Rainforest Alliance Vacancy: Financial Ecosystem Analysis Consultant - Lampung, Indonesian

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The Rainforest Alliance is an international nonprofit organization that works to conserve biodiversity and ensure sustainable livelihoods by transforming land-use practices, business practices and consumer behavior. Based in New York City, with offices throughout the United States and worldwide, the Rainforest Alliance works with people whose livelihoods depend on the land, helping them transform the way they grow food, harvest wood and host travelers.

Objectives:The Financial Ecosystem Analysis (FEA) Consultant will, in close collaboration with the Rainforest Alliance Sustainable Finance and Sustainable Landscapes teams, research, conduct, write and present a diagnostic study of needs and opportunities for facilitating financial services and inclusion to coffee farmers in southern Sumatra (a financial ecosystem analysis). This will include an analysis of farmer financial needs (inputs, planting material, long-term, other), bankability and financial capacity; an assessment of local, national and international financial institution products, services and programs available to southern Sumatra and Indonesian coffee farmers and; an analysis of financial obstacles, gaps and proposed solutions and partners in order to increase access to finance and financial inclusion for program farmers.

The consultant will also support and participate in Rainforest Alliance’s Sustainable Finance Director’s (SFD) visit to Indonesia (Southern Sumatra and Jakarta) mid-March 2016. Consultant will lead agenda development, scheduling, and logistics for visit with an aim to meet and interview participating coffee farmers, project partners, public service stakeholders, financial service providers and experts.

  • Research and produce a report tentatively titled “The Financial Needs, Obstacles and Opportunities for coffee farmers in Lampung, Sumatra.” 
    • Develop proposed report outline, table of contents, research strategy and work plan for agreement with the Sustainable Finance Director;
    • Review and summarize existing literature on subject;
    • Conduct two farmer financial workshops 
    • Develop list of stakeholders, financial institutions and experts to evaluate and/or interview; conduct interviews and compile interview notes;
    • Interview and collect data on farmer financial needs from farmers and other informed parties;
    • Write draft report and seek and incorporate appropriate feedback as appropriate;
    • Write final report for publication (suggested max 20 pages), summarize findings in PowerPoint Format and co-write research summary/blog post for Rainforest Alliance website.
  • Coordinate Rainforest Alliance Sustainable Finance Director trip to Indonesia (currently scheduled for March 13-March 24 to include time in Sumatra and Jakarta): 
    • With SFD, develop proposed approach, agenda and contact list to meet stakeholders and participants representing different aspects of financial ecosystem;
    • Contact and establish meetings and/or calls with parties;
    • Advise on and/or arrange travel and meeting logistics to ensure smooth schedule;
    • Travel with SFD to Sumatra and Jakarta;
    • Write and summarize meeting/interview notes;
    • Follow up on meetings/interviews as necessary (thank you notes, follow up information);
  • Assist and contribute to Rainforest Alliance’s M&E effort by collecting data on project KPIs: 
    • % of overall cashflow gap solved by credit access through formal channels
    • Average interest rate of all credit (formal and informal) used by farmers
    • Number of financial service providers lending to bankable farmers in the area of the project
  • Communicate with RA supervisors and team members on a regular basis and prepare periodic reports as required.
  • A proposed report outline, table of contents, research strategy and work plan 
  • A report reviewing existing relevant literature
  • A report summarizing contact information, interview details and notes
  • A final report for publication (suggested max 20 pages)
  • Identification of two financial institutions to propose for partnership and next steps
  • An internal report for Rainforest Alliance on analysis lessons learned
  • PowerPoint slides summarizing results
  • Rainforest Alliance blog post summarizing findings
  • An agenda and contact list for SFD Director to Indonesia
  • Submission of KPIs to Rainforest Alliance M&E staff
  • Occasional reports on progress
  • A university degree or equivalent in economic development, economics, finance, or related, relevant field for assignment; 
  • 5-10 year’s experiences working in smallholder agricultural and/or sustainable finance fields; 
  • Expertise in smallholder and supply chain finance issues, experience in coffee, Indonesia and Sumatra preferred;
  • An established network and contacts for Indonesian financial institutions and related stakeholders;
  • Experience meeting and networking with senior level stakeholders and financial managers;
  • Fluency in spoken and written English;
  • Fluency in spoken local Lampung, Sumatra language preferred.
To apply:
Send resume, cover letter and honorarium history to Human Resources, Rainforest Alliance, Jl. Tantular Barat No. 88, Renon, Denpasar Bali; E-mail: asia_pacific@ra.org. If emailing, use the following format in the subject line: first name and last name, title of consultancy you are applying for.

Deadline: 25 Feb 2016

The Rainforest Alliance is an equal opportunity employer.
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