Media Landscape Researcher - Internews Network, China

Closing date:  04 Dec 2011

Description China Media Landscape Researcher Location: China 1 Month Consultancy
General Function: The consultant will research and evaluate the current media landscape in China, with special respect to new/social media spheres, Internews’ operating strategy and advise how to expand the current program. This research will be the first comprehensive review of opportunities and areas where Internews can contribute to information development goals in China since it conducted an assessment in 2004 and 2006. The research will especially examine the role of new commercial online ventures that are impacting the social and media scenes in China and the fast-changing scene for internet and mobile/telecommunication access and regulation. Additional areas of research will include thematic focal areas which will report what social issues are being focused on and what areas of opportunity are opening up. There will be at least two case studies on these social issues, which may include a focus on environment, health, education, youth, agriculture or other areas to be agreed with Internews.

Scope of Work:
• To research and identify new working opportunities and new partnerships within China that fit Internews’ mission and are responsive to the enormous, rapid changes within the media, CSO and rule of law scene on the ground. Other provinces may be subtracted or added to the study.

• Develop a broad map of media and NGO scene in China which will be included in the report and contain a section that explains the role and oversight by key government bodies in the area of information and non-profits and brings Internews up to date on trends and regulations. This section of the report shall be written in close consultation with Internews, especially Beijing-based staff.

• Products to be produced will be:

• One internal report to Internews with information and recommendations. It should include a desk review and literature/information/bibliography review for reference.

• A contact list of key organizations and individuals with information about their prospective involvement in future programs.

• Strong media or journalism background

• Proficient in MS Office

• Fluent Mandarin Chinese and English language skills desired

• Relevant degree from accredited university

• Ability to prioritize and handle multiple on-going assignments