Terre des Hommes Netherlands Vacancy: Technical Expert Lobby and Advocacy - Bangladesh, India, Philippines

Terre des Hommes Netherlands is presently looking for a  
Technical Expert Lobby and Advocacy - Asia
based in Bangladesh, India or The Philippines

Full time

Terre des Hommes
Terre des Hommes Netherlands is a rights based organisation that supports local partners in 14 countries in Asia and Africa, to prevent child exploitation in developing countries, to rescue children from exploitative situations and to ensure that these children can continue their development in a safe environment. Terre des Hommes focuses its long-term development work on (Worst Forms of) Child Labour, Child Migration and Child Trafficking, Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children and Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights of Children (including Child Abuse and Child Marriage) and on Child Protection in Humanitarian Crisis. Terre des Hommes addresses these issues through four types of interventions: prevention of worst forms of child-exploitation, prosecution of those who perpetrate crimes against children, promotion of a safe and conducive social/economic/legal context for children; and provision of services to ensure safe and enduring reintegration of child victims.

This position within the organisation
This position was identified in the context of a large grant by the Ministry of the Foreign Affairs in The Netherlands for a five year during programme: the Girls Advocacy Alliance (GAA). The purpose of this programme is to influence governments, the private sector, the general public and Civil Society Organisations, to bring about equal rights and opportunities for girls and young women in 3 countries in Asia and 3 in Africa. The Technical Expert Lobby & Advocacy of TdH will report to the Programme Manager - Strategic Partnerships in the Programme Implementation Unit in The Hague (the Netherlands). He/she will work closely with the programme implementation staff and the thematic experts in the region. He/she will be part of the Technical Expert Unit.

Goal of the position
The goal of this position is to ensure timely and qualitative implementation of the GAA-programme of TdH in Asia.

  • Provide adequate guidance (and where necessary support) to TdH staff for the delivery of the GAA Lobby and Advocacy components of TdH’s programmes in India, Bangladesh, the Philippines and at the regional level.
  • Carry out Lobby and Advocacy activities in conjunction and/or coordination with the other alliance partners for South-Asia, when required. (Our preferred mode op operation is through our partners.)
  • Build the Lobby & Advocacy capacity of TdH’s programme staff and technical experts at the regional level, in Bangladesh, India and the Philippines for a timely and effective implementation of the GAA programme.
  • To ensure that TdH is an effective and efficient member of the Country Team of the alliance in India, Bangladesh and the Philippines and in the Asian Regional Alliance Team, coordinated by Plan.
  • To assist the TdH programme staff, esp. the PM - SP in the Netherlands with the monitoring of the Asian programme components. 
Responsibilities and Tasks:
1. Programme Management
  • On behalf of TdH, contribute to the development of the advocacy policies and advocacy messages of the Alliance in Bangladesh, India, the Philippines and at the regional level (South and South-East Asia);
  • Advise (and if necessary assist) the TdH Country Managers of Bangladesh, India and the Philippines and the staff responsible for the Asian programme, regarding the implementation of the GAA-components in their countries and region (e.g. base-line survey, networking, selection of partners, capacity assessment of partners, monitoring and guidance of partners, etc..);
  • Ensure consistency and links between the GAA components of TdH’s programmes at international, Dutch, Asia regional and country-level;
  • Ensure consistency of TdH’s programmes with other alliance members in the countries/region.
2. Capacity Development
  • Build the capacity of TdH’s staff and partners on L&A in line with the GAA Capacity Development Strategy, if needed;
  • Build the capacity of TdH staff and partners on the gender-equality approach, economic empowerment strategies and working with the private sector, and provide advice regarding these issues, where necessary;
  • Advise Thematic PM's at regional level to adequately integrate L&A in the thematic regional programmes, if needed;
  • Mainstream a gender-equality approach into all of TdH’s L&A activities in Asia (from design to evaluation).
3 Coordination and monitoring
  • Inform the GAA PM-SP about TdH's contribution to the GAA outcomes at the national and regional programme levels.
  • Review the quarterly monitoring reports of TdH in Bangladesh, India, the Philippines and the Asia regional level.
  • On behalf of the PM-SP attend the GAA alliance teams meetings in the Asia, if requested.
  • Inform the GAA Programme Committee in The Netherlands about the progress, challenges and risks regarding the implementation of the programme in Asia.
4 Implementation: Lobby & Advocacy
  1. In absence of an (adequate) partner or TdH programme staff, carry out Lobby & Advocacy activities on behalf of TdH at the (South-)Asian regional level.
Expected Key Results
  1. The GAA programme of TdH in Asia is implemented as planned and planning is adjusted yearly to accommodate new insights.
  2. Programme and technical staff of Terre des Hommes Netherlands in Asia has adequate Lobby & Advocacy capacity to implement the GAA-programme.
  3. Lobby & Advocacy interventions and a gender-equality approach are embedded in all thematic policies of TdH in Asia.
  4. TdH in Asia has gained relevant experience in working with the private sector to combat child exploitation.
  5. Our work is well coordinated with that of other alliance members in the region.
  • Knowledge about Child Rights/Human Rights Issues and Gender-Equality in Bangladesh, India, the Philippines and/or the Asia regional level.
  • Good understanding about the South-East Asian and South Asian Regional networks and institutions.
  • Pref. knowledge about Economic Empowerment of girls and young women in that context.
  • Pref. knowledge about the role of the private sector in Child Rights Issues.
  • Knowledge about Gender & Development approaches.
  • Excellent communication skills, .i.e. structured thinking and presentation
  • Team-building, networking and alliance building skills
  • Excellent written and verbal command of English language
  • Analytical skills, pref. focus on policy-analysis and stakeholder-analysis
  • Experience:
  • Considerable experience in Lobby & Advocacy on Child Exploitation in one or more of the GAA Asian countries and/or at the (South-)Asian regional level, pref. as part of an INGO;
  • 5 years of Programme Management, pref. within an INGO;
  • Networking with other Human Rights org., relevant government departments and/or businesses;
  • Experience in embedding a gender-equality approach and/or working with the private sector.
  • Experience with mainstreaming a gender-equality approach into development programmes.
  • Quality - oriented
  • Cooperation minded
  • Able to plan and organize
  • Independent worker (without daily supervision)
Our offer
We offer a challenging and responsible position in a result driven, professional organisation staffed by individuals dedicated and determined to prevent and fight child exploitation. We offer a competitive salary in accordance with the labour market.

How to apply
Please send your motivation letter and curriculum vitae by e-mail to asia@tdh.nl, clearly demonstrating how you meet the qualifications for this position before June 5, 2016. References are required and will be verified. For more information about this position, you can contact Ms. Judith Flick at j.flick@tdh.nl or Hanneke Oudkerk at asia@tdh.nl.

Only shortlisted candidates will be notified for the recruitment process.