Vacancy RTI International - Manager, Human Development Pillar,National Secretariat for SDG - Indonesian

Manager, Human Development Pillar - National Secretariat for Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)

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RTI is hiring staff to fill the position of Manager, Human Development Pillar.

Interested candidates should send the following documentations: Resume and Cover Letter. Please indicate the position you are applying for in the email subject, and submit the application by 21 Feb  2016 to
RTI values equal employment opportunities. Female candidates are encouraged to apply.  Only short listed candidates will be contacted.

Under its commitments to the National Medium Term Development Plan (RPJMN) and the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) the Government of Indonesia (GOI)will accelerate achievement of the national goals for poverty reduction, human development and sustainable economic growth.

GOI will use the SDG framework to strengthen planning, co-ordination, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of Indonesia’s development programs. It will promote productive partnerships with the private sector, non-government organizations, academia, and international development partners to reduce poverty, build social inclusion and achieve sustainable growth. It will build on the lessons learned in working to achieve the Millennium Development Goals and work to mainstream the SDGs in national and sub-national development policies, plans and programs.   

Bappenas is responsible for co-ordination, planning, budgeting, and monitoring and evaluation of SDG implementation at the national and sub-national levels.  An SDG Advisory Council made up of Ministers from relevant ministries and chaired by the Minister for Bappenas will be responsible for SDG policy. A National Steering Committee for SDG Implementation will be an inter-ministerial team responsible for developing draft policies and programs related to the achievement of SDG goals at national and sub-national levels.

A National Secretariat for SDGs will support the Steering Committee to draft policies and programs for the achievement of the SDGs. This will include work on increasing awareness of the SDGs (amongst the public, the private sector and within government); reporting on progress against SDG goals and indicators, assisting and coordinating with relevant Ministries to strengthen planning, implementation and monitoring of development programs cross-sectorally and at national, provincial, district/municipal and community levels; and building productive partnerships with key stakeholders.

Four (4) Technical Working Groups, will each be responsible for developing policies and programs relating to the four SDG ‘Pillars’: Human Development, Economic, Environment, and Means of Implementation.  Each pillar will have a Manager and two assistants. 

Manager, Human Development Pillar
Scope of Work
  • Report to the National Secretariat Team Leader
  • Manage and oversee the Human Development Pillar Team to provide Secretariat support to the TWG Human Development Pillar (the Human Development Pillar will address SDG issues relating to human development: poverty, hunger, health, education, gender, water and sanitation, cities and human settlement goals)
  • Apply an understanding of Indonesia’s national development challenges and priorities to provide advice and support to the TWG Human Development Pillar
  • Work with key stakeholders across Government (across sectors and at national and sub-national levels) to contribute to policies and programs for the achievement of the SDGs
  • Manage the work of the Human Development Pillar team according to the Secretariat Work Plan. Including to:
o   Draft the legal framework and facilitate its enactment giving requisite authority to Bappenas, and establishing and authorizing the Advisory Council, the Steering Committee, Technical Team and the Secretariat to facilitate SDG implementation at national and sub-national levels
o   Produce and disseminate information on SDG implementation to strengthen national and regional development policies, plans and programs to achieve the SDGs (Human Development Pillar), taking into account national and regional realities, capacities and levels of development. For example, through:
o Technical Guidelines to Formulate the National Action Plan
o Technical Guidelines to Formulate the Regional Action Plan
o Annual Progress Reports
o The National Roadmap to Achieve the SDGs
o Policy Briefs on Sustainable Development Issues
o Communication and Advocacy Strategy
o   Manage the collection, analysis, reporting and dissemination of information on progress against key indicators of sustainable development as well as knowledge and tools on best practices. Deliverables to include:
o Set of agreed national indicators to track progress against SDG goals (Human Development Pillar)
o Database of national indicators
  • Effectively co-ordinate with other pillar teams within the National Secretariat and with the Human Development TWG
  • Effectively respond to requests of the Team Leader as required
Qualifications, skills and experience:
  • Minimum fifteen (15) years of experience in management positions on issues of public policy at the national level in a sector/s related to the SDGs (Human Development Pillar);
  • Minimum PhD degree in public policy, economics or other field related to the SDGs (Human Development Pillar);
  • Strong demonstrated knowledge of human development (poverty, hunger, health, education, gender, water and sanitation, cities and human settlement goals) in Indonesia, at the national and sub-national level;
  • Knowledge and experience managing a team working on the UN on Millennium Development Goals, and an understanding of Indonesia’s commitments against the SDGs;
  • Demonstrated ability to effectively manage a team to produce results;
  • Experience in planning, drafting and review of public policy and related budgets, particularly in respect to development activities at national and subnational levels; and
  • Excellent report writing, communication and advocacy skills in both Bahasa Indonesia and English.
For all positions:
Time line:
  • In the first instance the position will be supported by Australia for three (3) years.  A two (2) year + one (1) year contracting arrangement is envisaged that allows Bappenas to reassess program staffing arrangements after two years.
Each position will be responsible for providing a brief quarterly report (four pages maximum) on progress against Work Plan tasks to the Team Leader for approval. Once approved, these will be submitted to DFAT and RTI.