World Resources Institute Job Vacancy: Operations Director, South Jakarta

Posting Job


June 28, 2019

Expired Job


July 12, 2019




Program Overview

As WRI Indonesia grows into an established organization with multiple regional offices in the country and manages more than 100 staff, there is a need to revamp the operations of the institute to make it more efficient and fiscally sound.

This includes (but not limited to) more efficient finance, grants, and accounting processes, robust human resources management, as well as smooth logistical and IT operations.

Job Summary

The role of the position is chiefly concerned with the planning, organizing, executing, and supervising operational aspects of the institute. The main goal of the position is to ensure a smooth delivery of the institute’s programs that is in accordance to Indonesia legal standard, donor’s requirement, as well as consideration of cost & carbon emission effectiveness.

The ideal candidate is a self-motivated, detail-oriented, and solution-oriented individual that is able to develop and execute effective operational processes within the institute, coordinate effectively with WRI’s global team, and cater to the unique challenge of operating the Indonesia program in a diverse geographical location.

The candidate will be expected to provide significant support to the Operations team in streamlining current practices and identifying innovative solutions to the administrative requirements of the Indonesia office. The position is expected to manage routine processes to ensure the smooth functioning of the office with a high level of engagement, compliance with local regulation and donors’ requirements, and attention to detail.

The Operations Director will be based in Jakarta with close coordination with WRI Global Operations Director to enable smooth functioning of all core functions through the development of efficient operation system, building strong staff capacity, supported by access to the global experts in WRI’s global team and international offices.

Job Responsibilities

The major responsibilities will be to establish and manage all operational processes for WRI Indonesia in accordance with Indonesian law and WRI policies.

This includes:

  • Finance
  • Grants and Contract Stewardship & Compliance
  • Human Resources Support
  • Office Administration
  • Business Planning
  • Information Systems
  • Facilities
  • Risk Management


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