Country Representative - Population Services Intl, Angola

Closing date:  16 Feb 2012

The Country Representative is the senior PSI official in the host country and is responsible for all PSI activities in that country. The Country Representative represents PSI to government, key stakeholders and donors; directs international staff and host country national staff; develops new business opportunities; ensures contract compliance; manages financial, administrative and logistical resources; prepares and executes budgets, marketing plans and work plans; ensures adherence to PSI minimum standards; and assures the effective implementation of a wide array of programs.

PSI seeks an energetic leader to manage this maturing, platform with programs in four major health areas. PSI is an important player in the Angola health sector, with social marketing of a range of condom products, insecticide-treated mosquito nets and point-of-use water treatment. Founded in 2001, the operation now enjoys the support of multiple donors, including the Global Fund, USAID, UNICEF, and private corporations operating in Angola.

The health needs in this country are profound and PSI offers the right candidate a unique opportunity to make an immediate and measurable impact on the health of a large, vulnerable population.

This job has the following responsibilities:

1.External Relations
•Represent PSI to national government agencies; key stakeholders such as UN agencies, private sector partners and NGOs; and donors in host country.
•Manage public relations efforts such as the development of annual reports, success stories, press releases and fact sheets; host donor visits; and supervise the development of any other PR publications or activities.
•Ensure that PSI is an active participant of national and partner working groups, committees, and any other relevant bodies as appropriate.
•Maintain a local board of directors.

2.Program Development
•Develop long-term strategic plans with board members and appropriate platform staff.
•Analyze potential new program areas and opportunities for innovation.
•Lead new business efforts, including developing and maintaining relationships with donors and relevant stakeholders.
•Ensure that PSI’s programs are in line with national health priorities and strategies.
•Develop clear objectives with staff that are linked to platform minimum standards, platform strategic plan and donor deliverables.
•Oversee the creation of annual marketing plans and the development of evidence-based programming.
•Review and approve research conducted in support of programs, and evaluate the effectiveness and sustainability of program activities.
•Coordinate with appropriate PSI headquarters technical departments to ensure that program activities follow best practices.
•Ensure that PSI projects are contractually compliant, including meeting all reporting requirements and deliverables.

3.Human Resources Management
•Adhere to PSI Minimum Standards.
•Establish management structure to support program activities and to meet minimum standards.
•Ensure that induction and job training is provided to all staff.
•Provide adequate pay and benefits to retain qualified staff within the limits of donor budgets and following a platform salary matrix that is competitive with industry standards.
•Establish and follow a regular performance evaluation system for all staff.
•Ensure that senior managers are leading capacity building efforts
•Directly manage and mentor staff members, according to the platform’s management structure.

4.Financial and Internal Controls
•Develop and manage both annual and project budgets in accordance with donor and PSI regulations.
•Ensure regular review of expenditures against project budgets at the departmental level.
•Ensure the application of internal controls over the procurement, use and protection of resources.
•Ensure that all PSI financial policies and procedures are followed and validated by internal evaluations and external audits.
•Ensure full compliance with PSI Minimum Standards.
•Develop economies of scale and other cost efficiencies through a supply chain system that includes a stringent risk management plan and minimum standards of performance.
•Meet PSI minimum standards for implementing financial systems and submitting monthly financial reports to headquarters.
•Coordinate with PSI/W functional departments (finance, contracts, procurement) to obtain required authorizations and support services.

•At least five years work experience in a developing country;
•At least three years of experience at PSI or at a comparable agency or non-governmental organization directing one or more health service programs in a developing country.
•Significant personnel, operational and financial management experience, with a technical background in marketing, advertising, or communications a plus;
•Demonstrated strengths in strategic organizational leadership and external relations;
•Proven ability to develop and mentor staff;
•Experience developing and executing behavior change communications or marketing campaigns
•Knowledge of international development and health issues;
•Relevant post-graduate degree (MBA, MIA, MPH, etc.) or equivalent experience;
•Fluency in Portuguese or Spanish, or demonstrated capacity to learn Portuguese quickly with linguistic support provided prior to posting.
•Excellent management skills, including experience managing cross-cultural teams and senior staff.
•Successful fundraising experience, including developing relationships with high-level donors such as USAID and Global Fund, as well as writing strong technical proposals in the US or overseas.
•Excellent cross-cultural and interpersonal skills.
•Excellent oral and written communication skills.
How to apply: 
Please apply online. No calls or emails please. PSI is an Equal Opportunity Employer and encourages applications from qualified individuals regardless of race, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, or disability.