CCM Indonesia Job Vacancy: Community Based Quality Monitoring Study Of The Harm Reduction, Jakarta – Indonesian

Posting Job


January 7, 2019

Expired Job


June 16, 2019



CCM Indonesia and ANPUD
invite proposals from qualified PUD-led
to be Sub-sub Recipient (SSR) to implement Community-based-quality-monitoring
(CBQM) study
of the Harm Reduction including
HIV, HCV, TB service delivery in Indonesia.
implementation period is from January 1 – December 31, 2019 with
potential for extension until June 30, 2020. Current EoI request should cover a
period of January-December, 2019 only.
Applicant must

  • Legal Status: (Registered in Indonesia
    according to prevailing laws, have a PAN number, yearly financial audits, renewal
    of the organization at CDO and tax exemption certificate).
  • Have by laws and functional Executive Board with
    office structure, policy, procedures and human resources for financial and
    programmatic, and strategic plan for program implementation.
  • Priority is for organizations (i) led by PUD (ii)
    led by KP and/or socially excluded group. EOIs from non-PUD led organizations
    will only be considered if no PUD-based organizations submit EOI.
  • 3 years minimum of proven experience in Harm
    Reduction programs and/or Drug Policy reform associated programs

EoI must be 5 pages maximum and include the following elements:

  • General description of the
    organisation, implementation of work carried out, names and credentials of core
    team, number of full-time employees and volunteers (1 page).
  • A one-page narrative outlining
    the organization’s strengths and weaknesses that may have an impact to the
    implementation of this project (1 page).
  • A short description how your
    organization will implement the project (2 pages).
  • Tentative budget based on the
    major activities listed in the short description above with total budget
    ceiling of USD 32,500  for the period of January 1-December 31, 2019 (1
Four  documents should be attached as annexes to the 5 pages EoI.

  • “Annual
    Programmatic Report – 2017” (Annex 1):
    Number of years of
    experience on implementing Harm Reduction programmes and advocacy on Drug
    Policy Reform with the involvement of PUD.
  • “Annual Audit
    Report – 2016 & 2017” (Annex 2):
    Operating Annual Budget
    (details in USD) in the last two (02) years.
  • Links to the
    research report that explicitly mentions the organization’s name as one of the
    authors or implementing agency (Annex 3):
    Evidence of previous
    engagement in research projects.
  • “Organizational
    Organogram and Flowchart” showing how information about decisions &
    feedback flow within the organization (Annex 4)
    : Organizational structure
    for governance and secretariat (program & finance).

EoI must be submitted no later
than 5 PM, 4 January 2019 (Jakarta time) and
complete documents submitted before 11
January 2019
subject line should be “EoI-KPRA”
– your organisation’s name. Address mail to the CCM Indonesia to Mr. Donald
Pardede Copy [CC]
to Mr. Francis Joseph at,

Any request complete TOR, please email to

Chair of CCM Indonesia

Dr. Donald Pardede
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