Aquaculture Specialist - ACDI/VOCA, Timor Leste

Closing date:  06 Apr 2012
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Aquaculture Specialist, Timor-Leste We are currently seeking an Aquaculture Specialist for a two-year, USDA-funded program in Timor-Leste. The program is designed to build the production and marketing of mud crabs and fish in coastal communities. The project is currently working with small producer groups to introduce mud crab cultivation and working with these groups to fatten juvenile crabs in bamboo cages. The project is in the process of constructing a mud crab hatchery in order to scale-up production.

Responsibilities: • Provide technical leadership on mud crab cultivation through all stages of the life cycle, from hatchery to market. The Aquaculture Specialist will be the project’s in-house expert on all technical and training matters related to mud crab and fish cultivation and will be responsible for its development. • Oversee the development and site selection of crab cultivation methods using cages, pens and ponds constructed from affordable, locally available materials. Introduce crab and fish cultivation techniques to local communities. • Identify suitable sites for expanded crab cultivation in mangrove areas; oversee the process of scaling up current production and expanding from cage to pond production and grow-out of mud crabs. • In collaboration with program management team and communities, select an appropriate fish species for pond cultivation and provide technical guidance on the entire lifecycle of the fish cultivation process. • Work with relevant program staff to design and deliver appropriate trainings on mud crab and fish cultivation, handling, packing, storing, transporting and post-harvest development. • Oversee mud crab hatchery operations including preparation, water and broodstock management, feed production (rotifers, green microalgae, Artemia), hatching, larval rearing, and pond nursery/grow-out. • Oversee environmental safeguards and mitigation measures to ensure sustainable use of mangroves and aquatic resources for crab and fish cultivation. • Work in close collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries to build their capacity to cultivate mud crab and fish, as well as their capacity to independently manage and operate the crab hatchery and nursery ponds.

Qualifications: • Advanced degree in aquaculture, marine biology, fisheries or related field is required. • At least five years of professional experience in aquaculture with specific experience in mud crab cultivation, establishing aquaculture-related projects for crab and fish ponds, livelihood, enterprise and post-harvest development. Practical experience in extension and capacity building. • Experience managing the operations of a crab hatchery. • Demonstrated knowledge and experience in monitoring and evaluation and in training. • Experience in East Asia, preferably Timor-Leste. • English language fluency is required. Tetum or Bahasa language abilities a plus.
How to apply: 
To be considered for this recruitment, please submit a resume. No phone calls please. Only finalists contacted. Women and minorities encouraged to apply. EOE.