WWF Internationl Job Vacancy: Geographic Information System (GIS) Assistant - Ambon, Indonesian

Title: Geographic Information System (GIS) Assistant
Reports to: Regional Technical Director of SEA Project Office in Maluku
Supervised by: GIS Specialist
Location: Ambon, Indonesia

The Indonesia Sustainable Ecosystems Advanced (SEA) Project is a five-year contract that supports the Government of Indonesia to conserve biological diversity and improve the governance of marine resources at local, district, provincial and national levels. By using an ecosystem-based approach to management and engaging key stakeholders, the SEA Project will 1) enhance conservation and sustainable use of marine resources by reforming fisheries management and promoting marine protected areas to enhance fisheries productivity, food and nutrition security, and sustainable livelihoods within the target area; and 2) strengthen the leadership role and capacity of the Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries (MMAF) and local governments to promote conservation and sustainable fishing. The SEA Project is implemented by Tetra Tech and a consortium of partners that includes Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS), Coral Triangle Center (CTC) and WWF-Indonesia (WWF). The SEA Project will run from March 2016 through March 2021.

The SEA Project is predicated on an ecosystem approach to fisheries and marine resources management, which implies that it will integrate across sectors and assist in the development of plans and implementation actions that address biophysical, governance and socio-economic concerns.  The SEA Project will implement activities in three provinces —West Papua, North Maluku, and Maluku Provinces—that lie within Indonesia’s Fishery Management Area (FMA) 715. This zone was chosen to be the site of the SEA Project because of the area’s high marine biodiversity, status as a national priority area for fisheries, the presence of small island provinces/districts, high rates of extreme poverty and high vulnerability to climate change. The project will also operate at a national scale to support specific activities of the Ministry of Marine Affaires and Fisheries.

In order to achieve its primary objectives, to enhance fisheries productivity, food and nutrition security, and sustainable livelihoods within the target area, SEA Project will support the stakeholders to:

  • Improve and enhance the practice of ecosystem approach for fisheries management (EAFM),
  • Improve the management of marine protected areas (MPA) and expand MPA coverage
  • Strengthen marine spatial planning (MSP) techniques and outcomes, and
  • Emphasize law enforcement (LE) to strengthen species and ecosystem conservation as a foundation for sustainable fisheries.

One of strategy that will be undertaken by SEA Project in Fiscal Year 2017 is supporting Government of Maluku Province to develop compreherensive document of marine spatial planning or Rencana Zonasi Wilayah Pesisir dan Pulau-Pulau Kecil (RZWP3K). The RZWP3K will be a legal basis for spatial allocation, as well as for permit (location and management permit) issuance in coastal area up to 12 nautical miles offshore.

In addition to the functions explained above, RZWP3K is aimed to minimize the conflicts among different coastal water uses as well as their negative effects by allocating space and applying zoning for different uses. For this purpose, Geographic Information System (GIS) will be applied in several ways in the process. GIS tools will be used for delineation the state of features (bio-geophysical, socio-economical and governance) in a marine/coastal area. GIS will be used as an efficient tool for identifying, locating and visualizing the cover and spatial distribution of resources and uses in the form of maps.

In order to ensure accuracy of spatial allocation, MMAF has issued the Minister Regulation of MMAF No. 23/2016 on Coastal and Small Island Management Planning. The regulation has set minimum requirement of data and maps that need to be collected, analyzed and developed in the RZWP3K process. The requirement has been set in term of quality and quantity to ensure accuracy of scale, spatial determination and attribute.

Considering the significance of accurate RZWP3K for the sustainable use of marine resources in Maluku, USAID SEA Project will engage a GIS Assistant and specialist to support Province of Maluku in developing the good RZWP3K as required by the MMAF No. 23/2016.

