MSI SIAP 1 Vacancy: Team Leader to Develop Blueprint of Anti - Corruption Prevention in the Private Sector - Indonesian

Strengthening Integrity and Accountability Program 1 (SIAP 1)

Terms of Reference
Position: Team Leader to Develop Blueprint of Anti-Corruption Prevention in the Private Sector
Working days: 30 days
Duration of Contract: February – April 2016

BACKGROUNDThe role of the private sector in the fight against corruption is regarded as crucial. Private sector corruption erodes confidence in public and government institutions and deprives citizens of the capital needed for economic growth. On the other hand, the private sector requires legal certainty to determine the rules of the game and make investment decisions. This has been absent to date, causing a fertile ground for both coercion by government and voluntary corruption by businesses.

In 2015, SIAP 1 in collaboration with an Indonesian state agency, initiated programming on decreasing corruption in the private sector and successfully supported the development of corporate governance guidelines in one of Indonesia’s state agencies. To widen the effort of ensuring private sector’s active contribution and committment to combat corruption, SIAP 1 will develop ‘Anticorruption Prevention in the Private Sector -  A Blueprint’ that will be used by state agency for developing strategic plan and annual work plan, and identifying strategic partners and selecting priority sectors in the private sector, mapping stakeholder involvement, identifying the laws and regulations which are associated with private sector regulation. To support the above matters, SIAP 1 now seeks an expert Team Leader to develop a framework of anti-corruption prevention in the private sector.

  • To design an anti-corruption compliance blueprint that will be used to develop a strategic plan and annual workplan. 
  • To assess state agency’s priority sectors in order to improve strategic partners in the private sector.
  • To develop a comprehensive stakeholder mapping to strenghten current and future private sector based projects and activities.
  • The Team Leader shall work in close collaboration with state agency and the other consultant to identify strategic partners in the private sector and to select priority sectors that state agency will target (6 days) 
  • Team Leader will map out a comprehensive stakeholder involvement to determine a key list of stakeholders that state agency have been working with in relevant topic. (6 days)
  • The Team Leader will identify the laws and regulations which are associated with existing regulations of anti-corruption in the private sector to form the basis for the development of the appropriate corruption prevention strategies. (6 days)
  • The Team Leader will develop a reasonable timeframe for developing and implementing the corruption prevention framework. (8 days)
  • The Team Leader will be involved in facilitating meetings, FGDs and workshops, which will be used as the basis for a draft of framework that will be examined at a second FGD by an expert panel and state agency. (4 days)
DELIVERABLESIn carrying out the assignment, the Team Leader through its expertise, will be required to deliver the following products:
Final Report on Blueprint (Framework) comprised of following details:
  • Priority sector and strategic partners of state agency 
  • State agency’s stakeholders mapping
  • Reasonable timeframes for implementation
A comprehensive report on compilation of laws and regulations that are associated with existing regulations of anti-corruption in private sector in Indonesia.
Review proceedings of the conclusions from the workshops and FGDs being held.

  • Graduate degree and at least 5 years experience working in relevant areas. 
  • Experience in conducting qualitative and quantitative research with similar topics.
  • In depth knowledge of substantive corruption issues and experience with producing rigorous analysis. Relevant publication list on corruption is a strong asset.
  • Availability to interpret results and provide practical recommendations.
  • Proven skills in analyzing the policy process and understanding institutional dynamics and developing the recommendations based on the observations
  • Superior analytical and writing skills, preferably demonstrated by peer-reviewed journal articles.
  • Previous experience in working with USAID is an asset.
Please send applications indicating ‘Team Leader' as the subject of your email addressed to not later than February 12, 2016. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.