Groundwork Yorkshire Job Vacancy: Blue Mentor - Youth and Environment Worker, England

Purpose and Objectives of the Post
  • The Blue Influencers Scheme will assist young people (10-14 year-olds) living in the coastal, river, and estuarine communities, to create deep, lasting, and meaningful connections with the natural environment and embed a culture where youth social action becomes the norm by:
  • Building a network of local organizations that support young people and are looking to enable environmental youth social action
  • Engaging with 60 young people per year (180 across three years)
  • Facilitating Blue Influencers learning around blue/green issues affecting their communities
  • Supporting Blue Influencer groups in the conception, planning, delivery, and continuation of youth-led environmental social action projects of their choosing, to the benefit and involvement of their local community and the natural world
  • Actively connect Blue Influencer groups with other local organizations to embed projects and facilitate intergenerational and cross-cultural projects
  • Support local networks in communicating and embedding environmental change beyond the life of the projects
  • Be an active member of the regional and national network of Blue Mentors
  • To enable Groundwork to fulfill its mission to bring about lasting environmental improvements through partnerships and contributing to the economic and social regeneration of the area.
Main Responsibilities

Supporting Blue Influencers to deliver inspiring projects
  • Identify Blue Influencers from a diverse range of the local community via connections with schools, youth groups, or other groups, specifically targeting areas of disadvantage
  • Facilitate the creation of Blue Influencer groups providing support, encouragement, and advice where required
  • Enable groups to conceive youth-led environmental social action projects, with a clear plan for funding, delivery, and evaluation
  • Help Blue Influencers share their youth-led projects via social and other media to engage their community, build momentum, and share their successes
  • Ensure youth-led social action projects meet #iwill’s six principles of quality youth social action, challenging, socially impactful, progressive, embedded, and reflective
Creating a network of community partners
  • Identify local organisations that work with and support young people and those that are actively looking to work with more young people
  • Create opportunities for Blue Influencers to build their own community networks
  • Act as a link between Blue Influencers groups and community partners to build ongoing support for projects and groups
Evaluating, communicating, and sharing the project outcomes
  • Ensure evaluation is embedded into each Blue Influencer project using qualitative and quantitative evaluation tools provided
  • Report on project outcomes and evaluation data using reporting methods provided
  • Work with The Ernest Cook Trust’s Programme Manager to ensure projects meet funding criteria and are administered in line with due diligence guidance
  • Actively communicate the work of the Blue Influencers groups both regionally and nationally through a wider project network and social media
Build local and regional momentum for environmental action
  • Share best practices and lessons learned with the wider network of Blue mentors
  • Act as an ambassador for youth social action and youth-led work for Groundwork Yorkshire, implementing, where possible, youth-led decision-making in other areas of our work
  • Support Blue Influencers to continue environmental action beyond their initial project, identifying further funding, partners, or opportunities
  • Where possible, link with other Blue Mentors at a regional level to create a network of influencers and mentors
  • Attend national training and networking events to further develop professional skills that expand the range and impact of local activity
To ensure adherence with all corporate Policies and Procedures in place, in particular Health and Safety Policy, Safeguarding Policy and Equal Opportunities, and Diversity and Inclusion Policy, which may change from time to time.

To Apply: Please send a CV and an optional cover letter to

Closing date: Monday, 15th January 2024