VECO Indonesia Job Vacancy: Program Manager – Denpasar, Bali

Posting Job


March 1, 2016

Expired Job


August 20, 2019



VECO – Indonesia, the regional branch of
international NGO Vredeseilanden committed to the promotion of
Sustainable Agriculture within the context of agricultural value chain
development, is now recruiting an Indonesian National for the position

‘Program Manager’

Responsible for the implementation and development of VECO’s overall
programme strategies. Lead and providing technical guidance to the
programme team. Based in our Regional Office in Denpasar, Bali

Specific Responsibilities:

  • Leads the Program Section with regard to content development and field operations. 
  • Responsible for guiding the Value Chain Specialist on implementing
    VECO’s overall Value Chain Development strategy and provides technical
    guidance to field coordinators in implementing the Value Chain
    Development strategy.
  • Ensure links between Value Chain Development, advocacy and consumer
    awareness and integrates all components into a coherent program.
  • Leads the team of advisors, program coordinators and field coordinators. 
  • Represents VECO to partners and deputizes for the RR. 
  • Supports the development of VECO’s overall programme strategies,
    specifically on agriculture value chain development, and provides
    technical guidance to the programme team in its implementation.
  • Conceptualize and operationalize links between agriculture value
    chains, advocacy and consumer components into a coherent programme.
  • Provide strategic analysis and advice on inclusive business
    opportunities, potential private sector partners, credit, other external
    service options for farmer enterprise development in the different
    value chains within the programme.
  • Provide advice to the programme team and management on improvements
    in agriculture value chain development within the programme and provide
    input for improvements.
  • In coordination with the Value Chain Specialist, support management
    to take decisions by providing research/information and analysis on
    value chain development as required.
  • Develop and support business linkages between private companies and farmer producer organizations. 
  • In coordination with relevant team members such as the Value Chain
    Specialist, coordinate documentation of value chain development models,
    experiences and lessons learned from the programme.

Key Competencies and qualifications:

  • Master Degree in Agriculture, Economics, Agronomy, Marketing or Rural Development
  • At least 5 years in management position and 5 years in program
    function with strong focus on programme management including agriculture
    chain development
  • Experience in an international environment preferable in Development Cooperation
  • Knowledgeable about agri-business development in Indonesia and able to
    quickly collect critical information thanks to an already well
    established network.
  • Strong knowledge of strategic planning, monitoring and evaluation methods.
  • Good understanding of integrated approaches for agriculture value chain development, advocacy and consumer behavior. 
  • Good understanding of gender mainstreaming concepts and its practical application. 
  • Good knowledge and practical experience with implementing sustainable
    agricultural value chain development concept in Indonesian context.
  • Theoretical knowledge and practical experience with marketing of agricultural products. 
  • Development of farmer based enterprises. 
  • Good understanding of the context and agriculture situation in Indonesia. 
  • Capacity development of Business Development Services. 
  • Has an in depth understanding of the functioning of an economic
    sustainable agricultural chain from production to consumption and can
    apply methods to improve professionalism in all parts of the chain.
  • Can function as an agriculture value chain specialist expert and gain authority through level of expertise. 
  • Is creative and has a sense for innovation and experiments.
  • Has an understanding and practical knowledge of methods of empowerment of individuals and groups. 
  • Has a global vision, is able to see problems from different angles. 
  • Listens actively. 
  • Strong team player who can persuade and inspire individuals and groups. 
  • Is willing to co-operate with various actors (including private sector
    and government) and communicates clearly in a variety of settings and
    styles. Can get messages across that have the desired effect.
  • Analytical and strategic thinking. 
  • Good rhetoric and negotiation skills. 
  • Facilitation and mediation between difference stakeholders: public, private and NGO sector, national and local level.

To maintain a good gender balance in our team we especially encourage female candidates to apply.

Please submit your CV and motivation letter (max. 2 pages) before 04 March 2016

to: VECO Indonesia, Jl. Kerta Dalem No. 7, Sidakarya, Denpasar 80224,
Bali – Indonesia, Tel. 0361 727378, Fax: 0361 723 217, email:

Only shortlist candidate will be contacted.
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