CARE International Job Vacancy: Business Coaching - Kupang, Indonesian

CARE International Indonesia (CII), as an international NGO, has carried out large scale operations in Indonesia, encompassing emergency operations, transitional activities centered on agriculture and nutrition and a range of development initiatives in such areas as water and sanitation, health and enterprise & economic development.

CARE International Indonesia in Kupang (East Nusa Tenggara-NTT) is currently recruiting the following position for its project:


Since 2013, Care International Indonesia (CII) is implementing Adding Value on Community Economic Activity (ADVANCE) Project in Kupang District and Kupang Municipality, Nusa Tenggara Timur. The project aims to improve the productivity and profitability of pig farming sector in both areas. In the aspect of profitability, we support approximately 300 farmers to strengthen their networking and partnership with the value chain’s actors as well as assist them to formulate business unit in village level. There are four products which produce in the village business unit; fattening pig, breeding (piglet), pig’s feed and processed food.

These business units not only expected to be the business centre of pig farming in their circumstances, but also to be information and knowledge centre of pig farming. As business centre, the unit shall manage and maintain the production process continuously to ensure it can fulfil at least 40% of the need in their area. While as an information and knowledge centre, it shall engage with pig farmers within their areas to share the information on 4 aspects of pig farming; hog pen, breeding, veterinary and feed.

According to the plan above, we are seeking a team of consultants to provide an intensive assistance to those business units. This intensive assistance aims to improve entrepreneurial skills of the units which needed to start the business and play their roles as business and information centre. The consultants will work closely with ADVANCE Team, especially Marketing and Communication Specialist, to in line the coaching plan with the project’s logical framework, approaches and planned activities.

The intensive assistance, also called as business coaching, will focuses to the fundamental five Ps of the marketing as the best starter to looking for gasp in the units’ business and marketing plan. The detail objectives as follow:
  • Product; the consultants shall identify does each business unit has choosing the right product based on the village’s potencies and able to fulfill the village’s need? Is the production process running continuously, if not what is the reason and what is recommendation? The other important point is the consultants also need to train the business unit’s committee on how to introduce and selling their products.
  • Place; most of the business units placed in member’s house or village’s office. During the coaching process, the consultants could assess does the business unit need separate place for running the business or it can still proceed in the current place. However, for certain products, the place also functioned as a “showroom”, the consultants shall ensure the units able to set up their showroom.
  • Promotion; The ADVANCE Project has prepared some promotion media, both printing and online. Together with the ADVANCE team, the consultants will train the business unit’s committee on how to maximize their promotion by using those media.
  • 4. Price and Profit; prior the business coaching, each units had received business feasibility training as a foundation for them to calculate their capital and operational cost, pricing their product and set up the business profit. This business coaching will assist them intensively to ensure the price they set is correct and profitable.
DELIVERABLESGenerally, the consultants shall provide technical assistance to village business units to enhance their business performance and quality assurance. The coaching itself shall support the implementation of their business plan and unit’s ability to plan their roles as business and information centre. At the end the overall process will identify best practices and lessons learned from the whole marketing aspects of this project.

The coaching process will be divided into 3 phases; preliminary assessment, product, price and profit coaching, and promotion coaching. Detail deliverables for each phase as follow:

The first phase will be a foundation for the consultants to design any approach for the next coaching activities. In this assessment, the consultants will identify the progress implementation of 5Ps aspects in each business units as well as finding the obstacles and challenges faced while running their business. The assessment shall accommodate the 5Ps aspects. The consultants shall provide the recommendation of solution, discuss it together with the ADVANCE Project team as well as unit’s committee and develop it as an action plan for the second and third phases. In this phase, the consultant shall submit:
  • Assessment plan including its methodology and tools;
  • Assessment report including the recommendations;
  • Action plan regarding the recommendations.
Based on the preliminary assessment, the consultants will conduct the first coaching in product, price and profit aspects. As mentioned previously, each business unit has different progress, so the coaching methodology and approaches might different too. After this phase, the business units are able to producing the product continuously with standardized quality, following the SOP and able to gain the profit. In this phase, the consultant shall submit:
  • The coaching plan;
  • The coaching module and tools;
  • The progress report from each business unit;
This phase will focusing on how business units able to promote their products; both in direct selling, using online media like social media or website, as well as create printing media like poster or brochure. The consultants also need to improve public speaking skill of the committee as well as conduct a technical training on how to write a partnership proposal. Similar with the second phase, in this phase the consultants shall submit:
  • The coaching plan;
  • The coaching module and tools;
  • The progress report each business units;
LOCATIONDuring the coaching process in second and third phases, the consultants are expected to stay in Kupang to maximize the informal discussion and daily technical assistance that might needed.

The business coaching will be conducted for 6 village business units with approximately 150 participants. The main participants are business unit’s committees with additional participants from representative of farmer groups in sub-village level as well as individuals who have business in pig farming sector.

QUALIFICATIONSA team of consultant, foundation or institutions which have following criteria:

  • Advance degree in Business, Economics, Public Administration or any development related field and/or a degree
  • Minimum of 5 years professional experience in project management, which includes at least 2 year experiences in on community development, entrepreneurship training and business coaching preferably in eastern part of Indonesia.
  • Solid knowledge and experience in using 5Ps approach in developing marketing strategy for small scale business.
  • Experience in pig farming businesses and ability to communicate in local language are highly desirable.
  • English language fluency and strong writing skills required.

Interesting applicant shall submit their proposal along with:
  • Up to date resume;
  • Description of the proposed methodology and approach;
  • Budget activity – including projected local transportation, air fare accommodation and subsistence costs. Holding tax must also be included where relevant;
  • Sample of training module from similar assignment.
Please submit before August 26, 2016 to CARE International Indonesia, Human Resources Unit:

"Only qualified applicants will be shortlisted"