Girl Effect Job Vacancy: Manager - Peer Research Methodologies, Kigali - Rwanda

Job Advert Description

Job Title: Manager, Peer Research Methodologies

Reporting Lines: Reports to Senior Manager, Evidence

Location: Kigali, with regular travel within Rwanda

Contract:  1year renewable

About Girl Effect: 
  • Girl Effect works to break the cycle of intergenerational poverty. We do this by connecting girls to each other and to the critical assets they need. We work to create lasting perception change by harnessing media in innovative ways and building social networks to develop girls' positive perceptions of themselves and shift how others see and value them.
  • We take a girl-centred approach to the challenges they face. We know that girls need support in multiple areas to break the cycle of poverty - focusing on single issues will never be enough. Only a holistic approach will work, so we developed the 5+1 Theory of Change to put this into action.
  • We believe there are 5 key assets that determine a girl's reality and 1 critical catalyst - perception change - that inspires behaviour change that creates empowered lives.
  • The 5 key assets are: Education, Health, Economic Security, Safety, and Voice and Rights.
  • When a girl is better educated, has access to sexual and reproductive healthcare information and services, has access and control of economic assets, is safe from violence and exploitation, and has the capabilities and confidence to make positive choices, she can break the cycle of poverty.
  • We add the catalyst of perception change to improve awareness and sensitivities of communities and families, and create an environment in which girls are better able to capitalise on the five assets.
  • Together, the 5+1 creates a virtuous cycle of change, lifting girls, their families and communities out of poverty.  
We currently operate in Rwanda, Nigeria and Ethiopia with headquarters in London.

About our branded media platform, Ni Nyampinga 
  • Girl Effect Rwanda uses the power of brand thinking to promote positive social norm and behaviour change amongst girls and their communities in Rwanda.  Ni Nyampinga is Rwanda’s first teen brand, developed by and for girls, redefining what it means to be an adolescent girl in their community. In just three years it has been established as a much loved and trusted brand, rooted in Rwandan culture.  Ni Nyampinga is an idea, an identity. It's something that both belongs to, and is created by, Rwandan teenage girls. Translated as "a girl who is beautiful inside and out and makes good decisions", the term ‘ni nyampinga’ is a potent one in Rwandan culture.
  • Since its launch as a quarterly magazine and weekly radio shows by Rwandan girl journalists, there is a rich tale to tell about Ni Nyampinga, with some exciting early signs of impact.  
Context of the role: 
  • Girl Effect is seeking a highly experienced qualitative research manager, to lead research conducted by Girl Effect’s girl peer research network using an innovative mobile data-gathering methodology. At the heart of the peer-research silo is TEGA. Technology Enabled Girl Ambassadors (TEGA) are a bespoke, mobile-based peer-to-peer research network of girls aged 16 and above. Each girl in the network engages with her own peer network of 6-8 peers in their own local area. Via modified mobile devices, Girl Effect can disseminate research tasks to the TEGA, who then interviews her peers and captures their responses via video, audio and photo content. The data is delivered to Girl Effect via a secure app. TEGA is complemented by the Girls Research Unit (GRU). GRU is a corps of four young women trained as junior professional researchers and qualified by Market Research Society with a certificate in qualitative research. They are trained in research design, field recruitment and ethics, face-to-face interviewing and facilitation, and analysis skills. This background allows the GRU to deep dive into specific and more complex girls-related research questions. The peer research network will play an important role in Girl Effect’s formative and monitoring research for Girl Effect Rwanda’s branded media platform Ni Nyampinga and other initiatives that Girl Effect delivers and supports.
  • The Manager, Peer Research Methodologies, will work closely with the Senior Manager of the Evidence team as well as collaboratively with cross functional teams (Brand, Girl Networks and Girl Specialist) to design and deliver research that is fit-for-purpose, timely and high quality. The Manager will line manage a Specialist, Evidence, who will oversee field management, and will liaise with the Senior Manager of Evidence Team within Girl Effect Rwanda to ensure that all research conducted by and for the organization by the peer research network meets the highest technical and ethical standards.
  • The way of working is fast paced and agile and the ideal candidate will thrive on this. They will also require a natural aptitude for technology and innovation.  The role will require regular travel within Rwanda and occasional international travel. 
Key Responsibilities:

Research Design & Development: 
  • Liaison with Girl Effect colleagues (Evidence, Brand, Girl Specialists) to translate research requests/briefs into peer-research designs using TEGA/ GRU.
  • Design of sampling strategies and other technical methodological aspects of TEGA/GRU studies
  • Development of field tools – including consent information, recruitment questionnaires, surveys
  • Support of other Evidence Team members in developing qualitative research frameworks.
  • Field Management
  • Oversight of the TEGA and GRU research calendar to ensure the peer researchers are employed for the right studies within realistic and achievable timeframes
  • Training of the TEGA/GRU and other members of the Evidence Team in qualitative research methods
  • Ensuring girl safeguarding and field ethics are upheld
  • Raising all risk reporting from the field to the required GE focal point
  • Supervision of the Evidence Specialist in field quality assurance processes
  • Data, Analysis & Reporting
  • Data management including quality assurance of the data uploaded to the content hub
  • Conducting all analysis and reporting (with potential for mentoring of Evidence Specialist in this as appropriate over time)
  • Lead on insights generation from findings to ensure that GE stakeholders’ research objectives are addressed 
Research Uptake & Evolution: 
  • Actively contribute to the Impact team’s learning agenda by driving research uptake across the country office and feeding back into Evidence team to optimize future research studies
  • Promote true participatory research approaches through ensuring the involvement of TEGAs in data immersion/validation and other processes
  • Lead on collating lessons learned on TEGA in country and its potential methodological evolution for this context and the global TEGA network
  • Representing Girl Effect at external events where research is presented, as required by Evidence Senior Manager
  • Line management, oversight and quality assurance of all of the work being led by the Evidence Specialist below
  • Oversight of TEGA budget
  • Ensure that TEGA principles and guidelines are upheld by all involved in TEGA projects
  • Skills and Experience 
  • Degree in psychology, sociology, anthropology or other social science
  • 5+ years research experience, ideally gained within a social or market research agency
  • Demonstrated ability to manage the full qualitative research cycle, from sampling and tool development through fieldwork, data analysis and reporting
  • Demonstrated skills in producing high quality, innovative and engaging research presentations and briefings for diverse audiences
  • Experience in delivering training in field research processes
  • Experience of conducting research with children, youth in particular girls and gender
  • Experience of fast-paced and agile working environments, with a natural aptitude for technology and innovation
  • Ability to work effectively in teams with diverse skill sets and backgrounds
  • Creative and inquisitive mindset
  • Strong proactive work habits
  • Strong communication and organizational skills
  • Commitment to realising the potential of girls and to the vision and values of Girl Effect.

Closing date for applications: August 19th 2016 at 5PM Kigali time.