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We are searching for :a Field Coordinator .

COUNTRY : Pakistan. Starting date: 15/09/2011.
Closing date for application : 30/09/2011.
CITY : Makli, Sindh province.
Lenght of the assignment : 6 months. Advertisement reference : Surname/Name/FieldCo/PAK.

Handicap International is an independent and impartial international aid organisation working in situations of poverty and exclusion, conflict and disaster. Working alongside persons with disabilities and other vulnerable groups, our action and testimony are focused on responding to their essential needs, improving their living conditions and promoting respect for their dignity and their fundamental rights. Handicap International is a not-for-profit organisation with no religious or political affiliation. It operates as a federation made up of a network of associations that provide it with human and financial resources, manage its projects and implement its actions and social mission. For more details on the association: Through its Emergency Response Department (ERD), created in 2006 after the merge with Atlas Logistique, the organization is committed to: - Provide an adequate response to major natural disaster and conflict situations, anywhere in the world as much as possible within 72 hours; - Provide assistance to vulnerable groups (refugees, IDPs, persons with injuries, elders, children, etc.) affected by a crisis and maximize the number of beneficiaries. Within vulnerable groups, target especially PwD and meet their specific needs; - Constantly monitor chronic crises and/or conflicts to ensure preparedness for and rapid response to eventual emerging needs.

Directly linked to the Emergency Response Department of Handicap International France, the expatriate will be mandated for the following mission:

Handicap International is present in Pakistan since 2005, in response to the earthquake. Since then, Handicap International has been implementing emergency and early recovery activities, as well as developed a longer term strategy.

In April 2009, the Pakistani government launched offensives to wrest control of north-western districts from militants. Millions of persons were displaced by the conflict. Since then, there has been ongoing uncertainty on the stability of the area as outbursts of violence are frequent along the Afghani-Pakistani border, not to mention the confirmed presence of landmines, explosive remnants of war and other explosive devices.

In this context, the response provided by the local and international community is not always taking in account the particular needs of the most vulnerable population (persons with disabilities/injuries/chronic diseases, older persons, etc). In its emergency response to the basic needs of the displaced population, Handicap International is paying specific attention to reach the most vulnerable population. Furthermore, specific needs of the most vulnerable are identified and addressed.

August 2010: In this already difficult context, the worst floods to hit Pakistan since 1929 has left more than three million people in need of emergency assistance in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK).

The intervention of the Emergency Response Department is therefore declined under three main axes: Conflict response (ongoing since 2009) – KPK- - Direct response to the basic and specific needs of the vulnerable persons through mobile units - Provision of safe and accessible water and sanitation (WASH) facilities for vulnerable persons with restricted mobility, through modification of the existing facilities and building of new facilities - Emergency Mine Risk Education (EMRE), in order to mitigate the possible risk of accidents for this very exposed IDP population at the time of their return.

Flood response (ongoing since august 2010) –KPK, Sindh- - Improve the access of affected population to safe drinking water on short term basis - Emergency shelter and NFI distribution - Support to solid waste /water management and cleaning debris in affected cities - Disability and Vulnerability approach
Development activities (since 2005) - Disaster Risk reduction: a project started mid 2011

Based in Sindh, under the responsibility of the Head of Mission, you will be responsible for:
  • Representing Handicap International towards the local representation of institutional donors, local authorities and partners in Sindh; 
  • Ensuring the security of the staff members, operations and means related to the program under your responsibility in Sindh; 
  • Ensuring the global coordination of the program implemented in Sindh (WASH, Shelter, Distribution, Accessibility); 
  • Ensuring application and respect of logistics, accountability and financial procedures, based on the management and the support of the field administrator and the field logistician; 
  • Ensuring the operational management of the team placed under your responsibility (8+ expatriate and 250+ national staff); 
  • Ensuring strategic programs development in accordance with humanitarian needs identified as well as financial opportunities to be raised in the frame of Handicap International’s mandate and expertise; 
  • Ensuring a very smooth and regular reporting to the Head of Mission based in Islamabad, who is the final decision-maker on the field.
GLOBAL OBJECTIVE Ensure the general coordination of the Sindh base, under the responsibility of and working in close collaboration with the Head of Mission in order to implement the framework necessary to conduct activities and meet with populations’ needs, within the respect of Handicap International mandate, global approach and internal regulations.

REPRESENTATION - You are the main interlocutor of Handicap International towards local authorities, donors, humanitarian actors and partners at field level; - You participate actively to coordination and information meetings (clusters, NGO coordination, etc.); - You represent the organisation, its activities and programs during field delegation visits; - After consultation with the Head of Mission, you may respond to media solicitations.

