Lang Tengah Turtle Watch Job Vacancy: Volunteers - September 2016, Malaysia

Lang Tengah Turtle Watch is a small, young conservation organisation which caters to the adventurous and environmentally conscious.  Living in our jungle camp on our private bay, we couple patrolling for turtles and monitoring their nests with cliff jumping, snorkelling, jungle treks and many other fun activities.

We are gathering momentum year-on-year, but without volunteers, our organisation simply couldn't function.  We need you to help us in patrolling the beaches as a deterrent to egg poaching on the island.

The key to safeguarding our nesting population of turtles - predominantly Green Turtles, as well as Hawksbill - on Lang Tengah relies on our constant and continued presence on the island, as this is the main deterrent to egg poachers.  Living 24 hours a day in the camp, we regularly patrol the nesting beaches on the island by night, relocating any nests that are laid on other beaches back to the safety of Turtle Beach.

We are aiming to expand our operations from the shore up into the forest and right down into the ocean.  Our first move has been compiling a species list for the island.  As far as biological research on Lang Tengah is concerned, the records of the marine park and WWF up until we started our operations were described as ‘data deficient’.

This year we are aiming to start a coral gardening programme on Turtle Bay and do more school group workshops as part of our LEAP programme, funded by CIMB Foundation.

You will be the driving force of our operation, patrolling the nesting beaches by night.  You will also aid in the relocation of eggs, if necessary, and the gathering of data from pre & post hatch inspections, as well as nesting females.

Everyday we will take you out on jungle treks & snorkelling trips, but you are also free in the afternoons to enjoy the peace and quiet of Turtle Bay.

The expansion of our research may require your assistance in undertaking terrestrial and/or marine transect surveys - primarily for herpetofauna.

Living on camp, everyone helps out to ensure there is enough water to drink and food to eat, as well as partaking in other camp chores such as cleaning and stock-takes
Those looking to volunteer should be relatively fit and acquainted with the rigours of outdoor living.

Stripped-back and open-air, the camp lies slightly recessed behind the secluded beach on Turtle Bay.  Think rustic, jungle living - bucket-showers and camp fires.

To see pictures of our jungle camp, please take a look at our Facebook Album: CLICK HERE

Please note that we cannot facilitate visa acquisitions for our volunteers.

We are looking to recruit volunteers for the end of the current the season (1st September until the 3rd October 2016). Volunteering positions start from 1 week, please see our website for further details.

Discounted rates will apply for long-term volunteers (3 weeks +) - To find out more about our project or to apply, please contact our coordinator Raphe van Zevenbergen:

Deadline: 15/09/2016