WWF International Job Vacancy: Global Leaders - All Country

We are recruiting Global Leaders for our new ambitious goals to build a future where people live in harmony with nature.

Never before has the planet faced environmental threats of the scale and urgency we see today. But we are also in a unique moment of unparalleled opportunity for the future of our planet and our society. Last year, more than 193 countries agreed for the first time to integrate social, economic and environmental agendas through the Sustainable Development Goals and to work toward a decarbonized future through the Paris Climate Agreement. WWF must capitalize on this momentum, and we need visionary leaders that will drive innovative, large-scale programmes that deliver results against those goals. This is an opportunity for the right person in the right place to have a profound impact on the Earth’s future. 

Last year, WWF launched a new strategy that unifies our global presence and the multiple strengths of the WWF Network in a shared vision to achieve six measurable, time-bound goals tied to the Sustainable Development Goals, and reflecting thinking at the scale of systems (i.e., financial systems, supply chains, and government policies).

The WWF Network is now recruiting Global Practice Leaders to spearhead each of the six goals (Climate & Energy, Food, Forests, Freshwater, Oceans, and Wildlife) and three cross-cutting themes (Finance, Governance and Markets).

Reporting to the WWF Network Executive Team, our highest executive body chaired by the Director General of WWF International, each Practice Leader will play a pivotal role in knitting together practitioners from across our network, and cultivating new, game-changing ideas and taking them to scale through partnerships with government, the private sector and civil society. Practice Leaders will take advantage of exceptional conditions—a respected global organization with extraordinary history and brand power, 5 million members, a presence in more than 80 countries with 6,500-staff unified in support of a single strategy, six core goals, renowned scientific expertise and highly influential partners. With these resources, Practice Leaders will have the platform to achieve innovative, systematic and far-reaching shifts that uphold the beauty of the natural world and the dignity and wellbeing of people.

For each of our goal areas, we are looking for visionary leaders experienced in building global coalitions with demonstrated results. For further information on the Practice Leader positions and additional details on how to apply, please visit: CLICK HERE

The closing date for applications : 3rd April 2016