Program Development Officer - Visions in Action, Gulu

Closing date:  01 Jan 2012

Position from Late December/Early January through the end of June Overview of Position: The Program Development Officer (International Supported Volunteer) will be based in Gulu, with some travel to Kampala, and will be responsible for securing grants and sub-granting opportunities from donor agencies and other international NGO’s. The PDO will be expected to meet fundraising targets for grant and sub-granting opportunities for our Uganda program in the areas of education, HIV/AIDS, and food security from US Government, UN, and European donors as well as larger international NGO’s. Strong networking skills and evidence of past initiative-taking required. Ideal for a candidate who enjoys working independently and setting ambitious goals.

Program Development: • Coordinate partnerships and logistics for current Education Project involving book distribution to schools in the Gulu district • Create new programs by assessing needs in Uganda, particularly in the areas of HIV/AIDS (primary emphasis) and also education and food security. • Liaise with other NGOs, donors and the government on a daily basis, design programs and/or negotiate sub-granting opportunities with selected donors and NGO’s for funded relief and development programs. • Write and submit proposals with guidance from the head office to donors with the expectation that several proposed programs will receive donor support. • Attend program meetings with the international donor & NGO community, including attendance at monthly meetings sponsored UN OCHA and the Ministries of Health and Education in both Kampala and Gulu • Report to the U.S. office by email on a daily basis, and compile written reports of program development activities each month, due by the 10th of the following month. • Post involves constant networking, research and writing. • Complete Financial Reports and Timesheets monthly

Program Management: • Work with staff and volunteers in Gulu to establish a fee for service health clinic providing HIV testing and other services • Liaise with local NGO’s to cultivate new opportunities and maintain current relationships for volunteer program placement • Update and upkeep NGO Guide; arrange placements for incoming volunteers • Organize orientation for incoming classic volunteer every 6 months • Tend to volunteer issues and remain in contact with volunteer placement organizations

Financial Management • Operate checking account • Track Petty Cash Disbursements • Complete Monthly Financial Reports in Excel, due the 7th of each month House & Assets Management • Rent out rooms to 2-5 tenants in the Gulu house to earn operating income • Rent out vehicles and motorbikes to donors and NGOs to earn operating income • Liaise with Landlord and make requests for repairs, including financial bids • Assure security for assets in Gulu, managing the security guards

Transportation Local transport using shared taxis (matatus) or boda-bodas is the norm. Occasional use of personal taxis (special hires) is allowed within reason. Use of VIA vehicles is allowed by permission on a case by case basis with a qualified driver for proposal assessments outside of Gulu town. SVs are not allowed to drive VIA vehicles. Travel from Kampala to Gulu is done by public bus or a shared ride with another NGO.

Qualifications: • University Degree or equivalent required. Masters Degree Preferred • Experience in nonprofit setting and/or international NGO setting required. • Previous experience researching, developing & writing program proposals preferred. • Must have excellent communication skills and be willing to take initiative and network in country and work in and travel to challenging rural environment, gather data and develop needed programs. Must have a fundraising and grassroots mindset, and be willing to accomplish program development objectives within budget.

Part of the Evaluation Process will be determined on the size of grants the applicant has brought in:
    A   Brought in a major grant, $250,000+
    B   Brought in a midsized grant, $100,000-250,000
    C   Brought in a small grant, $25,000-100,000
    D   Brought in a tiny grant,  $10,000-24,999
    F   Failed to bring in any grant
Background: Visions in Action is an international NGO based in Washington DC which works in relief and development in Uganda, Tanzania, South Africa, Liberia and Mexico. During the past 22 years, over 700 volunteers have served for periods of 6-12 months in the areas of food security, education, human rights, communications, public health, micro-enterprise, social work and community development. Visions in Action has implemented development and relief programs in the areas of HIV/AIDS, education, youth development, and food security in several African countries.

Compensation: This is an International Supported Volunteer position. SV’s receive US$250 monthly living stipend, basic medical insurance and accommodation in the VIA Guesthouse in Gulu.

Supported Volunteers are responsible for their airfare to and from Uganda.
How to apply: 

Please forward your CV, cover letter, and three letters of recommendation to