UN Children’s Fund Vacancy: HACT Support Specialist – Kigali, Rwanda

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July 10, 2014

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December 14, 2019



UN Children's Fund Vacancy: HACT Support Specialist - Kigali, Rwanda
Background and Purpose
UNDG Harmonized Approach to Cash Transfers (HACT) Framework was first
issued in 2005 and adopted by the Funds and Programmes as a common
operational framework for transferring cash to government and
non-government implementing partners with the objective of supporting
national capacities for management and accountability in view of a
progressive shift towards utilizing national systems for transferring
development funds and financial reporting; introducing a risk management
approach to cash transfers; further harmonization of business practices
among adopting agencies and reducing transaction costs for partners.

number of challenges and lessons learnt were noted in the
implementation of HACT and documented in recent audits, assessments and
reviews including: the HACT Global Assessment (UNDG, Dec.2011); the
Joint Audit of the Governance Arrangement for the HACT (UNDP, UNFPA,
Nov.2012) and most recently the Proposed Revisions to the HACT Framework
(UNDG, Sept.2013), paving the way to the ongoing review of the 2005
Framework. More specifically, the Revised HACT Framework is expected to
improve overall effectiveness of HACT, streamline practices across
agencies, clarify accountabilities and facilitate development of
agency-specific guidelines to support consistent HACT implementation.

importance of addressing weaknesses in HACT implementation was also
acknowledged by UNICEF Executive Management and clearly communicated
across the organization as a priority issue. In January 2014, the
Division of Policy and Strategy (DPS) in collaboration with the Division
of Finance and Administration (DFAM) and consultation with Regional
Offices have developed A Global Strategy to strengthen the management of
HACT in UNICEF. The strategy identifies capacity building as a core
strategy to ensure a consistent understanding and application of HACT
concepts and tools in a sustainable manner, using different approaches
in an effort to balance the need for rapid improvements in the
management of HACT and the more medium/long-term capacity strengthening
required for the organization at all levels.

In January 2014,
UNDG issued the Revised HACT Framework. According to the webinar
organised in Feb 2014, all UNICEF offices expected to work towards full
implementation immediately.


The purpose of this
contract is to support the overall approach to UNICEF Rwanda’s HACT
compliance in line with the Revised HACT Framework; assist in developing
a roadmap towards the full-compliance by the end 2014, establish
mechanisms to track HACT implementation status and issues arising from
assurance activities, building the capacity of UNICEF Rwanda staff and
partners in performing spot check[1] and assurance, activities and
document good practices for institutional learning purpose.

Expected resultsThe HACT Support Specialist is expected to achieve the following results:

  • HACT Capacities at UNICEF Rwanda Office: Both UNICEF staff and partners
    (GoR and NGOs) have a clear understanding of accountabilities and roles
    in relation to sound management of financial resources and know how to
    apply specific processes related to effective HACT implementation;
  • HACT Roadmap and Management Plans: UNICEF Rwanda has a clear strategy
    and a Roadmap for the full-compliance to support effective management
    and implementation of HACT related process and risk-based plans in place
    for 2014, assurance and capacity building plan are developed in close
    consultation with UN Inter-agency HACT Taskforce;
  • Tracking of HACT
    implementation status & follow-up: UNICEF Rwanda has a clear
    mechanisms in place to monitor the status of implementation of HACT
    plans on an
  • Ongoing basis, and follow-up issues flagged from
    programme assurance activities, especially those requiring management
  • Spot Checks: UNICEF Rwanda staff[2] obtain the required
    skills and tools to perform regular spot checks (there is a need to
    build the capacity of UNICEF internal staff to master the process
    through hands-on experience in accordance with the revised HACT
  • Knowledge management & lessons learnt: Lessons
    learnt from the implementation of the revised HACT Framework and UNICEF
    Guidance0 clearly documented with a focus on good practices, key issues
    requiring management attention.
The contract is structured in three phases:
Phase 1 – Planning, consultation and preparation: July 2014
During this phase the HACT Support Specialist will:
  • Define the overall plan for the year 2014: Support the management in
    establishing the HACT strategies and finalize the overall implementation
    plan (Roadmap) for micro-assessments, assurance and capacity building
    activities for 2014 using a context specific risk based approach;
  • Define the performance indicators & benchmarks for monitoring of
    UNICEF Rwanda’s HACT implementation throughout the year and;
  • Develop standard training materials on HACT for UNICEF staff and
    partners in line with the Revised HACT Framework and UNICEF specific
Phase 2 – Spot check on site capacity building: August – September 2014
During this phase the HACT Support Specialist will:
  • Assess the capacity of UNICEF Rwanda team to identify the gaps based on
    the requirements to perform spot checks as detailed under the TOR for
    spot checks (See the HACT Revised Guidelines Appendices I and II), and
    ensure diversity among the composition of staff to be trained.
  • Design training modules and customize it to comply with required policies and procedures as related to spot-checks.
  • Deliver hands-on trainings on spot checks for UNICEF staff;
Phase 3 – Joint review of results, challenges and way forward – September 2014
During this phase, the contractor will:
  • Develop a final report documenting lessons learnt from the
    implementation of the HACT improvement plan and highlighting key issues
    for management attention and practical recommendations towards the
    effective HACT management by UNICEF Rwanda.
Start date: July 2014 End date: September 2014


The timeframe for this contract is as follows:

  • Overall HACT implementation strategy and plan (Roadmap) for the year 2014 
  • A standard training materials on HACT compliance for UNICEF and partners
  • Spot check training manual, tools and hands-on training for UNICEF Rwanda team
  • Monitoring mechanism on UNICEF Rwanda’s HACT implementation
  • The final report highlighting lessons learnt, key issues for management attention and recommendations for 2015 implementation.
HACT Support Specialist will work under the overall supervision of the
Chief of PME in close consultation with Chief of Operations and Chiefs
of programme sections.

Key competences, technical background, and experience required

  • Advanced university degree in Business Administration, Finance, Economics, Audit, Management or developmental studies. 
  • At least 8 years relevant work experience at the national and
    international level in Operations/Finance Management, Risk Management,
    Audit and/or programme management;
  • Proven successful experience in training professionals in different contexts (technical/cultural);
  • Practical experience in planning, undertaking and reporting on
    financial management assurance activities related to HACT and/or similar
    grant management oversight systems used by donor and funding agencies;
  • Advanced use of Excel and power point MS Office applications;
  • Fluency in English required; French or local language considered a strong asset.
Duty Station:
HACT Support Specialist will be based in Kigali, Rwanda. Frequent
travelling to field locations is expected over the duration of the
contract. Transport will be provided to those field locations in
accordance with UNICEF policy and procedures
  • After the consultancy period, spotcheck will be performed by UNICEF staff only. 
  • Those who have minimum qualifications as stipulated by the Revised HACT guidelines.
How to apply:

individuals are requested to submit P11 FORM, CV, a full proposal,
consisting of two parts (technical and financial, which can be
downloaded from our website) to Rwajobs@unicef.org.


Apply by:
17 Jul 2014
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