Nova Casa Fresca Job Vacancy: Marketing and Operations Officer - Timor Leste

Nova Casa Fresca (NCF) was established in February 2015 to supply horticulture products to Dili based supermarkets. The company is located in Colmera, Dili and enjoys a working network with local restaurants and one of the largest supermarkets in the country. NCF understands the advantage of a growing demand for horticulture products in the country as well as the need for having a strong supply chain to ensure regular supply of products to the market. Thus, it is seeking to organise a strong supply chain based on working closely with farmers in Aileu in order to secure a steady and good quality supply of vegetables in line with demand from the market. Toward this objective NCF has tried out a few ways of engaging and working with farmers which involved distribution of some Agricultural inputs on credit, and provide limited information on cultivation and usage of inputs.

NCF has already identified that it requires assistance on managing the operations and marketing of agriculture products in the country. Currently NCF management directly deals with the customers, coordinate demand of the customers with the supplier farmers, arrange transportation and then deliver the products to the customers. This process is very cumbersome and puts lot of burden on the management.

The broad objective of the assignment is to help existing NCF staff to support the company in managing the operations and marketing aspect of the business
Responsibilities of the Operations and Marketing Officer
The assignment will involve assisting NCF staff to support the company in managing the operations and marketing aspect of the business. The Operations and Marketing officer’s assignment will cover the following, but not be limited to, topics such as:
  • Maintain all daily data records pertaining to communication transaction, problems, and remedial action taken for NCF’s operations.
  • Maintain historical records by documenting changes.
  • Oversee company activities.
  • Promote and advertise NCF products to different potential clients (institutional buyer, whole sellers). This includes development of marketing materials and campaign to promote NCF’s products.
  • Search and create new market linkages and maintain existing market relations. Visit existing clients, check inventory and report back to the company on product performance.
  • Manage financial transactions between NCF and its suppliers and NCF and its buyers, in coordination with the accounts personnel.
  • Deliver on-the-job training to NCF staff on marketing and operations management.
  • Submit all data record on communication transaction, problems and remedial action taken.
  • Submit report on monthly inventory requirement based on demand from clients.
  • Submit design and sample of advertisement of NCF products.
  • Submit list of new market linkages and agreement made during his / her assignment.
  • Submit monthly timesheet.
Job Requirements
NCF requires that Operations and Marketing Officer will contribute in a demonstrable manner to the development of knowledge, approaches, methods and techniques. He/she must actively contribute to sharing her/his knowledge with NCF staff. The ideal candidate must meet the following requirement:
  • Hold at least a degree on operations and marketing related study.
  • At least 5 years of professional experience in the field of Operations and Marketing
  • Have experience in the design and delivery of trainings in the Operations and Marketing field.
  • Excellent organizational and project management skills.
  • Strong leadership and people-management skill.
  • Good written and verbal communications skills in English, and Tetum or Bahasa Indonesia
How to Apply
To apply, please submit a CV and Cover Letter describing your experiences, understanding of the ToR and how and why you are most appropriate to perform this task, to: and

Closing Date: 03 June 2016