IUWASH Job Vacancies: WASH Facilitators (7 persons) - Indonesian

The USAID Indonesia Urban Water, Sanitation and Hygiene 'Penyehatan Lingkungan Untuk Semua' (IUWASH PLUS) program is a five-year initiative designed to assist the Government of Indonesia in increasing access to water supply and sanitation services as well as improving key hygiene behaviors among urban poor and vulnerable populations. Implemented by DAI Global LLC, IUWASH PLUS works with governmental agencies, the private sector, NGOs, communities and others to achieve the following "high level" results:
  • An increase of one million people in urban areas receiving improved water supply services quality, of which at least 500,000 are from the bottom two wealth quintiles (i.e. bottom 40%) or Indonesia’s eastern provinces; and
  • An increase of 500,000 people in urban areas with access to safely managed sanitation services, all of whom are from the bottom two wealth quintiles or Indonesia’s eastern provinces.

To ensure that improvements in access to WASH services are sustained, IUWASH PLUS is guided by a development hypothesis that focuses on strengthening service delivery systems so they can more effectively reach the poorest and most vulnerable segments of the population. In order to achieve this at scale, IUWASH PLUS undertakes activities through four interrelated components, including: 1) Improving household WASH services; 2) Strengthening city WASH institutional performance; 3) Strengthening the WASH financing environment; and 4) Advancing national WASH advocacy, coordination and communication.

To achieve these outcomes IUWASH-PLUS need high caliber candidates to fill the position of:

WASH Facilitators (7 persons) for West Java, DKI Jakarta and Kab Tangerang (WJDT) Region that will be operated in the Cities of:
  • Kota Bogor (Job Code: WFWJDT-KotaBogor)
  • Bekasi (Job Code: WFWJDT-Bekasi)
  • Depok (Job Code: WFWJDT-Depok)
  • Kab. Bogor (Job Code: WFWJDT-KabBogor)
  • Karawang (Job Code: WFWJDT-Karawang)
  • Kab. Tangerang (Job Code: WFWJDT-Tangerang)
  • DKI Jakarta (Job Code: WFWJDT-DKIJKT)

One facilitator will be responsible and based in one city or district as mentioned above.

The primary objective of the WASH Facilitator position is to: support implementation of IUWASH PLUS field activities, particularly those that target poor and low income households within the bottom two wealth quintiles of the population (referred to as the “B40”); and to develop and maintain excellent relations with all relevant stakeholders in their designated workarea (community groups, CBOs, local government, universities, local NGOs, Private sectors/CSR etc.).

In close coordination with All Regional Specialist and BC/Marketing Associates, the tasks and responsibilities of the WASH Facillitator will include, but not be limited to the following:

Community-Level Planning, Coordination and Implementation:
  • Conduct series of preparation/promotion meetings at the community level to socialize the program and engaging community to actively involve and contribute in WASH activities and increasing access to WASH facilities
  • Supervise project implementation and maintenance conducted in field including stakeholder involvement and clarifying their responsibilities during preparation.
  • Ensure that policies and regulations related to the program are applied properly during implementation to avoid disturbance from other parties.
  • Working closely with community health center, community leader, CBO, PKK, youth group to promote hygiene behavior, the importance of sanitation facility and access to sanitation facility, and access to clean water.
  • Together with Regional Specialist to support the strengthening of CBOs managed the community-based water supply and sanitation facilities.
  • Developing communication and marketing channel at the community level to promote WASH and increasing WASH access.
  • Identifying potential community organizer/leader among the community member to support community organization and community event.
  • Facilitating community meetings and working closely with community leader and community member to conduct participatory assessment (social mapping, transect walk, FGD), facilitate community planning (vision mapping, workplan) and conducting/coordinating WASH promotion activities.
  • Documenting the participatory assessment and community planning process and ensure the use of the material (especially social mapping and vision mapping) as participatory monitoring tool.
  • Assisting and ensure the community to implement participatory monitoring and evaluation and support the documentation of the participatory monitoring and evaluation

Monitoring and Evaluation:
  • Closely monitor IUWASH PLUS activities at local level and keep regional staff informed on status of activities, problems encountered, etc., and actively solicit the support of such staff as needs arise.
  • Collect relevant community and household level data related to project planning including issues which can cause problems during or after implementation, including coordination with related stakeholders to ensure these issues can be resolved
  • Oversee local level data collection required for appropriate monitoring of IUWASH PLUS activities and the tracking of results and outcomes.
  • Ensuring that all community member have equal opportunity to participate on the activities, opinion and contribution, as well as ensuring gender sensitivity in the implementation
  • Ensuring that low income communities are main targetted beneficiaries of the project implementation, and that high community demand and participation contribute to project sustainability before, during and after project implementation.

Coordination Within IUWASH PLUS:
  • In close collaboration with regional WASH Finance Specialist facilitating/engaging community with MFI/koperasi/CSR to increase WASH access
  • Support the regional team to develop the post project activities planning and ensure the community and the CBOs abble to manage and conduct the operation after project completion.
  • Support the other technical specialists on planning, technical assessments and surveys to ensure that plans and design are developed properly
  • In close collaboration with specialists organize and facilitate training/capacity building for community member/CBO and other stakeholder
  • In close collaboration with BC/Marketing Specialist and Governance Specialist organizing meeting between community and LG to share activities implemented and achieved by community.
  • In close collaboration with Governance Specialist and BC/Marketing Specialist actively support the Musrenbang process to ensure WASH is included in government program
  • Regularly communicate with other IUWASH PLUS staffs (regional team, technical specialists, others part time consultants hired for spesific taks as required) to ensure local level activities benefit from the best available ideas and input.

Coordination with Institutional Partners:
  • Maintain communication and partnership with LG (including Pokja AMPL/Sanitasi), private sectors/CSR, university, CBO, LG agencies and other stakeholder.
  • Establishing partnership with government at district and village/kelurahan level, maintaining communication and engaging into IUWASH PLUS activities, especially at community level.

Reporting / Other:
  • Produce regular reports (bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc.) on project implementation at the local level, highlighting results/outcomes, programmatic successes, problems encountered and possible solutions.
  • Conduct other tasks as required and which are consistent with the above.

Minimum General Qualifications:
  • Holding Bachelor degree in a relevant field is preferable;
  • At least 5 year of experience working with community, preferably in WASH sector;
  • Strong facilitation skill, knowledge and experience in participatory approach as well as participatory monitoring and evaluation, preferably experience in WASH sector;
  • Understand the implementation of WASH related project (starting from planning cycle up to the implementation stages) by other donors and LG agencies;
  • Good communication skill and experience working with multi stakeholder; government (including Pojka AMPL/Sanitasi), CBO, PKK, private sector/CSR, koperasi/MFI, university etc.;

Expected Start Date: Available immediately

Interested applicants are invited to send a complete application with 3 references to IUWASH_Plus_Recruitment@dai.com before November 12, 2016. Please write the job CODE in the subject line of the email. We regret that we are unable to acknowledge receipt of all applications and only shortlisted candidates will be notified.