Vacancy: Head of Finance - Bridge, Manila - Philippines

Head of Finance Group Job Description

1. About the organization
Bridge is a network of innovative, dynamic, mission driven provincial banks, initially all located in rural Philippines. Bridge’s aim is to create jobs and opportunity by extending high quality financial services to businesses, farmers and individuals in areas currently poorly served, supporting 3m Filipinos by 2020. Bridge will provide Capital, Capability Building and Central Services to help partner banks grow in a socially and environmentally sensitive manner. Bridge was founded in 2013 and its operations are in Manila.

Bridge expects to invest in 2-3 banks per year for the next 2-4 years. Bridge will take a significant equity stake in these banks and also provide Capability Building in technical banking areas (such as finance, product development, credit, HR, etc). Bridge expects to remain a long-term partner of these banks, helping them to profitably grow as independent, socially focused institutions.

Bridge is led by two Principals with significant experience in banking. Bridge’s investors are Accion (the US microfinance specialist), FMO (the state owned Dutch development bank), DEG (the state owned German development bank), Bamboo (the microfinance specialist investor) and Paul Kocourek, one of the Principals of Bridge. Bridge has raised $24m. 
Please see  for more information on Bridge.

2. About the job
Bridge is seeking a senior Filipino finance professional able to both lead the development of the finance function in Partner Banks and design and lead internal finance processes within Bridge.

The successful applicant would be joining a fast growing, internationally funded institution with a strong focus on social impact. They would gain immediate experience of private equity operations and change management across a number of banks. The role is expected to take a major leadership position with Bridge.

3. Tasks and responsibilities
Prior to an investment into a partner bank, the Head of Finance Group (HFG) will be responsible for:

  • Leading the financial due diligence of potential investments 
  • Evaluating asset quality, financial reporting 
  • Quantifying opportunities for improvement
  • Leading the modeling and valuation work
Following investment into a partner bank, the HFG will be responsible for:
  • Reviewing the finance function of the bank and identifying an agenda of reform / development 
  • Supporting the banks as they implement this program
  • Defining management reports and data gathering mechanisms aligned to strategic targets
  • Ensuring monitoring and reporting on financial security (liquidity, capital adequacy, asset quality) is accurate and acted upon
  • Identifying and quantifying ways to improve financial performance through better balance sheet management, asset and liability management, cost control, etc.
  • Supporting the banks through their budgeting and planning processes
The HFG is expected to work across up to 8 banks. He/she may also sit on the Boards of several of these banks.

To support the institutional development of Bridge, the HFG will:
  • Set up and maintain financial and reporting processes of Bridge 
  • Support the registration of Bridge corporate entities 
  • Support the annual budgeting processes of Bridge and reporting to the Board
4. Qualifications
Technical capabilities. The successful candidate will have a professional background with in a commercial bank or accounting company. Previous experience within the Rural and Thrift Banking sector would be useful, but is not a requirement.

Character profile. Bridge has social objectives at its heart and a successful candidate would need to respect and be enthused by these objectives. The focus of the work will be advising partner banks, rather than implementing via commands and the successful candidate must display appropriate influencing skills. The successful candidate will need to actively demonstrate and role model Bridge’s Values of being Invigorating, Dependable, Serving and Moral.
Development and leadership skills. A successful candidate will need to be comfortable in a start-up organization. He/she must demonstrate an ability to be comfortable in a fluid environment, self-direct, work flexibly and be creative. He/she should also display leadership capabilities to ensure they become a central component of a high performing team.

Practical requirements. Bridge’s Partner Banks are located in rural areas of the Philippines. A successful candidate must be willing to travel for 3-4 days per week. Bridge is seeking a Filipino national for this role.

5. How to apply
Please send a CV and brief cover letter to

Apply by: 20 Aug 2013