MSI SIAP1 Vacancy: Event Organizer Consultant – Launching KPK E-Learning Portal, Indonesian

Management Systems International,Inc
Strengthening Integrity and Accountability Program 1 (SIAP 1)
Terms of Reference

Position: Event Organizer Consultant – Launching KPK E-Learning Portal
Duration of Contract: June 2016
Working Days: 10 days

In 2016, MSI SIAP 1 provided support for KPK – Directorate of Education to develop a centralized portal for Integrated Anti Corruption Learning. This portal will facilitate general public to access the following e-learning courses; “Call to Action”, Public Complaint, Conflict of Interest, Gratuities, GRATIS and “Closer with KPK”. It will serve as one stop place for the public to gain information corruption issue and how they can take role on the effort to eradicate corruption. SIAP 1 will support KPK on launching the E-Learning Portal on June 10th, 2016 at KPK Auditorium. Thus, SIAP 1 seeks to hire an event organizer consultant to setup event to launch the Portal.

ObjectivesThe main objective of the program launch is to introduce E-Learning Portal to the public, specifically; general public, students, state agencies, ministries, business associations, donor community and journalists.

Tasks and Deliverables
  • Develop E-Learning Portal Launching concept and event rundown (1 day)
  • Preparation of the E-Learning portal Launching (5 days), includes:
    • Coordinate with KPK
    • Budgeting for the event;
    • Establish the list of participants and send out invitations to all participants; MC, meeting chairs, moderators, speakers, etc;
    • Arrange and ensure the auditorium is arranged and ready for the Meetings as required;
    • Prepare all required audiovisual equipment is available as required;
    • Prepare catering as well as service maintenance are promptly available as would be required for all equipment/services and facilities in and around the meeting rooms;
  • Support the preparation, production and efficient distribution of materials that will be used at the conference
  • Prepare promotional material; backdrop, posters or pamphlet.
Organize the Main Event (1 day)

  • Bachelor (S1) degree in relevant field of work or related studies
  • Proven track record organizing conferences or events;
  • Demonstrated strong, coordination and facilitation skills;
  • Strong team player, results oriented, flexible and problem solving skills.  
Please send applications indicating ‘Eevent Organizer ' as the subject of your email addressed to not later than June 5th, 2016. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.