MSI SIAP 1 Vacancy: Team Leader for Communications Assessment - Indonesian

Management Systems International, Inc
Strengthening Integrity and Accountability Program 1 (SIAP 1)
Support for the Corruption Eradication Commission
Terms of Reference
Position: Team Leader for Communications Assessment
Languages Required: Bahasa and English
Duration of Contract: March-May 2016
Working Period: 40 days
Counterpart (User): Government of Indonesia Agency
Corruption eradication efforts involve comprehensive communications activities. Throughout the years, the partner GOI Agency has continuously improved its their communications activities. Communications play a major role in determining the way in which the agency operates. Communication efforts need to be aligned to agency objectives and their impact clearly measurable. Therefore, the GOI Agency seeks ways to better understand its current communications performance and to gain a better understanding of future communications improvements.
SIAP 1 will assist the GOI agency to assess the effectiveness of its current communications practice and products. The focus of this assessment is to identify the strength and weaknesses of the agency’s existing communication strategies. It includes determining whether the strategies are aligned with the agency’s goals and objectives and developing specific recommendations and realistic action plan that can support the improvement of the agency’s internal and external communications practice. The assessment should help determine what is working well, what is not, and what might work better if adjustments were made in the Agency. To support the above matters, SIAP 1 is seeking a consultant to lead a small team in conducting a communications assessment.
  • To assess the effectiveness, including strengths and weaknesses, of current communication material and channels with respect to goals and objectives of the GOI agency. 
  • To develop comprehensive recommendations for how the Agency’s communications practice can be improved.
  • Select the appropriate assessment methodology and supporting techniques to meet the objectives of communication assessment; i.e. interviews, surveys, and FGD.
  • Serve as the key link to the GOI Agency and MSI[JG1] /SIAP 1 and report on progress on an on-going weekly basis (or more frequently when required). 
  • Lead the team to conduct a communication assessment; develop an inventory of the full range of communications channels and programs utilized across the agency and complete an assessment of the purpose, benefits, cohesiveness, and effectiveness of each. 
  • Lead the team to develop an actionable recommendation for improvement and communication action plan for the Agency in the future. 
  • Responsible for providing strategic team leadership and direction, including supervision of team and ensure that output and deliverables meet the scope of work specified in the TOR and the time deadlines.
Deliverables are expected to be included in one complete report, which will also include a complete PowerPoint presentation to be presented o the Agency’s leadership upon completion of the assignment and after approval by MSI/SIAP 1. The report will contain:
  • Summary of the Communication Assessment including recommendation in bahasa and english 
  • Final Communication Assessment Report; including in-depth assessment of the agency’s communication product and programs, results and  recommendations for agency’s communication improvements
  • Has at least 5 years of experience of work in relevant areas. 
  • Experience in conducting qualitative and quantitative research with similar topics. 
  • In depth knowledge of substantive corruption issues and experience with producing rigorous analysis. Relevant publication list on corruption is a strong asset. 
  • Availability to interpret results and provide practical recommendations. 
  • Proven skills in analyzing the communication products and channels 
  • Superior analytical and writing skills, preferably demonstrated by the peer-reviewed journals.
Please send applications indicating ‘Communication Assessment-Team Leader' as the subject of your email addressed to not later than February 25, 2016. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.