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July 23, 2016

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July 12, 2020



Project Background
The YouthWin through Economic Participation (YEP) program is a new
USAID-funded activity that will begin in September of 2016. The purpose
of the YEP program is to create systemic change in how, where, and what
economic skills are taught to poor and vulnerable young Indonesians. YEP
will empower youth by teaching foundational economic skills. It will
facilitate increased employment, better performance in the workplace,
and greater inclusion in the economy and financial system.

Financial Markets International (FMI), an American consulting firm, in
partnership with the International Youth Foundation (IYF), an
International NGO; the Otoritas Jasa Keuangan (OJK), Indonesia’s
Securities Regulator; and several other international local partners
will implement this program for USAID.

The YEP activity has three overall objectives: 1) create an innovative
blend of market relevant content and pedagogy that bridges the most
common gaps to economic participation for poor and vulnerable youth; 2)
develop effective training delivery channels across technical and
vocational educational institutions to prepare poor and vulnerable youth
for work in any chosen path; and 3) build cross-sector stakeholder
buy-in to establish sustainable economic education of youth and
“scale-up” at the district, provincial, and national level.

Position Background
FMI is seeking a full-time Director of Office Management,
Administration, and Finance (DOMAF) to help launch the YEP Project in
Indonesia and provide administrative, human resource, operational, and
financial management support over the course of the five-year project.
The selected candidate will begin working with FMI and its partners
immediately to register the project locally, set-up a project office,
assist in the recruitment of other staff members, and various other
administrative and technical tasks as needed.

Basic Functions:
The DOMAF will provide necessary, proactive, and timely
administrative/logistics support. The DOMAF will work closely with FMI
HQ in Washington, D.C. and the local Chief-of-Party (COP).

Specific Duties and Responsibilities:

Project Registration

  • Work directly with FMI HQ, USAID/Indonesia, and local counterparts to
    register the YEP program with the Government of Indonesia (GOI). This is
    a time-sensitive process that will begin immediately so that project
    launch can occur on/about September 2016.

Office Set-Up and Administration

  • Identify potential local offices for use by the project.

  • Identify alternatives to local offices, such as shared space and/or partnerships with other organizations/projects.

  • Facilitate the leasing of an office locally.

  • Liaise with office landlord with regard to the office lease, maintenance etc.  
  • Ensure the provision, timely order and delivery of all office supplies (e.g., stationery, paper, cartridges, etc.).

  • Manage the Project’s administrative staff as directed;

  • Supervise logistical and administrative management services for the
    Project (office equipment procurement, property management and
    disposition, office lease and correspondence, etc.).

Procurement and Contracts

  • Conduct bidding and negotiations with vendors, producing
    justifications for selected quotes and supervising procurement

  • Ensure that the procurement process is completely transparent and properly recorded with relevant documentation.

  • Facilitate all local contracts, including staff contracts.

Human Resources

  • Assist the COP in human resources and staffing administration issues:
    public job advertisements, personnel interviewing, verification of
    employment candidates’ USAID 1420-EBD forms and salary history, drafting
    employment offer letters and agreements, supervision of administrative
    and support staff, compliance with Project procedures, manuals, and
    office policies, and necessary record-keeping.

  • Maintain and secure all staff members’ personnel files, including
    updated resume, employment agreements, signed acknowledgements of
    Project policies; copies of passport, diplomas, etc.

  • Maintain records of all probationary, annual, and other performance reviews in employees’ personnel files;

  • Collect and submit all documentation to GOI needed for local staff employment;

  • Review staff timesheets, ensure that all workdays, vacations, sick
    leaves are recorded in an accurate way; ensure that all staff’s requests
    for vacation or sick leave are signed by COP.

Financial Administration

  • Carry out all required tasks associated with setting up a local bank account for the project office.

  • Work closely with the FMI Home Office located in Washington D.C. to
    address all project finance and accounting issues, including: salary
    payments, project expenditures, budgeting, reconciliation, etc.—all in
    accordance with USAID rules and regulations.

  • Ensure that requests for payments to local vendors, once approved by
    the COP (and/or the Home Office as appropriate) are processed in a
    timely manner.

  • Prepare proper Payment Vouchers for COP signature.

  • Assist and/or assume accountant duties (e.g., petty cash, cash advance requests, etc.).


  • Manage logistics for domestic and foreign travel, lodging for
    expatriate advisors and related activities delegating these duties to
    other administrative staff as required.

  • Assist HQ with mobilization and demobilization of expat advisors.

  • Assist Project management with Project registration and accreditation,
    serves as Project liaison with USAID and GOI if needed.

  • • Assist COP and FMI HQ in Project closeout planning and execution,
    including necessary communication with USAID and counterparts.

Position Requirements:

The DOMAF shall also exhibit the following traits:

  • Well organized, able to work independently, skilled at handling multiple tasks, and able to adhere to deadlines.

  • A positive, friendly, professional, can-do attitude and appearance in
    serving as a representative of Financial Markets International, Inc.

  • A forward-thinking and pro-active approach to working;

  • Maturity in all interactions with colleagues within the office, as well as contacts outside the office.
  • Strong organizational and communications skills.

  • An ability to function in a dynamic, high-pressure environment.

It is preferred that the DOMAF have the following qualifications:

  • Previous USAID/Indonesia Project experience

  • Previous experience with setting up an office in Jakarta for USAID programs

  • Previous experience with registering a donor-funded project in Indonesia

  • 3+ years office administration / accounting experience
  • Previous experience in hiring and supervising staff

  • Familiarity with USAID rules and regulations
  • B.A. or equivalent
  • Fluency in English and Bahasa Indonesia required
To apply for this position, please submit your CV, a cover letter, and 3 references (all in separate Word or PDF files) to

FMI is an Equal Opportunity Employer. FMI is committed to the policy of
Equal Employment Opportunity in recruitment, hiring, career advancement,
and all other personnel practices. FMI will not discriminate on the
basis of race, color, religion, national origin, age, handicap, or
veteran status.
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