SECURITY MANAGEMENT - Ensure the respect of the security guideline and recommendations adopted on the mission, by yourself and the team under your responsibility, as well as the good functioning of the relative tools and process and the correct use and acknowledge from all the members under your responsibility; - Ensure that every single incident you are involved in or witness of is reported as fast as possible through the appropriate channel - Participate or ensure participation by delegation to interagency field security meetings; - Ensure a geopolitical local information update: information searching, sources crossing, interagency sharing information; - Coordinate implementation of any emergency security procedure (evacuation, hibernation, etc.) and ensure link with Head of Mission and Security Advisor in such cases.

STRATEGIC DEVELOPMENT OF THE programs Under the responsibility of, and in very close collaboration with the Head of Mission: - You regularly follow up humanitarian needs, donors strategies, financing opportunities into the region; - You regularly update programs strategy suggestions for Handicap International in the region; - You may be asked to lead assessment missions for the elaboration of new projects; - You ensure proposal and reports writing (renewal of projects or new projects); - You discuss proposal submitted towards potential donors and negotiate related budgets, whenever is required by the Head of Mission.
Supervision AND monitoring - You ensure the coherence and the homogeneity of all projects under your responsibility (methodologies, indicators and results follow up); - You organise and animate team coordination meetings as frequently as possible; - You organize field visits on each operational base on a regular basis; - You organize and animate workgroups on a regular basis with each project manager; - You inform your Head of Mission of any relevant issue related to the project implementation; - You ensure a monthly follow up of the projects impact indicators; - You guarantee the respect of applicable logistics and administrative procedures through management of the administrative and logistics coordinators; You are responsible for the monthly follow up of the budgets through management of the field administrator; - You are responsible for the transparency of acquisition, utilisation and follow up of all materials and equipments dedicated to the projects through management of the field logistician; - You are responsible for eligibility and goods utilisation of funds allocated to the projects.

TEAM MANAGEMENT - You will be vigilant regarding staff knowledge of and compliance with the internal rules and regulations, especially with the ethics dispositions regarding respect of the beneficiaries; - You ensure the daily management and coordination of your team (writing job description, introduction briefing, co-define action plan, setup regular and fixed coordination meetings, conduct individual follow-up meetings with each one of your direct staff, provide individual support whenever is required, conduct end of mission evaluations for each one of your direct staff, etc.); - You are concerned and aware on the personal and professional evolution of each member of your staff, and its development within the mission; - You ensure conflict resolution (personal and professional) within your team and inform the head of mission; - You propose whenever you think it is needed to the Head of Mission relevant adaptation of the organisational chart and job descriptions (responsibility definition, etc.); The management and general coordination of the Sindh’s program staff (8+ expatriates and 250+ national staff) will be a key factor of success, so a very challenging and time-consuming responsibility, about which the organisation will be very regarding.
REPORTING - You ensure a very regular reporting on your activities to the Head of Mission upon his/her solicitation (frequency and method to be defined by the line-manager); - You provide the head of mission with a mission report or handover document at the end of your contract; - Debriefing at HQ at the end of your mission (and during Home-Break).


  • Qualifications: general profile with 3 years experience at key management position within international organisations (preferably as Head of Mission or Field Coordinator).
  • Previous experience with vulnerable populations is mandatory;
  • Keen on developing the links and continuum between relief activities and development projects;
  • Motivated by constant programme adaptation to an evolving context and set up of partnerships with local and international partners;
  • Good skills in organisation, co-ordination and the transfer of knowledge are essential;
  • Excellent communication skills and a commitment to team work are essential;
  • Strong interpersonal and intercultural skills ;
  • Ability to work under high pressure with a great level of personal organisation;
  • Proven experience in project writing and reporting;
  • Excellent written and spoken English;
Based in Makli, Sindh (large town in rural area located 2h drive from Karachi). Fairly good working and housing conditions. Limited opportunities for leisure activities, a few other INGOs present in same town.

EMPLOYMENT CONDITIONS: Volunteer: 750 or 850 Euros monthly indemnity + living allowance paid on the field + accommodation + 100% of the medical cover taken in charge by HI + repatriation insurance + indemnity for partner and children Salary: “salary bracket” gross salary/month + 457 Euros net expatriation allowance + 50% of the medical cover taken in charge by HI + repatriation insurance + indemnity for partner and children
Thanks for sending your cover letter and resume by email at: Jeanne Vogt Handicap International/Direction de l’Action d’Urgence Ref : DAU/PAK/FCOSINDH/HI E-mail :