Conservation International Call For Proposals: Producing A Prototype Automatic Marine Trash Colector - Jembrana, Bali


Project location: Jembrana regency, Bali, Indonesia
Opening Date: September 30, 2016
Closing: October 25 or until filled

Conservation International (CI) is a non-governmental organization created in 1987 with the mission of conserving biodiversity while ensuring that local communities directly benefit from the protection of their natural habitat. In 2016, CI’s CEO Peter Seligmann set aside funding for a “Millennium Innovation Lab,” issuing grants for innovative projects created by CI’s Millennial staff addressing the world’s most pressing conservation issues. One of the projects selected is the creation of a “mangrove bin” to help improve the health of mangroves in Bali, Indonesia. CI’s staff have seen up close the large amounts of trash wrapped around mangrove roots, particularly at project sites in the Jembrana regency of Bali, Jakarta and Benoa Bay. With funding from the Millennium Innovation Lab, the project aims to work with a local partner to build and test a prototype “automatic marine trash collector” to prevent trash from entering the water passageways that lead to the mangroves.

Design and build (using sustainable materials and processes as much as possible) a self-powered, lowcost solution, automatic marine trash collector (“mangrove bin”) to suck in trash as it comes in with the high or low tide – ultimately to prevent the trash from reaching and becoming entangled in mangrove roots.

  • Design an automatic marine trash collector (mangrove bin), aiming for low-cost solution;
  • Selection of materials, equipment and technology;
  • Build a prototype of the mangrove bin;
  • Test the mangrove bin in a real environment, troubleshoot and adapt until a working prototype is achieved
  • Install the prototype in the mangroves of Jembrana regency in Bali
One prototype of the trash collector using low-cost solution

Project timeline
October 2016: Contractor selected
November 2016-December 2016: Prototype design finalized
January 2017-February 2017: Prototype installed and tested (final test in Jembrana/Bali))
March 2017-April 2017: Prototype continues to be tested; troubleshooting

Payment terms
Payment will be made upon completion and acceptance of each major deliverables, respecting the project timeline.

Coordination and supervision Conservation International will work together with the contractor throughout all activities as listed above.

Contact Information and Questions
Proposals must include an estimate of project timeline, cost, personnel, as well as the qualifications to meet the project objectives, including relevant experience. The proposal should be in English and budget in US dollars. Successful applicants will receive written notice informing the applicant that CI intends to engage the applicant in further negotiations with respect to a potential contract, during which details of the contract will be discussed including a review of budget and development of detailed work plans.

Any resultant contract will be subject to the terms and conditions of Conservation International.

Please email proposals to Melna Saraswati, Bali MPA Communications & Outreach Coordinator, Asia Pacific, Indonesia,