ASEAN Foundation Vacancy: Communication And Web Design Consultant - Indonesian

ASEAN Foundation Vacancy: Communication And Web Design Consultant - Indonesian

The ASEAN Foundation (AF) was established in December 1997 by ASEAN Foreign Ministers in fulfilment of the decision of the ASEAN Leaders. It is a non-profit ASEAN body under the ASEAN Charter and is mandated to promote greater awareness of ASEAN and greater interaction among the peoples of ASEAN, as well as their wider participation in ASEAN activities.

In 2006, AF developed a communications strategy and its implementation to support the main work of the organisation.  It had the intention to strengthen institutional sustainability by raising public awareness of its work since the competence of AF in resource mobilisation had to be matched by its competence in public relations and communication.

Eight years after the first communication strategy, it is timely to revise and update the strategy in view of the ASEAN Community building process 2015.

In the process, the ASEAN Foundation would like its website revamped to be consisting with the branding guidelines from the ASEAN Secretariat.

The main roles of the communications and web design consultant are to oversee the revision of a communication strategy; develop AF’s communication guidelines and guide/train staff members on how to write human interest stories to be uploaded on the on AF’s website.  At the same time, the consultant is required to provide website development services.

  • To review the communication strategy developed in 2006, suggest revision and update the strategy to include key messages (aligned with the ASEAN Communication Master Plan) as well as process and procedures on how to implement communication activities to ensure consistency in branding
  • To train and coach staff members to focus on developing communication materials on human interest stories citing milestone achievements and results (one page material) to raise the profile of the ASEAN Foundation
  • To support the writing of the communication materials, if necessary
  • To guide staff members in taking high resolution picture bringing to life situations or issues being highlighted. 
  • To conceptualise and propose at least 3 different layout of how the ASEAN Foundation website will look like
  • To provide technical design and development of the functionalities of the website. The conceptualisation and design of the ASEAN Foundation’s website will be done with regards to the ASEAN Secretariat’s guidelines on branding, consulting with staff members, collectively and individually to identify expectations and features of a re-designed website. The consultant will identify frequency of updates and responsibilities for management of the website and content updates.
Communications strategy
  • A revised communication strategy recommending a set of key messages to be promoted based on messages aligned with the ASEAN Communications Master Plan to be promoted among stakeholders e.g. donors, young people, civil society, private sector, academicians and the media as well as the strategy’s monitoring and evaluation mechanism
  • Process and Procedure for  communications based on ASEAN Secretariat’s guidelines on branding, corporate communication, etc
Human-Interest Stories
  • Guidelines/template available to write human interest stories
  • Stories on projects, copy-edited and ready to be uploaded on the web and publication
  • At least three staff members able to produce human-interest stories
  • Several alternatives, for discussion among staff, of a revamped website for the ASEAN Foundation
  • Preparation of a fully functional ppt version of how the web will look like (in terms of visitor’s use, hierarchy of the content, etc)
  • Refinement of architecture and design following inputs from staff
  • Preparation of “management/maintenance schedule”, discussed and approved by staff and management of the ASEAN Foundation
The duration of the consultancy is 6 months

A lump sum quotation is required including fees and other relevant expenses.

  • The consultant(s) shall have had experience working in reputable media or communication companies with deep understanding about development cooperation in ASEAN
  • The consultant(s) must have experience to undertake the assignment for similar not-for profit organisations
  • The consultant(s) must have at least 5 years of proven experience in communication, website design and training
  • The consultant(s) must have excellent verbal and written communication skills in English Language
All interested applicants to send application, stating the assignment with the following documents to – a) application letter, b) curriculum vitae of consultant or team of consultants, c) sample websites with links and d) financial proposal containing work plan specifying a total lump sum amount (we only process the proposal that offers price and work plan)

Friday, 15 August 2014