours per week including weekend. The working hours will be on shift and schedule will be vary each week
Job Description
Field Coordinator will work closely with Operations Manager to ensure that the program activities meet the needs and the foundation’s mission. He/she is responsible to prepare the program needs, assist in overseeing, monitoring and evaluating the program’s key performance indicators. He/She will collect and record all information and data. During the program implementation, he/she will oversee the progress, monitoring and evaluating based on foundation procedure policy. He/She will report to Operation Manager in a daily and weekly basis.


Pre-program activity
  • Preparing the training program including fields, candidates, logistic 
  • Implement market research surveys with potential candidates, recording and organizing the data
  • Gather information and collect the application to register the training program 
  • In coordination with Operations Manager, facilitating and preparing all logistic needs in the field 
  • Coordination with Operations Manager on obstacle and facilitation problem solving in the field 
  • Building relationships with community members, including the leadership, local government, parents and participants.
Daily/Weekly/Monthly Program Activity
  • Oversee the progress and training program reporting to Operations Manager 
  • Assist and facilitating field team/training team on absences /attendance problem 
  • Assist and facilitating the logistic material for the program
  • Checking the participants’ progress 
  • Maintain the relationship with participants, parents, communities including the leadership and local government
  • Collect and compile progress on weekly report to Operations Manager
  • Assist the Operations Manager with the fields activities to support foundation’s arts and education programs
  • Together with the Operations team planning and preparing on monitoring and evaluation regarding the participants progress and communities affect on the program 
  • Together with the Operations Manager support Education team by evaluating and monitoring the programs’ affect to the communities/personal development, including sharing the field/personal obstacles and proposing problem solving that will benefit participants/communities
How to Apply
  • Please send updated CV and cover letter by email to cc
  • Application without text in the body of email will not be processed.
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