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August 13, 2019

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September 1, 2019






  • Job Title : Program Manager
  • Location : Central Jakarta
  • Division : Program
  • Date : a.s.a.p.


Caritas Indonesia (Yayasan Karina) is the humanitarian arm of the Bishops’ Conference of Indonesia based in Central Jakarta and is officially considered as a member of the Caritas Internationalist confederation. Established in mid-2006, it recently completed its third strategic planning at the end of 2017. The new strategic planning is for 5 years period (2018 – 2022). Caritas Indonesia acts as a coordinating, animating and facilitating body for all the Diocesan Caritas or Pastoral Commissions which have mandate on Caritas in 37 Dioceses, incorporated under the Bishops’ Conference of Indonesia. Caritas Indonesia now has Program Division and Support Division. The entitled position of the Program Manager is under the Program Division.

Caritas Indonesia (Karina) is an active member of Caritas Internationalis (CI) Confederation which has 167 members around the globe. Caritas is the Church’s heart and spearhead to spread the love for poor people. By using Caritas Internationalis Management Standard (CIMS), Caritas Indonesia want to help social works of Catholic Church in Indonesia to alleviate poverty and injustice. Caritas Indonesia’s works are integrated with CI’s strategic orientations, such as serving out of love, reducing the impact of humanitarian crises by enhancing disaster preparedness and response, empowering communities to eradicate all forms of poverty and unjust structure, amplifying the voices of the poor through education, communication and publication, as well as building a stronger Caritas based on professionalism, resource mobilization and the involvement of young people.


The Program Division is one of divisions in Caritas Indonesia that leads for all of programmatic and management elements, such as planning, budgeting, communicating, advocating, monitoring and staffing.


The Program Manager will report to the Executive Director of Caritas Indonesia (Karina).


The contract will be two years with the possibility for extension.


(Described under each of the following sub-titles as needed)


The Program Manager is responsible for the overall effectiveness and efficient coordination and management of all Caritas Indonesia (Yayasan Karina) programs and program staffs under his/her supervision in Indonesia. In addition, the Program Manager must ensure best practices in all program areas with a strong commitment towards Caritas Internationalist’ principles and values and an understanding of the role of the Catholic Church in emergency and development activities.

His/her main responsibilities are:

  • Manage Caritas Indonesia’s Program planning, implementation, and evaluation
  • Manage Caritas Indonesia’s Program budget,
  • Manage program partnership and serve as a Focal Person for Program-related information.
  • Manage communication, information and advocacy to ensure a success of programs/projects goals.
  • Supervise Program staffs.

His/her tasks/duties:

