Transcription Specialist - UNDP, Timor Leste

Closing date:  05 Nov 2011


I. Profile of the Post Project: Parliament Project Title: Transcription Specialist Type of Contract : Letter of Agreement Between the National Parliament and UNDP Location: Dili, Timor-Leste (Based at the National Parliament RDTL) Duration: 9 months Desirable Starting Date: 1st December 2011.

II. Organizational Context

Timor-Leste became independent in 2002. A democratic semi-presidential governance system based upon separation of powers and mutual cooperation of the institutions of state was developed.

The National Parliament is the cornerstone of the democratic system and good governance. It is currently comprised of 65 members. It is headed by the President of the National Parliament. Nine political parties have constituted in their benches. Detailed parliamentary scrutiny of legislation and government actions is delegated to 9 standing committees of multi-party composition. The parliamentarians are supported in their work by a Secretariat of approximately 81 staffs which is headed by a Secretary General with a category of 66 permanent staffs and 15 temporary staffs. The Secretariat is divided into three directorates and 12 divisions of which assume responsibility for work in the general areas of Finance and Administration, Plenary support, Committee support, and library and documentation functions, communications and public relations, and Information, communications and technology. This organizational structure is under establishment and functioning following the new 2008 Administrative and Service Law of the Parliament (LOFAP).

The UNDP-EU Parliament Project 2011-2014 contributes to the EU and UNDP efforts in supporting the Democratic Governance process in Timor-Leste. The overall objective of this project is to strengthen democratic foundations of oversight, accountability and transparency through institutional and capacity development in the National Parliament in an effective, self-reliant, standardized and sustainable manner. The project will thus focus on enhancing the human resources capacity, both administrative and technical, and on substantially investing in the creation of a robust cadre of parliamentary staff and management. As a result of these strategic and systematic capacity development interventions, the project will also strengthen the Parliament’s ability to fulfil its mandate in legislating, overseeing the Executive and to function autonomously and efficiently as envisaged in the law.

Under the framework of the project, a Letter of Agreement (LoA) between UNDP Timor-Leste and the National Parliament of Timor-Leste signed to put in practice the Parliament is pursuing the objectives of improving its institutional and human resources capacity with the objective of strengthening its efficiency, independence and effectiveness.

One key intervention of the project is to enhance the transcription system and services. In this regard, a Transcription Specialist is, therefore, required to be recruited under the LoA modality. This Specialist is also expected to contribute to the implementation of the project capacity development strategy in accordance with the project document.

III. Functions/Key Results Expected

The Transcription Specialist will be directly supervised by the project manager with indirect supervision of the Secretary General of the National Parliament of Timor-Leste.

Summary of Key Functions:

The Specialist will be entrusted with developing and implementing a pilot transcription system for the National Parliament and the recruitment and capacity development of future transcribers. Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Design and implement a pilot transcription system: • Conduct an assessment and recommend on the establishment of a transcription service for the National Parliament; • Develop operations and other procedures and protocols for the functioning of the transcription service; • Draft job descriptions of staff for transcription service; • Assist in identifying and procuring equipments and software for transcription;
  2. Develop capacity of the National Parliament’s transcribers: • Assist the National Parliament in recruiting transcribers; • Design a training programme for staff of the transcription service; • Implement the training programme for the staff of the transcription service.
  3. Supervise, monitor, guide and mentor in the early development of the transcription service: • Upon the beginning of the functioning of the transcription service, provide supervision and monitor the performance of the overall service, and report on constraints and correcting actions; • Provide guidance to the leaderships of the Secretariat-general, as required; • Guide and mentor the transcription service’s staff on the day-to-day job and recommend on the further training as appropriate.

Other Tasks Relevant to UNDP Parliament Project: • To prepare and submit regular reports to UNDP through Project Manager Parliament Project including compliance with monitoring and evaluation requirements: adviser log, quarterly report, annual report, and ad-hock inputs to Project reports; • To provide inputs to Project Work Plans relevant to his/her portfolio; • To participate in Project Meetings/workshops: Monthly meeting, team meeting, mid-term review meeting, and annual review meeting; • To undertake relevant works whenever required by the Project Manager.

IV. Impact of Results: • A pilot transcription system developed and implemented • Transcribers trained in the use of the transcription system

VI. Recruitment Qualifications

Education University degree Experience • Minimum five years of experience in providing support to Parliamentary transcription service; • Minimum 4 years of experience in parliamentary environment; • Previous experience in staff training and coaching, preferably in a developing country environment, is an advantage;

Language Requirements  Knowledge of Portuguese. Good command of English. Knowledge of Tetum and/or Bahasa Indonesia will be an asset;

Cesar Dias Quintas, Project Manager, Parliament Project, UNDP Timor-Leste,

Only short-listed candidates will be notified. Women candidates are strongly encouraged to apply.