Agriterra International Job Vacancy: Developing Business Plan & Marketing Skill of Coffee Cooperative - East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesian


Internship at Agriterra with Dutch Student

Title: Developing business plan and marketing skill of coffee cooperative

Client: KSU Asnikom, East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia

Period: Starting in January 2018, duration of 12 to 20 weeks.

AssignmentKSU Asnikom is a cooperative established by groups of coffee farmers with being facilitated by activist of Pusat Pengembangan Sosial Ekonomi (PSE) Keuskupan Ruteng (the Center of Economical Social Development (CESD) of the Catholic church under Diocese of Ruteng –Flores) together with Veco Indonesia to develop the coffee sector in Manggarai district. The products offered by the cooperative are 4 types of beans coming from different type of plants: Arabica, Robusta, Yellow Catura and Juria.

With the need to strengthen the cooperative, the cooperative wants to improve how they currently run their business. For example, in terms of marketing, the management want to learn how to look for buyer, open communication and negotiate with them; in terms of increasing bookkeeping capacity, they see the need for their education department to be able to teach village level groups how to conduct a simple recording/bookkeeping. But the urgent need the cooperative face is to develop a business plan. The business plan, later is to be used to apply for working capital and investment.

We are looking for
The assignment will be carried out by a Netherlands fourth year student and we are looking for a well-motivatedIndonesian student/fresh graduate to assist the Dutch intern. We expect the Indonesian student/fresh graduate to study/ied at an agricultural university/technical college or business faculty of an university who is interested to work at a coffee cooperative with an international student.

The characteristics of the Indonesian intern we look for are as follows: good communication, adventurous, discipline, fluency in English, result-driven and willingness to work/live in Ruteng, East Nusa Tenggara for three months and is prepared to work directly with coffee farmers.

Objectives of the Assignment
Main objective:

  • To develop cooperative business plan to be ready to presented to a bank
  • To do refreshment training for business plan development
Role of Indonesian Intern in the assignment

  • Assist Dutch intern to gather information and data from farmers and other resources
  • Help the Dutch intern in communicating (interpretation) and adapting to social settings
We will offer

  • One return trip from home location to the cooperative
  • Housing at the cooperative
  • Lunch and local transport for the study (offered by cooperative)
  • Remuneration to cover cost for food and pocket money (IDR 1,500,000/month)
  • Interesting experience
Send your CV and a short letter of motivation to the Agriterra before 11 Desember 2017

About Agriterra
Agriterra is an agri-agency founded and steered by the farmers’ organisations and agricultural cooperatives in the Netherlands. Its mandate is to strengthen producers’ organisations and cooperatives worldwide. For farmer-led business initiatives, Agriterra specifically supports business development services in the pre-investment phase such as feasibility studies, market surveys, business planning and capacity building components.

In addition Agriterra provides:

  • Brokerage services to link farmer-led business development initiatives with investors, banks and other primary and supportive stakeholders in the value chain. 
  • Advisory services often employing Agripool advisors: experts stemming from co-operative and private agribusiness companies from the Netherlands and beyond with a specific thematic or sector expertise.