UNDP Vacancy: LED team leader for Sarmi District in Papua

UNDP Vacancy: LED team leader for Sarmi District in Papua
Location : Sarmi, Papua Indonesia
Application Deadline :31-Aug-14
Additional Category: Local Commodity in Production and Marketable Sustainability
Type of Contract : Contracted by Bappeda Sarmi
Expected Duration of Assignment :5 months (extendable)

With focus on remote and disadvantaged regions, UNDP strengthens local governance capacities and improves socio-economic opportunities for the districts and their communities in identified vulnerable regions to increase vulnerable communities' skills to improve their livelihoods and have the ability to access financial services; and to work with the local government and private sectors in strengthening the local economic development initiatives. The target beneficiaries are mostly indigenous-agriculture communities and other local communities who have the potential to be engaged in micro, small and medium scale economic activities.

PCDP has put more emphasis on improving the economic welfare of communities, in particular indigenous Papuans. Output 3 of PCDP works in improving community welfare through sustainable livelihood in Papua and West Papua. It starts with pilots in 5 districts: Jayawijaya, Boven Digoel, Sarmi, FakFak and Manokwari.

One of the programme interventions is aimed to make an impact on the lives of the indigenous communities through livelihood training combined with strengthening the government's capacity by building a territory-based economic development institution or Local Economic Development Agencies (LEDA). By institutionalizing sustainable livelihoods for Papuan communities, the programme expects to facilitate income generation among the rural Papuans, and to create value added of any potential business or agriculture commodities produced in the pilot areas. At present, the PCDP has initiated the coconut based products in Sarmi, and other new local potential commodity, such as seafood.

Six month to the end of PCDP, UNDP collaborates with Local Government in Sarmi District to establish Local economic development agency in district level to strengthen the government team with more technical capacity on Local Economic Development and to ensure long term sustainability and also engage local government buy in. In additional, 2 mini factories in sub-district level has been established.

Local Economic Development Agency Manager is tasked to develop marketing strategy of local commodities derivatives and to increase the production capacity in community level and mini factory level. He or She is familiar with the concept of value chain analysis. He or she will provide programmatic advice in particular commodity sector development.

He or she will analyse economic and demographic data and other data in providing evidence-based programmatic concept and technical advice. Local Economic Development Agency Manager should be familiar with governmental legislation, taxation, fiscal matters and global trends to determine their effects on local economic development. He/She has a strong network in this area, and will forge new partnerships with development partners and private sector.

Duties and Responsibilities
  • Provision of technical programmatic support to the design of local commodities derrivatives marketing strategy and to ensure the strategy will be implemented in project duration.
  • Provision of technical assistances to mini factories and community to ensure the capacity of local commodities derrivatives production.
  • Provision of develop new proposals to local government in Sustainable Local Economic Development, including all the necessary preparation such as consultations, liaising with the Government, facilitation of inputs from relevant advisors and consultants, legal documentation etc.
  • Provision linking market of local commodities derivatives to private sectors, buyers, and other institutions.
  • Effective mapping, gap analysis on active development partners, donors, private sector actors in the field of Sustainable Local Economic Development in Indonesia and timely identification of opportunities.
  • Provision of technical programmatic support to Sustainable Local Economic Development programme portfolio, identify potential sectors and its value chain in selected areas which provide significant impact in livelihoods with focus on commercial or market-based products.
  • Identification of entry points capacity development and promote the inclusion of capacity development strategy as an integral part of the design.
  • Ensures environmental concerns are reflected in the proposed project framework, especially with regards to deforestation from agricultural commodity production.
  • Identification of opportunities to link private sector buyers and producers to smallholders and local communities, with the intention of bringing market benefits (increase buying price, provision of technical assistance, access to finance etc) to the region.
  • Provision of develop local government annual workplan (design program, budget, strategy, timeline).
  • Provision of top quality policy advisory services to the Local Government and implementation of the resource mobilization strategy related to the local commodity derrivatives.
  • Provision of Regular Meeting with local governments, stakeholders, and PCDP Team.
Required Skills and Experience
Recruitment Qualifications
  • At least 2 years experience for Master or 5 years for Bachelor degree in agribusiness, agriculture, economic, public administration or other relevant fields of study.
  • Solid experience in local economic development in providing and implementing marketing strategy, technical advisory services, hands-on experience in design, monitoring and evaluation of development projects and establishing inter-relationships among international organization and national governments. 
  • Solid experience on analytical work, programme/project development in the areas of agribusiness is a plus.
  • Having a vast network with the private sector, CSO, university will be highly desirable.
Other Requirements:
  • Excellent advocacy skills
  • Excellent inter-personal and team building skills.
  • Full time availability for project management duties is essential.
  • Familiarity working with Government and Local Government.
  • Up-to-date computer skills required.
  • Experience in the usage of computers and office software packages (MS Word, Excel, etc), advance knowledge of spreadsheet and database packages. Good knowledge about rules, procedures of Government in Papua Region will be highly desirable.
APPLICANT MUST SUBMIT THEIR APPLICATION TO celia.siura@gmail.com and cc: celia.siura@undp.org BEFORE AUGUST, 31st 2014