Job Summary
The GIS Assistant/Specialist will be responsible for supporting the development of RZWP3K in Maluku Province, especially to collect & compile spatial data, to standardize the spatial data, create metadata, assist in spatial analysis and to produce marine spatial maps for decision support and decision making. In addition, the GIS Assistant/Specialist will support the Core SEA Team in developing a marine spatial database and to maintain the database. During the assignment the GIS Assistant/Specialist will work together with the Provincial Government Team and transfer the GIS knowledge and skill in RZWP3K development to the government staff.

The GIS Assistant/Specialist will support Core SEA Project Team and MSP Working Group of Maluku Province to:

  • Develop marine spatial thematic maps as required for RZWP3K;
  • Collect and compile spatial data sets from a variety of sources, including census data, Global Positioning System (GPS) data, field observations, satellite images, and environmental monitoring data as available through existing sources;
  • Verify survey data and map information for specific data sets;
  • Encode and analyze spatial and non-spatial data, including standardizing, cleaning and manipulating data as required;
Do spatial analysis of raster or vector-based data;

  • Produce marine spatial-based map following standards set in the One-Map Policy of Badan Informasi Geospatial (BIG) and in the provision of Minister Regulation of MMAF No. 23/2016 on Coastal and Small Island Management Planning;
  • Provide “on-the-job” technical training to government staff or team of Maluku Province who is responsible to develop and maintain Geographic Information System for the development of the Provincial RZWP3K;
  • Support the development of a marine geospatial database and manage the database;
  • Provide other technical support as needed related to map develoment and GIS work in the USAID-SEA project areas.
The GIS Assistant/Specialist shall submit the following deliverables:

  • Marine spatial maps following standards in the One-Map Policy of Badan Informasi Geospatial (BIG) and in the provision of Minister Regulation of MMAF No. 23/2016 on Coastal and Small Island Management Planning;
  • Spatial and non-spatial data for RZWP3K development;
  • A functional MSP database that can be maintained, updated and utilized by the Provincial government staff responsible for RZWP3K in Maluku Province.


  • Brief weekly updates, in a format prescribed by SEA Project;
  • Inputs to SEA Quarter reports;
  • Updates in provincial technical meetings as required;
  • Timesheet as proof of time worked.

The GIS Assistant/Specialist will provide all reports in both Microsoft Word and ready-to-print PDF format, using a template provided by SEA Project in English.

Education and

Work Experience:
Degree in Geography, Cartography or Geospatial Engineering or related field, with at least 2 years-experience working in the development of spatial map, preferably in marine spatial map or RZWP3K

Required Skills:

  • Comprehend GIS concepts in the development of spatial plans (terrestrial or marine)
  • Able to use computer programs and software packages to prepare graphic reports, maps, and other data visualizations to develop marine spatial thematic maps
  • Able to use GIS computer software (e.g. ArcGIS, Quantum GIS) to manage geographical information
  • Able to use GPS and other surveying tools for field data collection
  • Able to create, develop, and maintain GIS and other databases

Good communication skills - verbal and written – English and Indonesian


  • Able to work under pressure and tight deadlines
  • Be a team player who upholds confidentiality and has a high level of integrity and is able to work with minimum supervision
  • High degree of adaptability to varied working environments and good interpersonal and teamwork
  • Available to be stationed in Ambon City.
For this assignment the GIS Assistant/Specialist will be supervised by the SEA GIS Specialist and report to the Regional Technical Director of SEA Project Office in Maluku.

Post of Assignment
The assignment will be conducted in Indonesia, based in the SEA Project Regional office in Ambon. This assignment may require occasional travel to field locations in Maluku.

Time Frame and Level of Effort
The period of this assignment will begin on or about February 1, 2017 for an initial one-year contract.

When you are interested on the above position and consider that you possess the necessary qualification, please submit your job application consisting of updated curriculum vitae, this work and/or this organization to: job@SEA-Indonesia.org.

Please fill the ‘subject’ column of the e-mail in this format “GIS Assistant” _(name of candidate).

Deadline January 6, 2017

No correspondence, only short-listed candidates will be notified