Vacancy: Research Analyst Position in FPD Unit, World Bank Office Jakarta

Vacancy: Research Analyst Position in FPD Unit, World Bank Office Jakarta
Please send your application and CV to by August 8, 2014 with subject heading "RA FISF 1".

Research Analyst Position in FPD Indonesia

A significant portion of Indonesia’s population does not have access to formal financial services. In 2009, the Indonesia Survey performed by the World Bank revealed that 48% of households had no access to formal financial institutions. The lack of access to formal financial services was concentrated among rural, low-educated families living outside Java. Similarly, the Global Findex survey found that in 2011 that only 20% of Indonesian adults (15 and older) had an account at a formal institution. While 29% of the adult population in urban areas had an account at a formal institution, this number fell to 16% in rural areas. It fell even further for the poorest 40% of the adult population. Such findings corroborate the results of the 2009 survey, and suggest that financial exclusion in Indonesia is a multidimensional problem, involving not only lack of physical access, but also transaction costs, income level, education, religion, lack of identification documents, distance to urban centers, and other factors.

The recently launched National Financial Inclusion Strategy (NFIS) aims at increasing the array of financial services available for the poor and underserved. The NFIS has involved a number of Government agencies including the Vice President’s Office/TNP2K, Bank Indonesia, OJK, CMEA, MOF, and Bappenas. The strategy aims at providing greater access to finance for all, with a particular attention to three segments of the population (low-income poor, working poor and near-poor) and three cross-cutting categories (migrant workers, women and people living in remote areas).

Indonesia Financial Inclusion Support Framework (FISF) is developed in response to the Government of Indonesia’s (GoI) growing demand for technical assistance focused on financial inclusion. The proposed FISF program is determined by and aligned with Indonesia’s national priorities as set out in the National Financial Inclusion Strategy and the Financial Literacy Strategy, with the objective of accelerating the expansion of financial inclusion. It has been developed by the World Bank team in close collaboration with the relevant authorities—Bank Indonesia (BI), the Indonesia Financial Services Authority (OJK), the Ministry of Finance (MOF), the State Ministry of Development Planning (Bappenas), the Coordinating Ministry of Economic Affairs (CMEA), the Ministry of Cooperatives and SMEs, and other authorities. FISF will provide technical assistance, advisory, and capacity building support in five main areas. The areas are: (i) the design and implementation of the National Financial Inclusion Action Plan, coordination structure and monitoring and evaluation framework; (ii) digital payments; (iii) MSME and agriculture finance; (iv) credit reporting systems; and (v) financial consumer protection and financial literacy.

For this purpose, Financial and Private Sector Development (FPD) Unit of Wold Bank Office Jakarta is hiring a research analyst who will be part of the team and will contribute to support implementation engagement in area (i) the design and implementation of the national financial inclusion action plan, coordination structure and monitoring and evaluation framework, area (iii) MSME and agriculture finance, as well as support for the overall management of the FISF program.

The research analyst will support the implementation of FISF program and will work closely with the team.  She/he is expected to undertake the task as follows:

A. Provide support to senior staff and the team to share knowledge and to provide capacity building on financial inclusion policies, national coordination structures, as well as development and implementation of financial inclusion M&E framework (45 days).
  • Assist the provision of technical workshops on financial inclusion policy, national coordination structures, financial inclusion data management/analysis
  • Assist the team in developing policy briefs/analytical work related to financial inclusion policies
  • Assist the team in reviewing and mapping of nationally available data on financial inclusion indicators, leveraging existing demand-side and supply-side data
  • Assist the development of evaluation report with recommendations to improve data collection efforts for particular initiatives (i.e. TabunganKu, G2P, agent banking, etc.).
B. Provide support to the team to share knowledge and providing capacity building on designing a policy framework for MSMEs development, evaluating SME finance schemes, reviewing potential role of venture capital for SME, best practices in enabling warehouse receipts financing as well as partial credit guarantee scheme (45 days).
  • Assist the provision of technical workshops on policy framework for MSMEs development, warehouse receipt financing, and partial credit guarantee schemes
  • Assist the team in developing the evaluation of SME finance schemes (KUR-SME credit guaranteed scheme and regional schemes, and movable asset based financing for SMEs)
  • Assist the team in developing the report on the potential role of venture capital for SME finance
  • Assist the team in developing technical notes/policy briefs on experience with partial credit guarantee schemes (critical success factors and best practices).
C. Provide support to the overall management of the FISF program (60 days).
  • Monitor the progress and the status of implemented activities of FISF program with TTLs in each respective area, including outputs and outcomes;
  • Provide regular updates and implementation progress of each FISF program area to the core management team;
  • Flag critical issue that may hinder the completion status of particular FISF program to the core management team.
The candidate must have master degree with major in economics, finance, business, or related subjects and equivalent 2 years of working experiences. The candidate must also have good computer, statistics/econometric and writing skills and must be resourceful in conducting the tasks. In addition, candidate should have a good communication skill and experience in working with Government Institutions.

The research analyst will report to Alwaleed Fareed Alatabani, Senior Financial Sector Specialist, at the FPD based in the World Bank office in Jakarta. The supervision of daily activities will be provided by I Gede Putra Arsana, Financial Sector Specialist.

The RA will produce regular briefing material for the team and management on project reporting. On demand written outputs will also be produced.

The assignment will require 150 working days for the duration of FY15 (August 2014 - June 2015)