Communications Specialist Services - CTS Global, Hanoi

Service Objectives:
To provide CDC Vietnam with on-going, current, communication and media development and delivery services that will enhance (showcase) the agency’s exposure and accomplishments to USG and Vietnam government officials, their staff members and the public.

Task Requirements:
Implement, maintain and update the CDC Vietnam communication and media strategy, identifying opportunities to highlight CDC support for HIV/AIDS (PEPFAR) and Influenza program activities.

Review quarterly and update as appropriate the one-page fact sheets promoting and describing the CDC Vietnam program areas such as HIV/AIDS, Influenza, outbreak investigation, and TB programs.

With assistance from IT staff, develop and maintain CDC website.

Work with the CDC Vietnam staff and partner organizations to develop CDC Vietnam success stories for PEPFAR posting, the CDC webpage and other appropriate venues.

Assist staff in creating and publishing talking points, bulletins, weekly reports, special announcements that highlight CDC’s achievements for use to advertise CDC PEPFAR activities in country and posting on the CDC webpage.

Assure that the CDC Vietnam program overview power point presentation has been reviewed and updated semi-annually.

Work with CDC Vietnam leadership, HHS/CDC headquarters, the Office of the Global AIDS Coordinator (OGAC) and Embassy Hanoi to ensure CDC Vietnam continues to be in compliance with communications policies, standards and regulations.

Develop and maintain a system of CDC public relations materials and for reporting to Atlanta and Washington.

Assist CDC Vietnam staff with developing, clearing and issuing press releases when needed.

Task Deliverables:
One page factsheets, success stories, press releases.
CDC web pages.
Provide Monthly progress reports in meeting task requirements to COTR.
Provide final activity report

Minimum Qualifications and/or Certifications:
University degree in journalism, international relations, communications, English or related degree. At least two years experience in journalism, editing, web design or media relations in the English-language media.
How to apply: 
Interested candidates should email a cover letter and their CV to
Closing date:  06 Mar 2012