The Asia Foundation Vacancy: Prevention Coordinator-Ending Violence Against Women Program - Timor Leste

The Asia Foundation Vacancy: Prevention Coordinator-Ending Violence Against Women Program - Timor Leste

Position Description

TITLE: Prevention Coordinator, Ending Violence Against Women Program

UNIT: Timor-Leste Office

REPORTS TO: Team Leader, EVAW Program, The Asia Foundation Timor-Leste

SUPERVISES: Senior Program Officer, Program Officers, Program Assistant and consultants (STAs) as required

APPLICATIONS DUE: before 5:00 pm July 17, 2014

The Asia Foundation (the Foundation) is implementing an Ending Violence Against Women (EVAW) Program in Timor-Leste under a Grant Agreement with the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT). The program will run from 15 April 2014 to 30 June 2017 (Phase 1) with an option to extend for an additional four years (Phase 2). The EVAW Program goalis to reduce the proportion of women who have experienced violence, and to better meet the needs of women and children affected by violence. The objectiveis to improve outcomes for women in prevention, support services, and access to justice by improving capacity in key ministries, reducing levels of violence, improving services, and strengthening judicial processes serving the needs of women survivors of violence.

The EVAW program will be implemented based on the DFAT EVAW Design Investment. It will be informed by research conducted on the underlying causes and opportunities for EVAW in Timor-Leste relating to the core pillars of prevention, service provision, and access to justice. For the prevention pillar, the program will seek to involve the government, in particular the Secretary of State for the Promotion of Equality, and civil society in designing, implementing and monitoring research based prevention projects.The EVAW Program will work with the Ministry of Social Solidarity as the key government implementing agency for services to women and children who experienced violence. The primary mechanisms under this pillar will be grants to CSO service providers, and institutional strengthening support to the Directorate of National Social Reinsertion (DNRS) within MSS who will be the program’s primary counterpart. The program will take a cautious and phased approach to the access to justice pillar which will support the provision of legal assistance to women and children affected by violence and court monitoring. The work will evolve based on research which aims to understand women’s pathways to justice and what are considered by women to be satisfactory outcomes.

Most of the violence against women in Timor-Leste is intimate partner violence. In prevention efforts, the EVAW program will shift focus from awareness raising and ‘socialisation’ of the Law Against Domestic Violence (LADV) towards a focus on promoting behaviour change, particularly among men and boys. Efforts under this Pillar will recognize and address the key risk factors associated with higher rates of VAW, such as lifetime exposure to violence and gender-related social norms, with a key component of the Prevention Pillar aimed to reduce violence that is witnessed and experienced by children.

The program, however, recognizes and will seek to dismantle the root causes of VAW, namely persistent gender inequality and power imbalances within society.

Summary of position responsibilities
The Prevention Coordinator will manage the Prevention Pillar of the EVAW Program, under the direction of the Team Leader. The Coordinator will manage research and program learning in the Prevention Pillar, including research regarding motivators of change, and grants to civil society partners to assess the impact of previous prevention activities. The Coordinator will provide strategic direction to the development of further work under the Pillar including defining prevention targets, messaging, testing of messaging and identification of partners. The Coordinator will be the key contact point in the program with the Secretariat of State for the Promotion of Equality (SEPI). The Coordinator will manage monitoring and evaluation of program activities including collaborating closely with partners to understand the impact of prevention activities. The Coordinator will work closely with colleagues across the EVAW Program to ensure robust program learning. The Coordinator will supervise the work of a Senior Program Officer, Program Officers, a Program Assistant and consultants.

Daily contact with the EVAW Team Leader, EVAW staff working in Research and M&E, Prevention and Services Pillar and the TAF Timor-Leste Program Support Unit, in particular the Communications Officer.

Contact with grantees under the EVAW Program, contact with government officials and agencies in Timor-Leste including bi-lateral and multi-lateral development assistance agencies, national and international NGOs.


Experience and skills
  • Minimum of five years progressively senior experience in EVAW programs. 
  • Experience in working on prevention of violence against women and children. 
  • Experience in development programs, in particular supporting partner organisations in implementing complex programs; 
  • Experience of developing training programs, including material, for partners in a developing context; 
  • Strong understanding of international debates regarding EVAW and in particular prevention of violence against women, including research related to the field. 
  • Knowledge of international agencies engaged in research on violence against women and family violence; 
  • Experience of development of and implementation of prevention activities; 
  • Excellent analytical and problem solving skills. 
  • Exceptional verbal and written communication skills. 
  • Strong interpersonal and intercultural skills, including ability to work with and manage cross-cultural teams, adaptability to developing-country contexts. 
  • Ability to communicate in Tetum desirable.
  • Degree, (post graduate preferred) in social sciences.
Key responsibilities:
  • Manage the Prevention Pillar of the EVAW Program including development of work plans, implementation of program activities, monitoring and evaluation of work, reporting of program activities and management of staff.
  • Lead preparation of the Prevention Pillar research to guide development of behaviour change prevention activities. Provide technical advice and supervision for prevention research and evaluation;
  • Facilitate development of evidence based prevention programs with partners and manage grants to partners under the Prevention Pillar, including providing technical input to grants;
  • With support from the Communications Specialist and in collaboration with partners, design prevention messages and activities;
  • Ensure that prevention activities, including messaging, are tested in a robust manner;
  • Ensure that the program and partners are conducting rigorous monitoring and evaluation of prevention activities;
  • With the Organisations and Institutions Specialist undertake an assessment and design engagement with SEPI;
  • Lead the Program’s engagement with SEPI including providing technical support and facilitating inputs as required;
  • Ensure that the program is learning from international research and best practice regarding prevention work and that EVAW program learnings are contributing at an international level;
  • In coordination with the Team Leader, establish and maintain close collaboration with the Australian Government’s education sector program;
  • Provide technical input as required for activities to strengthen the involvement of traditional and community leaders regarding prevention activities.
  • Manage the Pillar’s ‘learning lab’, ensuring that partners are centrally engaged in research conducted under the pillar and that program learnings are utilised by partners conducting prevention activities.
How to apply:
The Asia Foundation strongly encourages women to apply.The Asia Foundation offers a competitive package based on the position and previous experience to successful applicants.

All applications must include a cover letter, an updated CV and must address the selection criteria. Please include three contactable referees. They must be addressed to the Human Resources Manager and delivered by hand to the Asia Foundation’s office at Rua Praia dos Coqueiros, Bairo Metin Rua, Dili, Timor-Leste before 05.00 pm on Thursday, 17 July 2014, OR via email to

Only short-listed candidates will be acknowledged for further process