Zoological Society of London Job Vacancy: Trans Disciplinary Knowledge Consultant, Palembang – South Sumatera

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June 11, 2019

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June 14, 2019




The Zoological Society of London is an international wildlife conservation organization with a focus on science-based and pragmatic solutions. ZSL has been active in Indonesia for about 10 years, with a particular focus on the overlap between industrial development and biodiversity conservation. ZSL Indonesia is based in Bogor, West Java, with existing field projects in Jambi and South Sumatera. We are now looking for:

ZSL Indonesia is a highly diverse programme with projects involving climate change, public-private-people partnerships, sustainable landscape management, in addition to species conservation (namely the Sumatran tiger), protected area management, and combatting wildlife crime.

The UKCCU/NICFI Project works with the Government of South Sumatra, national and district level governments, communities and the private sector to facilitate and support the government, private sector and local communities, to establish and pilot the sustainable landscape management partnership approach in the Sembilang-Dangku landscape of South Sumatra. The proposed impact of this project is to achieve “Inclusive economic growth and community prosperity, biodiversity conservation, forest protection and restoration, and the ending of deforestation, peatland drainage and wildfires that contribute to land-based Greenhouse Gas emissions”.

We are now looking for: Trans Disciplinary Knowledge Consultant

Terms and Condition

Start Date : June 2019

Duration of Contract : 10 Month

Work Area : Palembang, South Sumatera

Reporting to : Knowledge Management Data and Information Manager

Key Purpose of the Job

KELOLA Sendang project has been addressing multi layers and multi facets challenges of a landscape management. KELOLA Sendang have captured and produced numbers of knowledge because of continuous interactions between the project itself and project’s stakeholders. However, the level of capture, use, codification and dissemination of KELOLA Sendang’s knowledge are varied among stakeholders, depends on the stakeholder’s background. Therefore, knowledge mapping from components as the first stage of Transdisciplinary framework is required. Trans disciplinary knowledge mapping using existing reports, analysis and interview or discussion/ dialogue from Biophysics and Production theme, Livelihood, Conservation and Government & Institution Theme.

Sequences of desk studies and verification process will take place to absorb explicit and tacit knowledge originated from project implementation. Knowledge mapping will be done hand in hand with KS-Knowledge Management team to ensure effectiveness and seamless transfer of knowledge between consultant. The result of mapping activity will be carried to the Forum Group Discussion.


Trans disciplinary knowledge mapping Consultant will report directly to the Knowledge Management Data and Information Manager, indirectly report to the Project Director.


This component mainly deals with knowledge acquirement from any available source within KELOLA Sendang project. Sequences of desk studies and verification process will take place to absorb explicit and tacit knowledge originated from project implementation. Knowledge mapping will be done hand in hand with KS-Knowledge Management team to ensure effectiveness and seamless transfer of knowledge between ZSL-KS and consultant, including more subtle (but equally important) tacit knowledge.

Assignment and Deliverables


Data Collection and Preparation

  • Collect data from five different theme
  • Provide trans-disciplinary knowledge expert forum
  • Prepare discussion/ dialogue forum at KS team, provincial, national level and international stakeholder
  • Prepare institutional and infrastructure of host organization
  • Provide trans disciplinary data and knowledge
  • Prepare trained personnel and user utilizing knowledge
  • Working with academic and non-academic stakeholder, national and international stakeholder.


The result report of trans disciplinary framework on the following:

  • Trans disciplinary knowledge mapping interim report
  • Report of strategic transdisciplinary knowledge products spesifically related to the process
  • Report of trans disciplinary expert network meeting
  • Agreement document of knowledge hosting management
  • Knowledge infrastructure report
  • Data sharing agreement (IPB and UNSRI)
  • Training report of utilizing knowledge stored in the host


  • Report
  • MoM
  • Transdisciplinary Expert Network
  • Discussion Report
  • Working Paper
  • Strategic, transdisciplinary knowledge products
  • Agreement Document
  • Knowledge Infrastructure Report
  • Training report
  • Scientific jurnal publication
  • Policy brief

Building relationships

  • The job requires continued professional internal and external interaction/ communications, both in person and via phone and email

Mental Demands

  • The position will require close attention to detail in all aspect of the project and therefore concentration on the work in hand – precision and accuracy being vital attributes.


  • The position will be relatively routine in terms of day-to-day tasks during office hours – however sometimes e.g. during field trips or when a workshop is being organized the next day, some flexibility in working hours may be required.

Working Conditions

This post is office based in ZSL’s office in Palembang, South Sumatra. However, travel to field sites and other ZSL offices will be required.

Recruitment Qualification

Research center, University or Consultan firm or organization with a long experience in the development of Transdisciplinary knowledge.

Application procedures:

Interested firms shall submit the following documents:

  • Cover Letter
  • Technical proposal including the time line, firm profile with CV of team members, references of min. 2 relevant experiences
  • Financial Proposal
  • Examples of directly relevant work with other organizations

The proposal shall submitted in English to indonesia@zsl.org cc’d lydia.chandra@zsl.org by latest June 14, 2019 with placing the job title in the subject line . Only short-listed candidates will be notified. Applications received after the deadline will not be considered

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