Change Indonesia Job Consultant(s): Business Model, Jakarta – Indonesian

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August 19, 2019

Expired Job


August 25, 2019





The objective of this project is to produce viable business models for Change Indonesia to test and implement in order to achieve sustainability.

Scope of Work

The consultant(s) will work with the team to:

  • Assess and measure strength, potential, and internal capacity to identify various business models that is viable to be implemented
  • Do market research to see market viability of the models, as well as explore other models in the market that might fit the organization
  • Determine most viable model or models to test and implement
  • Produce a detailed recommendation of the plan forward
  • Make sure that the team is not only informed but also participated in every step of the process.
  • The scope does not include the actual testing or implementing of business model


  • Workshops and Interviews for the team
  • Report on organization’s internal capacity and potential business models (including financial projections of each)

Market research report

  • Report on business plan(s) that includes a presentation to Change Indonesia on the business models, including a detailed “how to” on testing and implementation.


We are looking for individual consultants or organization that:

  • Have proven experience in business model consultancy and market research
  • Have the ability to facilitate workshops and conduct interviews that gets the most relevant information for the organization
  • Are able to produce reports that are clear, structured, substantial, and not long-winded as well as the ability to present them effectively
  • Have basic understanding of the civil society landscape in Indonesia
  • Results are data driven.

You will be working directly with the Country Director and Projects Director of Change Indonesia.


Not more than 5 months.


Please submit your proposal by the 25th of August 2019 to


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