Mekong Institute Job Vacancy: Director of Innovation Technological connectivity (ITC) Department - Khon Kaen, Thailand

Vacancy – Director of Innovation Technological connectivity (ITC) Department, Mekong Institute, Khon Kaen, Thailand

Mekong Institute
Mekong Institute (MI) is an intergovernmental organization owned and operated by the six Greater Mekong Sub-region (GMS) countries it serves, with a mission to provide capacity development services and products that enhance regional development, cooperation and integration. To respond to changes and evolving needs in the GMS, MI currently prioritizes the regional integration of Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam workforces for more equitable and inclusive economic growth. Further, MI is expanding its traditional portfolio to position itself as a GMS based knowledge center of excellence with increased institutional capacity for policy research and other services related to economic integration and development disparities. Mekong Institute is operating on a non¬profit basis, the international staffs of the Institute are exempted from all direct taxation on salaries and emoluments paid by the Institute.

Director of ITC Department
We are seeking a Director for Innovation Technological Connectivity (ITC) Department under the general direction of the Executive Director. The position is based at the Mekong Institute, located on Khon Kaen University campus, Northeast Thailand. Khon Kaen, a growing city, with all kind of facilities and services like hospitals with international standards, and international schools. Khon Kaen is the commerce and political center of Northeastern Thailand and an important gateway to other GMS countries.

Position description
The Director of ITC is responsible for developing proposal as well as designing, planning, managing and following up projects and key activities under the ITC program. MI carries out capacity building for regional cooperation programs in four interrelated models: learning program, consultancy services & research, development projects, and policy dialogue. The Director of ITC is also responsible for new business development and resource mobilization, including network building to create opportunities for MI, negotiation of potential projects, and proposal writing.

Main deliverables, responsibilities and tasks

Key deliverables
  • Technological connectivity to modernize the GMS economies, particularly those concerned with
  • trade investment and facilitation and agricultural development and commercialization, for example
  • how to technically connect farmers to markets, SME to trade opportunities, etc.
  • Innovations to address challenges in specific sectors such as in the GMS power and energy sector
  • Initiatives that promote access to modern sustainable energy, transportation including road corridors, and financial and communication services across the GMS
  • Mechanisms to draw together private-public partnerships to address technological connectivity in innovative ways
  • Capacity development for innovation and technology promotion policy
  • Support for formulation of an effective intellectual property regime
  • Responses to resiliency challenges such as climate change in the GMS through innovative mitigation efforts
  • Synchronization of relevant sectoral strategies and plans in the GMS
  • Successful completion of all projects and tasks assigned to the Department
  • Income and resource generation through proposal development to support ITC program and MI
  • generally
  • Diversify capacity development products that respond innovatively to ongoing and emerging needs in the GMS
  • Achievement of quality to agreed standards for all Department outputs
  • Ongoing improvement in team capacity
Main responsibilities and tasks
  • Identify project opportunities and develop them in order to secure program funding, writing proposals
  • Manage the program team and contracted consultants to deliver the projects and activities assigned to the program
  • Oversee processes that ensure quality control for all activities and outputs under the program in compliance with the MI M&E system
  • Plan annual activities for the program team
  • Design and deliver capacity development programs and activities in relevant program areas
  • Supervised and conduct research in relevant program areas
  • Organize policy consultations, dialogues, conferences, fore, etc.
  • Develop case studies and policy briefs - Create capacity development packages
  • Serve as a resource persons to capacity development activities
  • Provide consultancy services
  • Provide technical assistance to research and capacity development program delivery
  • Manage communication and cooperation with other departments and project teams to ensure organizational cohesion and efficiency
  • Role model leadership behaviors
  • Provide necessary capacity development support to all supervisees in order to ensure they are fully competent to fulfilled their role and tasks
  • Undertake any other reasonable tasks requested by the Executive Director
Required qualifications, skills and experience

  • Minimum of four years proven experience with PhD or eight years experience with master degree in: development studies, Economics, Engineering, Science and Technology or related fields ¬
  • Demonstrated working and training experience in technical issues relevant to the program.
  • Knowledge of the technical concepts related to program management such as logical frameworks, results¬ based management, evidence¬ based advocacy, research and survey methodology. ¬
  • Developing project proposals and project reports.
  • Leading and managing teams
  • Program planning and management. Implementing capacity development activities.
  • Leading and conducting a variety of research studies and evaluations.
  • Proven ability to manage teams, including effective staff management and team capacity development.
  • Strong English verbal and writing communication skills.
  • Good negotiation and interpersonal skills
  • Proven ability to work in a team and coordinates with other
  • Proficiency user of all Microsoft Office applications
If you have the skills and experience to exceed in this position, and are passionate about equitable and inclusive economic growth in GMS, please send your CV and cover letter to by 15 April 2016, titled “Director of ITC”. 

Please note that only applications successful in progressing to the next stage will be notified.