The Asia Foundation - SETAPAK II Project Job Consultant: Communication and Media Campaign, Indonesian

Communication and Media Campaign Consultant – SETAPAK II Program

The Asia Foundation through SETAPAK II program, works to improve forest and land use governance in Indonesia. Supported by United Kingdom Climate Change Unit (UKCCU), SETAPAK II program aims to reduce deforestation and degradation rate by promoting good forest and land governance as fundamental element to ensure the benefits of natural resources are distributed sustainably and equitably.  These efforts consider strong engagement among Indonesian government, Civil Society Organizations, and communities for effective advocacy, and encourages participations as well as innovations from various elements.

In order to disseminate the forest and land governance issues in SETAPAK II working areas, it is important to develop strategic communication approaches to capture and promote diverse initiatives, and gain public awareness and participations on particular issues. In particular, effective information sharing will be optimized by utilize communication channels (websites, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, newsletters, and other tools), managing information from various partners and key actors, maintaining good relations with mainstream media and netizens, documenting relevant activities, and implementing offline events, such as public discussion or mini exhibition are expected could support campaign and advocacy efforts in local and national level.

Considering the importance of public outreach in land and forest governance sectors, SETAPAK II seeks communication expert to works as consultant and develop communication strategy to be implemented during the program and provide assistance related with SETAPAK II communication and public outreach works.

Scope of Work
To ensure that the SETAPAK II communication products could reach its targeted audiences, and the key messages on land and forest governance will be distributed thoroughly, the communication consultant should manage the information from various sources and disseminate several issues which related to forest, land use management and its governance aspects to relevant channels.

The communication consultant should perform the following tasks:

Task 1. Utilize Communication Channels
The consultant will manage the SETAPAK II social media channels, including website and bulletin which requires:
  • Preparing media operator who will actively engage with SETAPAK II and its partners in collecting and preparing content, post, share, and engage in online forums, live blogs/streaming/tweets
  • Ensuring the website is secure and actively contribute in promoting learnings from SETAPAK II program
  • Maintaining good relation with media and actively share the current issues on land and forest governance for consistent and effective engagement
  • Collecting facts and lesson learns to be published in various SETAPAK II communication tools
  • Integrate SETAPAK II communication and campaign strategies with potential channels and communities.

Task 2. Design and Layout
The consultant is expected to support in designing SETAPAK II communication materials and promotion tools and ensure the design could support engagement contents for public.

Task 3. Public Outreach through Audio-visual Materials
Good public engagement involves mature communication strategies, which often supported by strong audio-visual contents. The consultant should be documenting important actions taken by SETAPAK II and its partners throughout provinces and managing the distribution of the informative contents (infographics, photos, short videos, etc.).

Task 4. Public Events
Dissemination of information could reach policy makers and public through several medium. Discussion or exhibition are some of the methods used to gain public participation, media coverage, and if possible follow-up from government.

Time Frame
The overall activities will take one year, starting from March 2017 to March 2018.

Integrated communication strategy:
  • Drafting and implement communication strategies to be integrated in local and national level. This will include engagement with partners, content production, and distribution of information
  • Public events which will invite various elements to participate and spreading the issues to support advocacy in land and forest governance.
  • Communication tools/materials to support SETAPAK II activities, includes engagement through online and offline activities.
TAF will conducting bidders conference that will give an opportunity to explain the details of the project. The bidders Conference will be held in TAF office on January 25th, 2017 at 2 p.m. For those who may interested to apply should send their Expression of Interest by January 23rd by 3 p.m. at the latest to with subject: “EoI Communication Consultant – SETAPAK 2: organization name”.

Should the applicants have questions, you may send the questions by email to by January 20th, 2017 at the latest by 5 p.m. and with subject: “Q&A EoI Communication Consultant – SETAPAK 2”.

Following the bidders conference, interested applicants will be following up by sending the proposal to with subject: “Proposal – Communication Consultant – SETAPAK 2: organization name”. The deadline for the proposal is January 31st, 2017.