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CARE International Indonesia (CII), as an international NGO, has carried out large scale operations in Indonesia, encompassing emergency ... thumbnail 1 summary
CARE International Indonesia (CII), as an international NGO, has carried out large scale operations in Indonesia, encompassing emergency operations, transitional activities centered on agriculture and nutrition and a range of development initiatives in such areas as water and sanitation, health and enterprise & economic development.

CARE International Indonesia in Kupang (East Nusa Tenggara-NTT) is currently recruiting the following position for its project: 


BACKGROUND Care International Indonesia, through its ADVANCE project; intend to develop a strong knowledge sharing and sustainable learning process among assisted farmer groups, private sector and any related stakeholders in piggery farming. To pursue this intention, CII publishes a wide range of learning materials. And we are planning to hire a consultant or team of graphic designer to help the project meet its growing need for quality design services.

Specifically, the graphic design consultant(s) will support ADVANCE Project team, especially marketing and communication specialist, in following graphic design activities:
  • Design project’s publication and learning tools. 
  • Support the MARCOMM Specialist to design the product’s packaging.
The consultant(s) will be designing and training process while finalizing final report for 2 – 4 weeks. 


The consultant(s) shall submit design of learning materials which specifications as listed: 

  • Training module
    • Tata Laksana Babi. 
    • Panduan Pengelolaan Kelompok Swadaya Masyarakat. Piggery cadre, UPT A4; illustration; print and electronic use
  • Pocket Book
    • Perkandangan. 
    • Bibit dan Induk.
    • Pakan Ternak.
    • Kesehatan Hewan.
    • Produk Turunan Daging babi dan Analisa Usahanya. Farmer A6; 12 pages; art paper 135 gms (cover) and white paper 80 gms (text inside), illustration; print and electronic use
  • Brochure
    • Layanan Kesehatan Hewan. 
    • Produk Turunan Daging Babi.
    • Pakan Buatan Sendiri.
    • Bibit Babi. Public A4; 2 pages; full colors; graphs and tables; illustration; print and electronic use
  • Flipchart Kesehatan Hewan. Piggery cadre, UPT A3, 14 pages (exclude cover), full colors, illustration 
  • Poster
    • Bagaimana Bibit Babi yang Baik.
    • Biosekuritas Perkandangan Ternak Babi.
    • Pencegahan Penyakit Hog Cholera.
    • Pencegahan Penyakit Cacingan.
    • Bagian-bagian daging pada babi dan penggunaannya. Public A2; art paper 180 gms, full colors, illustration
  • Electric Standing Banner
    • Pencegahan Penyakit pada ternak babi. 
    • Produk-produk turunan daging babi. Public
  • Desk Calendar Stakeholders A5; 13 pages; glossy art paper 135 gms
The design process expected to conduct on December 2015 while the training will conducted on the second week of January 2016. 

It is essential that the final design is submitted before 31 January 2016.


The consultant(s) required to have following qualifications: 
  • Bachelor degree or final semester student in arts, graphic design, visual art and or having relevant professional experience minimum 2 years in the field of graphic design/layout/publication production would be an advantage; 
  • Advance knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite 3 Package especially In Design, Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe PageMaker and CorelDraw as well as social media such as Facebook, Twitter and WordPress is essential;
  • Excellent skill in manual illustration through various tools (pencil, marker, ink, watercolors, etc) process is essential;
  • Ability to deliver timely and high quality results under tight deadlines;
  • Proven ability to work with latest designing software (such as: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe In Design, and Adobe Illustrator) and social media;
  • Speaks and writes clearly and effectively, demonstrates openness in sharing information and keeping people informed;
  • Ability in English and local language would be an asset.
Interested applicants must submit the following documentation:
  • Individual Resume or Corporate’s profile; Description of organizational capability, size, general reputation, experience in graphic design, experience in sanitation and hygiene, and other major clients worked.
  • The Proposal, it must include the following information:
  • Pricing: Estimated cost per product inclusive of three cover/design proposals, and Level of Effort (person days) per each of the products.
  • Methodology: Understanding of the task objective, including project working approach and methodology.
  • Samples: Bidders must include with their submission samples of their work which correspond to the product lines 1-3 listed above (if existing), either stand-alone physical hard copies or as embedded web images in their proposal.
Please submit your applications before February 17, 2016 to CARE International Indonesia, Human Resources Unit:

"Only qualified applicants will be shortlisted"
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