IRED Job Consultant for Value Chain and Market Assessment - Lutheran World Relief, Haharu - East Sumba

Consultant for Value Chain and Market Assessment for Selected Marketable Crops in Haharu Sub-District, East Sumba, NTT

Lutheran World Relief (LWR), a U.S. based non-profit development organization engaged in seeking lasting solutions to poverty and reducing risk, is urgently seeking an experienced Indonesian Consultant for Value Chain and Market Assessment for the project in Haharu Sub District, East Sumba, NTT.

This service is to capture market and value chain opportunities of selected agricultural products or food crops in Haharu Sub-District, East Sumba. This local value chain and market assessment in Haharu Sub-districtt is to assess operations of actors in value chains, through which identify gaps that need improvement for enhancing economic value of the value chain, linking the products to market demand, increasing income for participating households and other actors in the value chains.
Specific objectives that the consultant shall achieve are as follow:
  • Identify marketable crops in Haharu Sub-district
  • Assess the current status of each links in the value chain of the selected products. In particulars:
  • Provide recommendation on suitable interventions for local authority, IRED project, and private sector to improve the value chains that the poor can participate and benefit from.
  • Conduct Return on Investment analysis for each commodity
  • Sharing the result of the agriculture identification and value chain analysis Haharu Sub District to the stakeholder in East Sumba
Expected Deliverables
  • Capacity Building for LWR staffs and the enumerators in Commodity Priorities/Value Chain and Return on Investment 
  • A value chain and market assessment report containing a detailed analysis for each of the selected products. The report should be written in English, and the structure of the report could be following suggested format:
    • Executive Summary
    • Introduction
    • Data collection and gathering methodology.  This is including to recruit enumerators.
    • Findings and analysis (at minimum covering):
    • Conclusion 
    • Recommendation for local authority, IRED project and private sector containing a strategy at least for 5 years of the following: 
      • Strategic supporting activities, which will increase and/or add value to the key products 
      • Strategic intervention, which stimulate and catalyze the development of the key products to meet the demand of the market 
      • Strategies that will strengthen the current policy and regulatory environment surrounding the value chain
The consultant will be commencing the service not later than the 1st week of May 2016 and should be ended on the 3rd week of June 2016.

Qualifications and Requirements of the Consultant
  • Qualification:
    • Master graduate  in disciplines related to agriculture, agro-economics, business administration, development study, or social science 
    • Having knowledge about economic development will be an advantage
    • Fluent in English both oral and written
  • Work experience: 
    • Having at least 5 years’ experience in research/survey/assessment of market, small and medium sized enterprise development in the rural areas 
    • Having rich knowledge about agriculture produces and market development for agriculture produces 
    • Having experience working in rural area and understand East Sumba context would be an advantage
  • Professional experience (related to the consultancy): 
    • Having experience in research/survey/assessment of value chain, and market assessment in agriculture, including pro-poor value chain. Having such experience as team leader will be an advantage. 
    • Having experience working with businesses, services providers (techniques and credit in rural areas, to farmers) 
    • Having leadership skills and facilitation skills for mobilizing and/or facilitating participation of community and related parties during the assessment will be an advantage
    • Having good professional expertise in household survey, assessment and report writing
Please submit your proposal with detailed curriculum vitae and contact details for three references in English to lwrindonesia1@ placing the title “IRED Consultant for Value Chain and Market Assessment” in the subject line and label your Proposal and CV with your name (Proposal max. 300KB size). Only short listed candidates will be notified. The proposal submitted 25 April 2016 after 5PM will not be considered and the applications received on or before April 23, 2016 will receive priority consideration.