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July 1, 2019

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July 3, 2019




Penabulu Foundation was founded in Jakarta in 2002 and now encouraging itself to take the role as a ‘civil society resource organization’. As a resource organization for civil society in Indonesia, Penabulu will do its best to mobilize, manage and distribute resources in any form to support the work of civil society in Indonesia. Penabulu as good as possible will convert the obtained energy as efforts to strengthen, empower and guarantee the sustainability of civil society organizations throughout Indonesia. Converting all the energy into space to grow together, space to consolidate power of ideas and work of civil society in Indonesia, triggers and boosters of governance improvement for better and more sustain development of future Indonesia.

Penabulu Foundation is currently seeking for four individuals consultant or research team to deliver to conduct baseline assessment in two project areas; North Sumatra and West Kalimantan for Responsible and Sustainable Palm Oil Plantation in Indonesia (RESBOUND).

Project Profile

Responsible and Sustainable Indonesian Palm Oil Plantation (RESBOUND is a three years project collaboration between Indonesian Civil Society Organizations and European Union. The project targeting village communities in and around palm oil plantation. The communities consist of labors, youth, women, smallholder farmers, village leaders and village facilitators-that located in 10 villages of Kapuas Hulu District in West Kalimantan Province, and 10 villages of three District (Langkat; Serdang Bedagai; Deli Serdang) in North Sumatera Province. RESBOUND project implementation is involving PENABULU Foundation, PKPA, and lead by ICCO Cooperation.

Aim of this project is to strengthen available multi-stakeholder partnership dialogues to contribute in realizing decent rural living of smallholder farmers and workers on large palm oil plantation through the formulation of Community and Corporate Social Responsibility (CCSR), as means to better use government village funds and companies’ CSR. CCSR would also serve as means to better use UNGPs in the palm oil sector at grassroots level.

RESBOUND started on 1st March 2019 and will be ended on 28 February 2022.

Purpose of Baseline Assessment

  • Baseline will be used as a benchmark to find out structural barriers and their causes experienced by farmers and oil palm plantation workers in 10 villages in North Sumatra and 10 villages in West Kalimantan.
  • Baseline will be used as a benchmark to find out barriers experienced by oil palm companies in fulfilling its obligations with regard to the adherence of business and human rights-or further with regard to the Universal Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights.
  • Baseline will be used for development of framework design which will be presented through the workshop formulation.

Scope of Baseline Assessment

  • Government Policies (at level of district, villages, province, and national level) with regard to the business and human rights-or further with regard to the Universal Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights;
  • Current CSR policies and practices of palm oil plantation companies with regard to the adherence of business and human rights-or further with regard to the Universal Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights;
  • Availabilities, function, and practices of Multi-stakeholder partnership (government, communities, and palm oil plantation) in North Sumatera and West Kalimantan;
  • Village Regulation and Policies in the target locations with regard to the Village Medium Term Development Plans (RPJMDes), local development budget (‘Dana Desa’), Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), availability of Village Information Systems (Sistem Informasi Desa).
  • Situations of rural living in the target locations and roles of youth and women as smallholder farmers and workers, among others; community, village institutions, CSOs that support the empowerment of rural communities.


  • Build and facilitate the formulation of baseline designs;
  • Facilitating focused discussions in the project area together with the Penabulu Foundation;
  • Collecting of primary data through interviews and observation; and
  • Formulate an assessment baseline report per project area.

Job Requirements:

  • Have a research knowledge and work experience with a gender and human rights to development approach;
  • Have an understanding of Business and Human Rights, Children’s Rights, Village Development, and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR);
  • Commit to deadlines;
  • Have the ability to facilitate;
  • Willing to be assigned in West Kalimantan and North Sumatera; and
  • Able to work in the field.

Please inform your letter of interest via email:


Subject: Baseline Assessment

Must be submitted no later than July 3, 2019

By attach:

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Update Resume.

Example of work related to research.

For research team/organization:

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Only shortlisted candidates will be notified.

Update resumes of team members will be involved.

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