  • Caritas Indonesia’s Program planning and Implementation
    • To be accountable to Executive Director of Caritas Indonesia.
    • Develop and manage program/project cycle of Caritas Indonesia: planning, implementation, monitoring, reporting and evaluation of all programs/projects.
    • Oversee identification and formulation of new projects.
    • In coordination with the Finance Manager and Project/Finance Coordinator, examine, review and refine carefully all project/program proposals submitted by Program and Finance Officers and/or implementing partners (Caritas Dioceses or other related organizations).
    • Oversee the arrangement and assignment of Program Staffs for meetings/conferences/workshops/training/events related to Caritas Indonesia’s programs, including support for partners.
    • Oversee monitoring of program implementation both formally (based on staffs’ report) and informally (field visit).
    • Examine and finalize all program-related narrative and financial proposals and reports before being submitted and released to Funding Donors and other key stakeholders.
    • Ensure that project/program proposals and program/project reports are developed and submitted timely to funding donors and other key stakeholders.
    • Oversee program documentation (including internal documents, records and training materials).
  • Caritas Indonesia’s Program budget.
    • Responsible for overall program budgets.
    • Responsible for proper planning of proposal budget and financial disbursement of projects/programs.
    • Responsible for acquisition of external funding.
    • Together with Finance Division involve in writing and examining carefully on budgeting feasibility, implementation and its reporting.
    • Ensure proper allocation of project funds as determined by the project purpose and the project agreement.
    • Distribute project funding to the implementing partners to ensure projects are accomplished within the proposed plan and time frame.
    • Monitor project financing through evaluation of implementing partners’ reports and/or related divisions of Caritas Indonesia and subsequently provides consolidation of reports.
    • Coordinate fund allocation for the project cost.
  • Serving as a Focal Person for Program/Project Partnership.
    • Establish cooperation with donors and financial institution for project/program funding support.
    • Regular and consistent communications and updating of project development with member of donor partners.
    • Assist Executive Director to raise funding support from donors by developing and submitting program/project proposal.
    • Assist institutional management in lobbying for strengthening financial institution and guarantee sustainability.
    • Participate in workshop/meeting/event with local and international partners.
    • Establish and maintain contacts with donors, local and international NGOs and relevant agencies.
    • Liaise and coordinate with Caritas partner organizations and other partners relating to project/program
    • Travel to Caritas Indonesia’s project sites for monitoring/evaluating/managerial accompaniment of the project.
  • Information – Communication and Advocacy on Programs/Projects
  • Supported by the Information-Communication-Advocacy Coordinator:
    • Develop and manage communication and advocacy strategy, and its implementation in order to support program/project goals.
    • Manage information and database on related project/program.
    • Motivate and coach the Program Staffs in developing and extending Caritas Indonesia’s network and publication.
  • Supervising Program staffs
    • Assist recruitment process and build program division staff’s capacity.
    • Supervises the Program Staffs and conduct the Staff Performance Appraisal for the supervised staff.
    • Oversee and support the Program Staffs to ensure high quality of project deliverables and timely submission of reports.
    • Manage and supervise Program Staff under his/her responsibilities for the success of program/project implementation.


  • Good understanding on main Church documents, such as Deus Caritas Est, Caritas in Veritate, Evangelii Gaudium, and Laudato Si’ as the spiritual foundation of Caritas Indonesia.
  • Strong commitment on humanity’s compassion and service to poor people as it is described on Catholic Social Teaching.
  • Obey Caritas Indonesia (Yayasan Karina)’s vision, mission and principles as well as Caritas Internationalis guiding values and principles.
  • Able to work in a team, internally with program staffs and working team from another institution.
  • Good program planning and good implementation.
  • Strong ability to balance self-condition, mentally and emotionally.
  • Participatory and communicative.
  • Efficient, accurate and supportive.
  • No corruption, accountable and responsible.
  • Transparent (must appropriate with what had been spent and had been accepted, also show supportive evidences).
  • Write Back to Office Report after attending meetings, conferences, workshops, trainings, events, or site visits to project location with project partners and/or donors.


  • Graduate from S1/S2 (any discipline).
  • Minimum of 5 years’ experience as a Program Manager.
  • Experience in program planning and program management (including monitoring & evaluation), related to Disaster-Risk Reduction, Emergency Response, Community Development/Empowerment and Capacity Building/Community Accompaniment.
  • Sets clear performance goals and standards, execute responsibilities accordingly.
  • Good understanding of humanitarian response program principles and challenges.
  • Substantial experience in the management of large humanitarian operational programs (including health, shelter, livelihoods, NFI, logistic, finance, human resources) and understanding of relevant issues.
  • Well-developed written project design and reporting skills, and experience in reporting on international relief and development program.
  • Excellent communication and inter-personal skills, relationship building, leadership, diplomacy, tact and patience.
  • Fluency in English and Bahasa Indonesia, both written and orally.
  • Excellent written and spoken communication skills.
  • Relevant tertiary degree.
  • Experience and knowledge of managing development funds, including submitting proposals, reporting on and acquitting of funds.
  • Experience of capacity building and mentoring of local organizations.
  • Ability to work independently as required and in the same time able to work in team work.
  • Having good leadership in personnel management.
  • Familiarity with the Not-For-Profit sector and the Catholic organization.
  • Experience working with the Catholic Church network.
  • Understanding of strategies for working with the poorest, marginalized and most vulnerable.
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Office suite of programs.

Application, CV and contact details for 3 references should be submitted by e-mail to: eva@karina.or.id , riri.carina@gmail.com and sdmkarina@gmail.com at the latest 1 September 2019.

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